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    Fake Eyelashes Tips | Guide to Making the Best of Your Falsies

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    Have you ever wanted to accentuate your eyelashes? Not everyone is blessed with long, fluttery eyelashes. Luckily, there are fake eyelashes for people who want to bump up their look. You can purchase them at any store.

    Lashes come in all shapes and sizes and you want to choose ones that best fit your eye shape. It can be intimidating when it’s your first time purchasing lashes. However, do not worry our team wants to ensure you the best tips.

    Fake Eyelashes Tips

    Did you ever want to intensify your makeup look? Fake eyelashes are great for elongating your eye shape. It goes well with an array of eyeshadow shades and can give your eyes the extra pop you’ve been looking for.

    Before you decide to try on fake eyelashes we want to give you some pointers. When you buy the lashes look if the size fits your eye shape.

    Buy Quality Lashes

    Bad quality lashes can easily fall apart. This will make removing the lashes so much more difficult. Make sure you find lashes that are durable and long-lasting. Durable lashes will have a thick black band and it’ll be easier to place on your eyelids. 

    This way when you want to have lashes that can be used multiple times, you won’t have to worry about the hairs falling off. When the lash hairs begin to fall out it’s a sign of poor quality. Make sure you’re choosing lashes that have strong lasting power. 

    Clean and Comb Your Eyelashes

    Wearing your lashes all the time will create build up over time. Our team wants you to take preventative measures against eye infections and weak lashes. It is important that after one use of your lashes you use a makeup remover to take out all the extra gunk.

    The eyelash glue is a stubborn residue that will remain on the lash band. You want to use a tweezer to precisely take out the glue to prevent irritation on your eyes. When your lashes have multiple wears the hairs can get tangled. Gently comb it on the ends and in the middle to have long, flowy lashes. 

    Applying the Glue Correctly

    Certainly, one of the hardest parts about lashes is applying the top-rated eyelash glue correctly. It can seem easy at first, but for first-timers it can be a pain. The lash adhesive must be placed in a thin layer. If the glue is too thick it can get stuck on your makeup and ruin your eyeshadow looks.

    You want to put a thin layer of glue on the band. Wait around 4-5 seconds for the glue to get tacky. The tackiness of the glue will help your lashes stick on your eyelids. When white glue dries, the adhesive will turn slightly clear, but when black glue dries you’ll have to measure the tackiness by the texture of the glue. 

    Where Exactly to Apply the Lashes

    Additionally, lash placement depends on how you want your eyes to look. If you want the edge of your eyes to appear larger try placing the lashes towards the ends of your eyes. This way your eyes will have an extended eyelid. 

    If you have a regular-sized eye shape you can place your lashes on your inner corner to the ends of your eyes. For people who want to have a natural look, you want to have a gradual length look. 

    Be Sure to Measure and Trim Them to Fit Your Eye Shape

    You want to be aware of what eye shape you have. This way you’ll be able to trim the lashes to flatter your set of eyes. There are four types of eye shapes. The first one is a deep-set eye when your eyes set deeper into the brow bone.

    The downturned eye are when the outer corners eyes appear to look downwards. You want to have a shorter strip lash in the outer corner of your eye. A hooded eye doesn’t show your eyelids, therefore you want to trim for short length lashes. Prominent eyes are a wide set of eyes so you want to have the illusion of trimming your lashes so the length could be longer at the edge. 

    Trimming the Lashes to Size

    No one wants lashes that are too short or long for their eyes. It’s important to trim the lashes to size. Begin by placing the lashes right beside your eyelids. Through this, you’ll be able to see a side-by-side comparison of how you want your lashes to look.

    After seeing how you want the lashes to look you want to continue to trim according to the size you desire. Make sure there isn’t a flap sticking out at the corner of your eyes. If there’s isn’t any excess lash space, continue to proceed and stick the lashes on your eyes. 

    Cut Falsies If You Want a More Natural Look

    Most lashes that are ordered online can be too wide for your eyes. Not all the falsies are meant for every eye shape. You can cut it to size by cutting out the excess band towards the edge or corner of your eye.

    It may be difficult to find the right ones for you, so you want to start by looking at the best fake eyelashes for your particular eye shape. If you have more of an almond shape try going for lashes that’ll emphasize the ends of your eyes. A natural look will consist of having longer lashes flare out towards the end. You’ll have a doe-eyed look without much effort!

    Place a Mirror in a Position That Allows You to Look Down

    For first-time lash users, it can be hard to simultaneously look at the mirror and place lashes on your eyelids. Find a small circular mirror and place it on the desk. Once you place it on the desk, put it right under your chin. You’ll be able to see the lashes in the reflection. 

    You may understand the frustration of re-sticking your lashes again and again. This happens when you’re unable to see your lashes. Without hesitation, you could place your lashes without worrying about it falling off throughout the night.

    Use Tweezers to Remove Excess Glue on the Lashes

    Carefully use your tweezers to take excess glue off the lashes. Not every lash band will have a sturdy finish. Once you put glue on your lashes, depending on the quality of your lashes it could possibly be your last time using them. With the proper care, you can remove the excess glue in no time.

    Do not tug on the lashes too hard because it may cause the hairs to fall out. If you have been picking on your lashes throughout the day it can further damage the lashes. Before you clean and remove everything, think about the type of lashes you have. If they’re mink, fox, and other lashes you want to have more delicate care. We have a detailed post about how to clean false eyelashes.

    The Drier the Glue, the Better It Will Stick to Your Lash Line

    You don’t want your glue to be watered down. It’ll be harder for the lashes to dry and it’ll make things harder for you in the long run. Buying a drier glue will allow the adhesive to hold on longer. You want to be on the lookout for a quality lash glue. Before purchasing a lash glue you want to consider your skills.

    Do you prefer having stickier glue or do you prefer having black glue so you don’t need to touch up with black eyeliner? Once you figure out these preferences you can choose the glue you can purchase a sticky glue that’ll make your lashes last all night.

    Invest in an Eyelash Applicator

    Similar to a tweezer a lash applicator has a tip for precision. They have a curved tip which makes it especially easier for those who want to securely put on their lashes. The handles are wider which give you a lot more movability to position the lashes even for a couple of seconds.

    Once the glue dries you want to use the eyelash applicator to position your lashes to the shape of your choice. Investing in an applicator is vital to lash longevity! 

    Preventing False Lash Pop-Up

    During a fun event, the last thing you want to happen is a lash on the loose. This can be frustrating when you’ve all your makeup done and you don’t have a lash glue. You can prevent lash pop-up by applying a little extra glue in the corners of your eye. 

    When you wear lashes throughout the day, your eyelids will gradually build up the oil. This will call your lashes to slide off. To prevent this you want to carry lash glue with you and apply pressure to your lashes on the outer edges. 

    Take Them off at the End of the Day

    Even when you’re back from a long day, you want to take off your lashes. When you don’t take out your lashes you’re allowing bad bacteria take over your eyelids. Also the adhesive can irritate the skin around your eyes.

    The skin around your eyes is a sensitive area. It can be a target spot for premature aging. To stop this you want to make sure to apply eye cream around the skin after you take them off. 

    Use Remover to Take Them Off

    Furthermore, it is better to use makeup remover to take them off because you won’t be harshly rubbing your eyes. Eyelash glue is made to have sticky durability. When you pull too hard on your lashes it’ll make your skin wrinkly.

    You want to put some gentle, makeup remover on a cotton pad and place it on your eyes for 4-5 seconds. After doing this you’ll feel your lash adhesive begin to loosen. Slowly, take off your lashes for a clean eye.