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    Elf Setting Spray Review | To Keep Your Makeup In Place

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    You take you skin seriously and we get that. You also want to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s what brought you to our Elf Setting Spray review! Whether you’re looking for the best foundations for sensitive skin or you need the best foundations for oily skin, you know that our reviews have got you covered.

    This review goes into all the details of the E.L.F. Studio Makeup Mist & Set, letting you know everything there is to know about the Elf finishing spray. You will learn the purposes of this product, and who it is best used for, and by the end you will be able to decide whether buying the Elf makeup setting spray is the right choice for your skin! 

    Brings Your Foundation to a Whole New Level

    elf setting spray bottleelf setting spray bottle

    This product really elevates and seals in your foundation. For those of you who have dry skin, this Elf mist and set is especially amazing, because it will stop your makeup from settling around your dry areas and even out your look with a beautiful finish. 

    It will completely transform your basic foundation into a high end finish, and make sure your makeup layers all meld together for seamless blending, even if you’re not the best at contour. Just make sure that if you’re not wearing waterproof mascara or makeup you let it dry for a minute before praying, so it doesn’t run down your face.

    Beauty Purpose: Skin Tone Improvement, Firming

    This Elf finishing spray has a lot of different benefits. From refreshing you in the summer, to preventing makeup from running or caking, this spray can do pretty much everything to protect your face! 

    It Helps Avoid Powdery and Cakey Look

    This is a really nice product for sealing makeup in place and avoiding the big red flags of makeup application – cakey and unnatural looks, and powdery makeup jobs that disappear quickly and steal your natural glow.

    This setting spray uses glycerin and Allyl Methacrylate Copolymer to fight the damage that humidity does to makeup jobs. It also guards against the sebum that leads to runny makeup jobs. The water, cucumber extract, aloe, and vitamins work to help your skin feel cool, refreshed, and rejuvenated for a naturally youthful glow. 

    Adds a Little Dewiness to Makeup Look Rather than Just Being Matte

    This has a nice finish that is somewhere between dewy and matte. This makes it a fantastic choice because it will add that youthful, dewy look that so many people seek without making it look super greasy on skin that is already prone to shine and oiliness.

    Helps the Makeup Last Longer

    One of the benefits of setting sprays is that it seals your makeup into place. This makes it less likely to rub off when you brush against someone, blow your nose, or eat any food. It also prevents your foundation from caking, creasing, or pooling into problematic areas by holding it in place.

    This will also preserve the longevity of your makeup. If you apply the setting spray, your makeup should last all day long without creasing. With just 4 or 5 sprays, you can make sure your makeup stays where it belongs.

    When you’re dealing with really hot weather, this is also nice. You can use it as a refresher to keep your makeup looking fresh and your skin looking healthy. Spray this and dab a little bit of aloe on sunburned cheeks, and your face will have an amazing glow that brings out your makeup job, preventing any cakes or flakes! 

    Intensifies the Pigmentation of Foiled Eye Shadows and Even Highlighters

    One of the really cool hidden uses of this product is to get a more liquefied eye shadow and liner. It brings out the intense colors in the pigmentation.

    Spray your brush with the Elf spray, then use it with loose, baked, and foiled eye shadows. Even glittery shades are brightened and intensified. It picks up the pigmentation in the shadow and seals it onto your eyelids, helping it to appear more vibrant and shiny. 

    No Strong or Bad Odor

    One of the big thing people worry about when it comes to makeup is allergies. This setting spray is completely unscented, and does not contain any perfume. This means that you don’t have to worry about strong odors triggering allergy attacks that will ruin your makeup and give you a headache.

    All Skin Tones

    This finishing spray isn’t tinted at all. It’s meant to act as a setting spray to already applied makeup. This makes it an extremely versatile product that can be used on every single skin tone. Whether you’ve got darker skin or very pale skin, freckles or large pores, this bottle can be used to set your makeup perfectly. 

    Not only that, but it also works for all skin types. Even people who have sensitive skin will find this spray gentle enough to apply over their makeup. For oily skin, it can be difficult to get a healthy and glowing look when you need to constantly mop away oil and grease. 

    All of your makeup is usually very matte, and you have to reapply regularly. This spray will work wonders because it will add a nice shimmer to your makeup and seal it into place so that grease can’t make your makeup job go sideways.

    It’s Comfortable When It Dries

    This is such a comfortable product that you can use it as a primer as well as a setting spray. Spray it on an unmade face to give yourself a sealed surface to work with. This can help keep your makeup from being difficult to blend in, and will bring out your skin’s natural glow.

    Once you have applied and blended your makeup, just apply a second layer of the Elf finishing spray to seal it all in place. After that, you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that your face looks like the amazing work of art you created that morning!

    The great thing about this spray is that it doesn’t feel sticky or cakey. It’s very cool and refreshing when you spray it on your face, and once it dries it jut sits where it should. It won’t get sticky, heavy, syrupy, or messy like other sprays can do. 

    Switched Bottles and Fab

    Some people have issues with the packaging of this Elf finish spray. The nozzles have been known to squirt at different forces, and sometimes be a bit too rough on makeup. Despite that, the product itself is seriously amazing. For this reason, a lot of people are buying empty spray mist bottles and dumping the Elf into these bottles instead for a gentler application process. 

    Elf has recently noticed this trend and made some changes to their bottles. The mist is much lighter and eve, especially if you hold the bottle further back from your face instead of praying too closely. 

    Elf Setting Spray – A Drugstore Fave

    This spray flies off shelves very quickly. In fact, occasionally it can be impossible to find it in stock due to its insane popularity. Not only is it sold at nicer beauty stores, it’s also found at a lot of drug stores for a very affordable price.

    It’s also got a perfect mist on the nozzle, so you get an even application. It’s a great size bottle, that will fit right into your handbag for touchups and doesn’t weight you down at all. In fact, the bottle’s design is one of the things that makes it so nice.

    While most people reach for attractive and shiny products on the shelves, they don’t realize they’re paying a premium for aesthetic. Elf’s bottle is basic, black, and very simply. Because they don’t spend a lot of extra money on designs, colors, and aesthetics, they pass those savings along to you. The result is products that are as high in quality as the designer brands for a far more affordable price!