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    Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes | How Many Times Can I Use Falsies

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    When you buy a pair of really nice lashes you want to wear them more than once. Often people don’t know that they could reuse their eyelashes and end up throwing them away. You want to store them properly and maintain them.

    It can be overwhelming when you’re out in public and falsies unexpectedly come off due to poor conditions. If you don’t want this to happen to you keep on reading for better falsies care.

    Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes?

    You want to look at the band of your fake eyelashes. Depending on the length and quality of the band, you may be able to use your lashes a couple of times. For people who love getting natural looking lashes, it could be hard to continually wash the lashes. When the band is thin it can be frail and hard to wash. 

    The first thing you want to notice is if the band is durable. A strong band can last you several uses. In the beginning, you want to see how much eyeshadow you’re also planning to put on. 

    Sometimes the residue could build up on your eyelids and this can cause an infection. To avoid this, you want to take hygienic precautions by removing the glue of the band. You can do this with a pointed tweezer.

    Which Fake Lashes Are Reusable?

    The great thing about mink lashes is that you can have up to 20-30 uses. The best fake eyelashes are worth the purchase. If you invest in quality lashes you can be able to maximize your use time. The fibers on the lash will last depending on the band and lash hairs. 

    If you want to continue to use the synthetic fibers you may want to be aware of how many uses you can have. They only have up to 3-8 uses. It’s important to keep in mind the longevity of the lash before buying them.

    Mink lashes and also falsies with a thicker band can last you a while. You don’t always need to purchase high-end lashes or end up with a dozen cheap lashes. You can choose the lash style that fits best on you and go from there. 

    Tips for Making Your Falsies Last Longer

    The best tips to making your lashes last longer are storing it in a secure place. Lashes are small objects that can be easily misplaced. You want to always have your lash box to see which type of lash you’re using.

    It’s all about cleaning and storing when it comes to lashes, therefore you want to put it on the corner of your makeup counter. You want it to be easily accessible and not too far apart. Place all your lashes together that way you can find it easily.

    You want to clean it with a gentle remover. Often people mishandle lashes by using harsh cleansers which can ruin the fibers. To further your use maximize the way you take care of your lashes. 

    Don’t Apply Mascara to Falsies

    You also don’t want to put too many coats of mascara over your lashes. This can damage the hair fibers. You want to enhance your look by combing the lashes on the sides. This way your lashes will elongate without the look of clumpy spider lashes. 

    Mascara is a product that you can be overused. When it comes to natural makeup mascara is a great component, however, falsies are better with not too much mascara. It will put weight on your lashes and eventually make the hairs fall out.

    Add a thin layer of mascara if you want to blend both your real lashes and falsies. You want to enhance the look instead of damaging the lashes. When the build-up increases you can be left with a hard mess to clean.

    Take Fake Lashes Off Gently

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ripping off your lashes too harshly. This will cause premature aging to the skin around your eye. It can also ruin the lash itself. To avoid this you want to use a gentle makeup swab and take it off gently with care.

    You want to find the best eyelash glue. Slowly place your fingers on the loose lash band. After you found a place on your band that is loose gently peel it off. You don’t want to rip it off because it can keep the lash from holding up.

    Many makeup artists have the utmost care when it comes to their lashes, to upkeep the quality of the fibers. Have a delicate hand and think of lashes as a fragile object that needs much care. 

    Use Tweezers When Handling Falsies

    Furthermore, tweezers will come in handy when you place your lashes and remove the gunk from the band. Your tweezers have very sharp edges, so you want to be careful about the way that you pluck off the residue.

    What ends up happening is that the band ends up being damaged and even though the hairs may look fine the band can’t be glued on your eyelid. Your main focus is the band when you’re using tweezers. Get ahold of your lash band and pick off the dried glue on the ends and corners of your eyes.

    Properly Clean Your Lashes for Reuse

    Depending on your lash material, you can give your lashes quick clean with natural oils or makeup remover. You want your lashes to soak in these products to allow the residue to subside. Deep cleaning can be applied for mink lashes or synthetic fibers. 

    Do not use water to remove the makeup because it’ll damage the lashes. Grab a cotton pad and dip it in the remover of your choice. Place it on the band and remove all the excess carefully. Be careful not to place too much pressure on the strip.

    You can also soak it in a little bit of alcohol solution to provide extra cleanliness. After all your cleaning is done, you want to wait because the product can be sensitive to your eyes.

    Store Your Falsies Well to Use Them Again

    Storing lashes can seem complicated because they come in several sizes and shapes. However, you must be storing them in a cool and dark place. When the hairs are exposed to too much sun, it may not last as long.

    When you got the box that you received them to keep it in a safe place. The case is great because it helps keep the shape of the lash band. You want your lashes to have a curvy appearance because it’ll help with the elasticity.

    Lastly, you may not like throwing your favorite pair of lashes away, but at some point, you have to say goodbye. The longevity and cleanliness of your lashes will eventually wear out, so keep an extra pair of your favorite lashes just for back up.