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    Dr. Remedy Nail Polish Reviews | A Healthier & Non-toxic Alternative

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    There are tons of reasons why doctors will tell you to not wearing nail lacquer in the time being. An injury near the nail bed, fungal infection, pregnancy, or other health issues are just some examples. If you can’t go out with naked nails, poring through Dr. Remedy Nail Polish reviews might prove to be helpful to you.

    These reviews can help you learn about the products that are good alternatives to traditional nail polish. With their help, you can also be pointed in the right direction to find the right product for you.

    Being one of the most popular antifungal nail lacquer brands today, you should check out the Dr. Remedy Nail Polish if you want to keep wearing nail lacquer without putting your health at risk. This product is formulated by podiatrists to provide an option for those who can’t live without colorful nails.

    If you’re interested in this item, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it below.

    Our Top Rated Dr. Remedy Nail Polish

    Dr. Remedy's Product boxDr. Remedy's Product box

    The Dr’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish is a specially formulated, non-toxic nail lacquer. As mentioned above and as its name suggests, it was the brainchild of two podiatry surgeons. They found that a lot of people are told not to wear nail lacquer because of the toxic ingredients that are commonly used in such beauty products.

    What is the Dr. Remedy Nail Polish?

    While some folks can easily do so, others aren’t particularly keen on keeping their nails naked. Some are actually better off covering the natural appearance of their nails because certain conditions can make them unsightly. Without a good nail lacquer that can keep their nails healthy, some folks might be doomed to a life of weak and unpleasant nails.

    There are 40 Dr Remedy Nail Polish colors available today as well as several other nail products that you can use to keep your nails beautiful and healthy. Aside from offering you healthier alternatives to base coats, top coats, cuticle care, and nail polish removers, they also carry a nail hydrating product. All of these are formulated with healthy ingredients so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals getting into your system through your nails.

    What It Does

    In general, this product is offered as a healthier alternative to traditional nail polish which contains toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. What it contains are wheat protein, vitamins, and tea tree oil, so you can count on it to be more nourishing rather than harmful to your nails and skin.

    While it is sometimes referred to as the Dr. Remedy Antifungal Nail Polish, this item is not exactly made to treat fungal infections. Sure, it contains tea tree oil which has antifungal properties, but it might not be enough to treat a full-blown case.

    It will help conceal the unsightliness of the condition, however. It can also boost the healing process instead of further damaging the nail.

    But what this product really does is provide a safer alternative to the cheap products available in the market today. Most nail lacquers that you can get in the drugstore will have chemicals that can leach into your system and that’s not safe for a lot of folks. So instead of not painting your nails altogether, this non-toxic nail product would be a better option.

    Just how safe is this product, you might be wondering? It’s made to be safe for pregnant women, for one, as it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients that can hurt their baby. It’s also said to be safe for children and nailbiters as its ingredients won’t harm those who aren’t allergic to its contents. And speaking of allergies, it’s also safe for those who tend to react adversely towards conventional nail polish.

    This product also promises to free you from having to deal with the discoloration that often takes place after wearing nail polish. In most cases, the cheap pigments and chemicals used in low-priced nail lacquers cause the nail to turn yellow or brown after removing the product. Dr. Remedy’s nail lacquers promise not to have the same effects.

    What Sets It Apart from the Others

    As our list above would tell you, the Dr. Remedy Nail Polish isn’t the only non-toxic nail product in the market today. However, it’s still notable because of a few unique things.

    For one, the fact that it is made by specialists really makes it an attractive option. This gives it a good dose of credibility because you can be sure that some expert knowledge has been put into its creation. This also helps guarantee that it’s safe to use.

    Lots of people also like it because it can help your nails heal from whatever condition or injury it’s suffering from. If you’re treating nail fungus, it can boost the healing process with the help of its healthy ingredients. If it’s been injured, the chemicals of this nail polish won’t make the condition worse.

    How Does It Perform?

    According to Dr Remedy Nail Polish reviews, this item also delivers wonderful results. For one, it’s long-lasting. Some even say that it lasts longer than traditional nail polish so that’s a very positive thing.

    With nail gels and new kinds of nail lacquer that dries rock hard, you have tons of other options if you want the equivalent of airbrush makeup on your nails. You can certainly liken this product to these items as they both offer long-wearing results.

    As for the lacquer’s appearance, you can be guaranteed that it will look pretty on your nails. The pigments used are in very attractive shades. They also have a nice shine that will make your nails look healthy.

    The only downside is that the box set only has two colors and no other options. So if you’re not after a rose-y shade, you might want to consider buying bottles individually.

    Is It Worth the Price?

    One of the few concerns people have about this product is its price tag. It shouldn’t be surprising that this product is on the higher end of the scale as lots of high-quality and non-toxic nail lacquers are within its price range. However, it’s still considered as one of the pricier options for its type so many are wondering whether it’s worth the splurge.

    While some users wish that it has a friendlier price, it can be said that a lot of them would agree that it’s worth its price tag. With its satisfactory results, nourishing ingredients, and relatively wide color range makes it worth investing in. If you’ll look at it as a means to invest in your health, then you can certainly consider it as a necessary splurge.

    3 Tips How to Make the Most Out of the Dr. Remedy Enriched Nail Polish

    With its price tag, it’s understandable that you’ll want to make the most out of this product. So here are a few tips that will help you do so:

    1. If you want to make sure that your nail color will last long, this boxed set has everything you need to extend its lifespan. Make sure to use the Two-in-One Glaze that comes with the lacquers and you can expect your nail color to last a long while.

    By taking the right steps to prepare and strengthen the nail lacquer, you can be guaranteed that the color will last longer. This is the very reason why professional manicure tends to have longer life than manis done at home if you’re not particularly skilled at it. The right steps and the best additional nail products can really work wonders.

    2. Take time to dry your nails before wetting it or doing anything, really. This will ensure that it will settle nicely in place.

    This tip is very important if you live in a humid area. The humidity can mess up the composition of your nail polish so make sure to wait until your nails are bone dry before you do anything with it.

    3. Try out the many mani-pedi hacks available online. There are tons of great tips on how you can prolong the life of your nail color so take some time to try them out. You’ll be surprised at how a few simple tweaks to your routine can significantly extend the lifespan of your nail color.

    Competitor Products: Who are Dr. Remedy Up Against?

    Before we discuss the details of the Dr's Remedy Nail Polish, let’s look at a few of its competitor products. These items will help you gain a better understanding of what our highlighted item can offer and where it might have some shortcomings. They can also help you weigh your options and find possible deal breakers and makers. Check them out below.

    PS Polish All Natural containerPS Polish All Natural container

    The PS Polish All Natural Nail Polish is one of the many non-toxic nail lacquers you’ll find online today. It shares a lot of similarities with our highlighted product that it’s very easy to see why they’re considered as rivals.

    For starters, both are formulated to be solid alternatives to nail lacquers with toxic ingredients. This product actually contains botanical ingredients so it is very safe to use if you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients.

    It also has antifungal properties. So if you’re suffering from nail fungal growth, this product might help you out.

    Unlike the Dr.s Remedy Nail Polish, however, this product isn’t made by specialists. This is why it’s not as credible as our featured item. While it is cheaper, it’s still quite pricey. So if you’re going to spend money on a beauty product, why not go all out and just opt for something that’s more credible and reliable, right?

    filler contentNonyx product box

    The Nonyx Nail Clarifying Basecoat is not necessarily a nail lacquer but since it’s an integral part of the mani-pedi process, it can still be considered as a competitor to our featured item. This product is a medicated one, though, so it’s really quite different from the Dr. Remedy nail polish.

    Made specifically to help treat nail fungus, this basecoat product is a more versatile alternative to a nail treatment solution. It’s meant to be worn under most types of nail lacquers except for gel polishes. This makes it handier to have as it will allow you to conceal the unsightliness of fungi-infected nails.

    Paraben and preservative-free, this product can also ensure the good health of your nails. It doesn’t contain other nourishing ingredients like our featured item, though, so it’s not necessarily an alternative to the basecoat in the box set. However, if you’re struggling with nail fungus, this can be a solid addition to your nail-primping routine.

    Nailtek Foundation StrengthenerNailtek Foundation Strengthener

    If you’re not suffering from nail fungus, a nice alternative to the item listed above is the Nailtek Foundation No.2 Ridge-Filling Nail Strengthener Base Coat. This product is designed to help strengthen weak and brittle nails instead.

    Made for peeling and soft nails, this basecoat promises to create a stronger foundation for your nail polish.

    Not only does it strengthen the nails but it also fills in the ridges to create a smoother surface for the lacquer to adhere to. So even if you have nail issues, you can still achieve beautiful results with this product.

    With its friendly price and great results, this product can really be an attractive option for those who are suffering from unsightly nails. However, it’s ingredients won’t nourish your nails like the Dr. Remedy Nail Polis so that can be a problem later on.

    After looking at the rivals of the Dr.'s REMEDY Anniversary 3 Piece Boxed Set, Brave Berry/Resilient Rose, we hope you’ve picked up a few useful information about the other products and our highlighted item.


    If you’re completely worried about your nails and your health, it’s easy to see that the Dr. Remedy Nail Polish is one of the best options you have for at-home mani-pedis. It might be a bit costly than other options but since it won’t harm your well-being, it can be well worth the splurge. Give it a shot and you might not want to consider going back to regular nail lacquers again.