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    Essential Oils for Kidney Stones | Learn How To Treat This Ailment Naturally

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    With about 1 out of 10 Americans getting diagnosed with a kidney stone at some point in their lives, it can be said that this condition is a pretty common one. Because of this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that experts have already found several ways to address the ailment. Using essential oils for kidney stones is an option to explore.

    DISCLAIMER: Our advice cannot replace medical treatment in severe cases especially if accompanied by pain. Always seek medical attention first!

    different essential oils are good for your health

    It’s no secret that the use of essential oils has risen in the past few decades. In fact, it is now considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine.

    It’s proven to help treat various illnesses so it’s not too far-fetched to think that it can help with kidney stones as well.

    So if you’re looking for a different method to help you pass kidney stones naturally, you might want to check out this method. We’ll discuss it in detail below so stick around to learn more.

    How do You Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally?

    One of the first things that you should know if you’ve been diagnosed with kidney stones is that you can either have it removed surgically or you can try to pass it naturally. Surgery is usually the last resort for this condition as it is possible to just pass them. The surgery can be costly and will require a good amount of recovery time so it’s not always recommended if the stones are still small in size.

    lemonade can help you flush your urinary system

    Unfortunately, passing kidney stones can be an uncomfortable ordeal. It’s still a preferable option, however, because it’s a less invasive procedure.

    Most of the methods that will help you dissolve them are also quite easy. This is why you should give this technique a shot first before you ask your doctor about the surgery.

    What are your options if you want to dissolve your kidney stones? Drinking lots of fluids to flush out your urinary system is the most popular tip. The amount of liquid you’ll consume can help dissolve the deposits and will make it easier for you to flush them out. Aim for about 3 quarts or 3.8 liters to achieve good results.

    Aside from water, you can also drink the following to help you flush your urinary system:

    • Lemonade

    • Basil juice

    • Apple cider vinegar

    • Pomegranate juice

    • Celery juice

    • Dandelion root juice

    • Wheatgrass juice

    Before consuming any of these in large amounts, make sure to check first if it’s safe for you to do so. These natural ingredients might have other effects on your body. So if you have other existing conditions, it’s crucial to check first whether it’s perfectly safe for you to drink them.

    Essential Oils for Kidneys

    essential oils for kidneys

    Aside from the techniques mentioned above, essential oils are also said to be helpful in dissolving and passing kidney stones.

    Detox essential oils are some of the most popular variants out there so you can expect these items to also help you detoxify your body.

    They are said to be helpful in detoxifying the body from built-up toxins, heavy metals, and access minerals. And since kidney stones are hard mineral deposits inside the said vital organ, they can certainly be included in the things essential oils can flush out.

    How do you use essential oils for kidney stones, then? There are actually three general ways to make use of these ingredients when dealing with kidney stones. You can ingest a few drops regularly, inhale its aroma using a diffuser, or apply it topically on your lower abdomen.

    It’s very important to note, however, that not all essential oils are safe to ingest and apply topically. Also, not all of them can help in passing kidney stones. This is why you should learn which ones to use and how to use them.

    For this, we’ve rounded up some of the best essential oils for kidney pain and stones below.

    6 Essential Oils for Kidney Stones

    Here are six of the most popularly recommended and used essential oils for kidney stone disease:

    Helichrysum Oil

    Also known as the Immortelle, the helichrysum essential oil is derived from a plant species from the sunflower family. It’s prized for its healing compounds that are said to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

    However, due to the lack of research on this essential oil, it’s most recommended and common use is still for relaxation. Its fragrance helps relieve stress and detoxifies the body.

    But what makes it the best choice for passing kidney stones is its diuretic qualities. As it helps move water through the body, it can boost your body’s ability to pass the kidney stones.

    These are the reasons why it’s also a very popular option for kidney stones. Its healing and detoxifying properties make it a highly recommended option for those who are looking for natural ways to pass their kidney stones.

    You might be asking, how do you take this essential oil for this purpose? Can you take helichrysum internally?

    For kidney stones, you should only use the helichrysum oil topically. Mix it with a carrier oil of your choice then massage it onto your lower abdomen. The ingredients will then be absorbed by your skin and it can then help dissolve the kidney stones.

    Keep in mind that you shouldn’t ingest this essential oil. Like other essential oils, it can cause nausea and stomach pains when swallowed.

    Aside from dissolving kidney stones, you can also use helichrysum oil for pain. As some cases of kidney stones come with stomach aches and pains, this oil can really come in handy for sufferers.

    Lemon Oil

    Using lemon oil for kidney stones is another popular home remedy for the said condition.

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise especially since the relationship between lemon and kidney stones is already well-established. 

    As a matter of fact, consuming lemon for kidney stones is the second most recommended technique for dissolving kidney stones next to drinking lots of water. This is why it can be expected that the oil from the same plant can also be used for the same purpose.

    Using lemon essential oil for kidney stones will help detoxify your kidneys which can then help dissolve the hard mineral buildup. With its regular use, you might just be able to pass kidney stones without a fuss as well as improve kidney function to prevent recurrence.

    The Doterra lemon oil is a popular choice for this purpose but you can use other high-quality varieties as well. To use, put 1 or 2 drops in a glass of water then drink it in the morning. You can also add it to other drinks to make it more enjoyable to ingest.

    Orange Oil

    orange oil is relaxing the muscles near the ureter

    With its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also recommended to use orange oil for kidney stones.

    Aside from detoxifying your kidneys, orange oil also has the properties to help soothe the spasms in your urinary tract. This helps make passing the kidney stones easier and less painful.

    Orange oil does this by relaxing the muscles near the ureter. It’s also capable of calming the nerves in the area so when your body is ready to pass the stones, it won’t be an extremely painful process.

    The charm of the Doterra orange oil is that you can use it in any of the three ways mentioned above. It’s safe for ingestion so you can incorporate a few drops of it into your diet. You can also inhale it using a diffuser and expect good results. However, experts recommend applying it topically and massaging it into your lower abdomen if you want to pass stones without a fuss.

    Frankincense Oil

    Helichrysum and frankincense are actually two of the most popular essential oils used for kidney stones. In fact, some consider the frankincense oil to be a good substitute for helichrysum essential oil when dealing with kidney stones.

    What’s the relation of frankincense and kidney stones, you might ask? This essential oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, for one.

    This allows it to effectively detoxify the body and get rid of the kidney stones.

    It also works as a mild sedative so it can also relax the nerves and muscles in your body to make passing kidney stones less fussy.

    Its anti-inflammatory properties also make frankincense essential oil ideal for pain relief. This will help when you’re already passing the kidney stones as they can cause serious discomfort and pain for many.

    Like the helichrysum oil, the frankincense oil is also best used topically. Mix it with a carrier oil then massage it on your lower abdomen to see positive results.

    Lemongrass Oil

    lemongrass oil is best known for its pain-relieving properties

    Lemongrass oil is another solid option if you want to make dealing with kidney stones less painful.

    This essential oil is best known for its pain-relieving properties so it can help you bear with the pain that comes with the process of dissolving the buildup. 

    Aside from this, the fact that this oil boosts blood circulation makes it useful in passing stones. This makes it helpful in flushing out the urinary system so you can pass the kidney stones more effectively.

    To use this essential oil, mix a few drops with a carrier oil then massage it on your lower abdomen. This will help ease the pain of passing the stones.


    Kidney stones can be scary to have but it’s also a condition that is highly manageable. There are tons of ways that can make passing these mineral buildups easy, you just need to stick to the right techniques. Using essential oils can also help in many ways, so make sure to give it a shot.