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    10 Best Travel Hair Dryers Reviews 2020 | Ionic and Diffuser Options Included

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    A compact hair dryer is the perfect travel companion for every woman who wants manageable and easy to style hair. Although most hotel rooms provide hair dryers, you will most likely want to use only a dryer that you’re comfortable with and one you’re sure you can rely on to produce the exact results you want.

    Best Travel Hair Dryer 2020

    Babylisspro TT TitaniumBabylisspro TT Titanium

    Our reasons:

    1. Compact 1000-watt dryer with dual voltage + folding handle
    2. Dries hair faster with natural ions to eliminate static electricity
    3. Highly rated by more users

    Take note of the following features when shopping for the best travel hair dryer and consider any of the following top products.

    Top 3 Hair Dryers

    Babylisspro TT TitaniumBabylisspro TT Titanium

    Editor's Rating:


    • Ultra light, compact and powerful
    • Features dual voltage and a concentrator nozzle attachment
    • Handle folds quite easily

    Remington D5000 CompactRemington D5000 Compact

    Editor's Rating:


    • Lightweight travel dryer
    • Powerful dryer at 1875 watts
    • Easy to carry 


    3. Bio Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

    Bio IonicBio Ionic

    Editor's Rating:


    • Handle can be folded to make it even more compact
    • Features dual voltage
    • Doesn’t make a lot of noise, plus it includes a concentrator

    Buying guide – How to find the top travel hair dryer:

    1. Portability

    Since it’s a travel hair dryer, you’ll need to check its size and weight. It should be lightweight and be of the right size to fit in your luggage or even your bag but still be easy to hold. Some dryers also have the added convenience of being foldable.

    2. Dual Voltage

    It’s best to choose a dryer with dual voltage especially if you usually travel to other countries. Another thing to remember is that countries can also differ in electric sockets or power outlets. Aside from considering the voltage, you will need to bring adapters so you won’t have trouble plugging in the dryer.

    3. Attachments

    Some travel hair dryers come with several nozzles and attachments like a concentrator and a diffuser. You might also want to take a look at the size of the attachments and decide on which ones are necessary for you. Make sure to clean the attachments regularly, however.

    4. Settings

    The dryer’s power can be determined by its wattage. Opt for dryers with a higher wattage since these will take little time to heat up and they can provide enough heat for styling your hair. The dryer should, however, also have multiple speed and heat settings. This lets you control the heat well to guard the hair against damage.

    5. Material and Durability

    The material and sturdiness of the dryer is important if you want a dryer that can last you many years and multiple uses. Be sure that it also has safety features to protect against accidents especially fire.

    6. Features

    Other than being used to dry wet hair, many hair dryers now have additional features such as helping you tame frizz with the use of ceramic tourmaline technology. Choose a hair dryer suitable for your hair’s texture and your needs. Some hair dryers are specially made to maintain curly hair, to add volume to dull hair or to smooth thick hair.

    Travel Hair Dryer Reviews

    We crown the top 10 travel hair dryers for 2017 below.

    Babylisspro TT TitaniumBabylisspro TT Titanium

    If you’re looking for a first-rate hair dryer that you can depend on every time you travel, the Babylisspro TT Titanium Travel Dryer is a great choice. Featuring dual voltage, a concentrator nozzle attachment, and a handle that folds quite easily, this dryer’s 1000 watts of power gives decent performance. It’s also small, weighs very little and it’s built with tourmaline technology for wonderfully smooth and sleek hair. It’s even quieter than most dryers.

    Remington D5000 CompactRemington D5000 Compact

    Known for their top quality products, Remington also has a lightweight travel dryer, the Remington D5000. This dryer is undeniably powerful at 1875 watts and it does a great job of controlling frizzy hair using ionic conditioning. It’s small, easy to carry and does not strain the wrist. You can also choose between low and high speed settings and 3 heat options. It offers an eco-friendly mode as well.

    Bio IonicBio Ionic

    The Bio Ionic Travel Hair Dryer is excellent for traveling since it has a handle that can be folded to make it even more compact. The heat settings in this dryer can conveniently be adjusted and it also lessens frizz, taming your hair and making it smoother. This lightweight dryer delivers 1200 Watts and features dual voltage. An added benefit is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise, plus it includes a concentrator.

    Conair 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Folding HandleConair 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Folding Handle

    Another bestseller from Conair is the Conair 1875 Watt Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer. This dryer features dual voltage and two heat settings to choose from, plus a cool shot feature. It dries hair quickly thanks to its 1875 wattage and effectively preserves hair’s luster while straightening it and removing frizz. It’s also small, saving space in your luggage, with a foldable handle that’s easy to use as well as comfortable to hold.

    X5 SuperliteX5 Superlite

    The X5 Superlite Travel Hair Dryer is small and has a slim travel-friendly design but that doesn’t diminish its power at 1875 watts. The handle can also be folded and it’s equipped with an AC motor for a stronger air flow but quieter performance. It uses ceramic tourmaline technology as well to successfully tame any kind of hair and it comes with a concentrator and a diffuser.

    Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go IonicAndis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic

    With the Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer, you have everything you need in a top quality hair dryer. The handle folds for greater portability and the dryer yields 1875 watts for a strong air flow. There are three settings offered which combine heat and speed and the ionic technology used by the dryer keeps hair straight and glossy. In addition to that, it does not weigh as much as other dryers and its accessories include a concentrator.

    Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic DryerRevlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer

    Known for their hair care expertise, Revlon also makes high performing tools such as the Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer. The ceramic tourmaline ionic technology in this dryer is best for keeping hair free of kinks and shiny. With 1875 watts, it can dry hair quickly and easily. The dryer also features two settings for both heat and speed. It’s equipped with a cold shot button as well, plus concentrator and diffuser attachments.

    Sultra The MidnightSultra The Midnight

    The Sultra the Midnight Travel Dryer saves space in your luggage because of its small size and saves you time as well since it dries hair fairly quickly. It’s easy to operate and offers two speed settings. This dryer is equipped with dual voltage and it has a detachable concentrator. As for wattage, 1000 watts is just the right power for most hair types. Users also appreciate the low level of noise it produces as compared to other models.

    9. Xtava ALLURE Jet Set TRAVEL Hair Dryer

    What’s great about the Xtava ALLURE Jet Set TRAVEL Hair Dryer is that aside from the adapter and concentrator that comes with it, it also includes a universal adapter making it perfect for traveling. This dryer is lightweight and has two speed settings, plus a cool shot button. It features dual voltage and is capable of 1100 watts which gives adequate power to dry hair in a few minutes while reducing frizz with its ionic technology. There’s a traveling bag as well.

    INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon PerformanceINFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance

    One of the best brands for hair care tools is Conair and their Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Blow Dryer is a favorite among pros and serious hair styling enthusiasts. This dryer has a professional AC Motor which will dry your hair 50% faster with up to 3X longer dryer life.

    It features Ionic technology for smooth, shiny-looking hair and up to 75% less frizz and the Ceramic Technology deliveres uniform heat for fast drying and less hair damage.

    Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 has three heat and two speed settings for custom heat and air flow. It comes with a diffuser for textured styles and a concentrator for smooth styles as well as a 6-foot line power cord