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    Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

    Curling Wand vs Curling Iron: What’s the Difference and Which One Should You Get?

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    Anyone who has ever tried to style their locks will know that it typically takes time to make your hair do what you want. Luckily, styling tools have been invented and they help a lot in simplifying the process. However, like a double-edged sword, the availability of these products comes with one caveat. It can be quite difficult to choose exactly which tool to use.

    This is true in the case of the curling wand vs. curling iron debate. These two offer similar functionalities, so they tend to confuse first-time shoppers. If you’re one of these folks who need the additional information to make the right choice, this quick guide might just be what you need.

    Curling Wand Vs. Curling Irons: What’s the Difference?

    What exactly is the curling wand vs curling iron difference and why should they matter? If both are designed to help curl your locks, why should you even bother trying to differentiate them?

    The biggest reason why you should try to choose between the two is the fact that one can be easier to use than the other. Some people might find curling irons handy because of their clip. It can ensure that your hair will sit close to the barrel to get the curls you want. Others might find that bothersome, however.

     So how do you tell the two apart? Below are each styling tool’s unique points:

    Curling Wands

    The defining features of these tools are:

    • Clipless design
    • Tapered end/cone-shaped barrel
    • Creates waves

    The best curling wands are highly preferred by a lot of users because there’s no clip to maneuver around while you wrap your locks around the barrel. It’s generally easier to use but it can burn your fingers if you’re not paying attention. Those with short tresses should be very careful in its use.

    Wands are also better options for those who want some versatility in curling their tresses. With their cone-shaped barrel, you can create voluminous waves and defined ringlets depending on the direction you wrap your hair.

    Pink and black curling wand

    Curling Irons

    The best curling irons usually have:

    • Clips that clamp down the hair to keep them close to the barrel
    • Uniform barrel shape
    • Creates ringlets

    These tools are deemed trickier by a lot of users but once you get the hang of their use, they’re not bad at all. In fact, they might even be better picks for those with thick, coarse locks as the clip will let you leave your hair wrapped around the barrel for a little longer. This can help your hair better hold the curl, leaving you with longer lasting results.

    Aside from these points, however, curling irons and wands share a lot of things in common. You can find both in various barrel sizes, for one. They’re also available with different barrel materials and features.

    Blue and Grey Curling Iron

    Curling Wand Vs. Curling Irons: Which One Should You Choose?

    With these details, choosing between the two can be easily done already. Some applications are just obviously better suited for a specific curling tool.

    For example, choosing between a curling wand vs curling iron for short hair. If you want to lessen the risk of injuries, you should go for a curling iron.

    The type of curls you want should also help you determine which one is the better choice. If you want tight, natural-looking ringlets, then curling irons are nice picks. If you want some gorgeous beach waves, a wand can give you better results.

     Keep these tidbits and tips in mind and you won’t have any trouble in choosing between a curling wand and a curling iron.
    Lady holding wands and irons for curls