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    Fungicure Reviews | Fuss-free Fungi Liquid Remedy

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    Treating fungal infections is a tricky task mostly because not all active ingredients work on all types of fungi. This is why some products, even if they’re highly recommended and proven-effective by others, still won’t give some people the results they want. This could also be the very reason why you’re poring through Fungicure reviews like this one.

    If you’re thinking of giving Fungi cure a shot, read on as this review might tell you the things you need to know to make the right call.

    The Fungicure Antifungal Liquid Review

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    It’s a well-established fact that nail fungus is hard to treat. It’s a complex disease that can be caused by different types of fungi which can also be very persistent and hard to kill off. This is why lots of expects actually recommend using prescription meds in their treatment so you can be sure to get rid of the problem once and for all.

    However, not everyone has the time to see their doctor or wait for the treatment to work to live normally. This is where the FungiCure Intensive Anti-Fungal Treatment Liquid comes in as it promises to help you deal with the condition right away.

    As this product recognizes that clearing up fungal infections can’t be done overnight, they offer help in making the wait shorter. This, of course, is more than welcome since curing this ailment usually takes months or years.

    Interested in giving this product a shot? Let’s take a closer look at it below.

    What is Fungicure Antifungal Liquid?

    The Fungicure Antifungal Liquid is a liquid solution topical product that is formulated to kill exposed nail-bed fungus and aid the tissues in the affected areas to grow back healthily. It’s also known as the Fungicure Intensive Antifungal Treatment.

    The primary claim of this product is that it can help treat fungal infections in the finger and toe areas. It also promises to alleviate the symptoms that come with fungal nail infections. This product claims to help relieve the itching, cracking, burning, and other kinds of discomfort that the ailment comes with. It pretty much ensures to make the condition a bit more bearable while treating it.

    A notable thing this product claim is that it’s capable of killing six types of fungi that can infect your nails. Its marketing materials say that it can eradicate T. mentagrophytes, E. floccosum,  and T. rubrum among others. This makes it a convenient pick for many sufferers as it has a higher likelihood of being capable of treating the type of fungal infection that they have.

    This product is just one of the many products from Fungicure. Interestingly, the different items do not come with the exact same ingredients. The Fungicure Maximum Strength Liquid contains undecylenic acid while the Fungicure Wash contains sepia as active ingredients. Only the Fungicure Liquid Gel contains  So if the other items in their range did not improve your condition, you shouldn’t write this product off yet.

    How It Works

    The Fungicure Liquid works through its active ingredient, clotrimazole. This is a well-known ingredient that is widely used to treat skin fungal infections like candidiasis, athlete’s foot, pityriasis, and jock’s itch. By adding the recommended 1% strength in this formula, it promises to prevent the growth of the fungal colony that has been causing your illness.

    The Fungicure ingredients are delivered to the skin through an easy-to-use pump spray bottle. So you just need to aim the nozzle to the affected area and press the spray trigger to dispense the product. Since it’s in liquid form, it will be easily released and then absorbed into your skin.

    Does Fungicure work, you ask? With its scientifically proven effective active ingredient, it does promise positive results. However, it’s also important to note that this product is meant to kill exposed fungus on the exposed nailbed, so expect it to be most effective on the skin surrounding and under your nail.

    As clotrimazole is not meant to be used on nails, it doesn’t promise to get through your nails to treat the infection there. It will, however, help treat the infection around the area to keep it from spreading and relieve the effects of the ailment.

    What People are Saying about Fungicure

    To get to know how this product performs, here are a few notable points that you’ll find in a lot of Fungicure Intensive reviews:

    Fuss-free application

    Since nail fungus is already too troublesome on its own, treating it shouldn’t be too complicated. As this product only requires you to spritz it on the affected area twice a day, its use can be very easy to incorporate to your grooming routine.

    Not as bothersome as other products

    Aside from being very easy to use, this product is also not as bothersome as its competitors as it doesn’t have a strong odor. So if you have to be in close proximity with others when using this product, you don’t have to worry about its scent upsetting the other people near you.

    Keeps the infection at bay

    Aside from helping reduce the symptoms of the condition and clearing the affected nails, this product is also said to help prevent the infection from recurring. There’s a huge chance that this condition can come back, so it’s important to continuously take steps to prevent it from doing so. Observing proper hygiene and the use of products like Fungicure is a good way to do this.

    Are There Any Fungicure Side Effects?

    If you’re worried about Fungicure side effects, you don’t really have to fret too much about it. This product has a very short ingredients list so there aren’t many things that can irritate your skin. However, due to the nature of its key ingredient, there are still cases where users experienced adverse reactions to its use.

    Swelling, burning, redness, irritation, flaking, or tenderness on the area where this product is applied wa experienced by some users. In worse cases, blistering, peeling, and open sores also took place. These are very rare cases, however, but it’s still important to observe your skin closely to be safe.

    If you have sensitivities to clotrimazole or certain types of alcohol, you might want to be careful when using this product. Allergic reactions can be a result of its use, so you should also be wary of this.

    In case you’re also considering using the Fungicure Liquid on your little one, you should ask your doctor first. While clotrimazole is deemed safe for kids, it’s best to err on the side of caution so as to avoid any kind of complication later on. See your pediatrician first before applying this cream on children.

    Fungicure vs Others: Finding the Best Nail Fungus Treatment

    With so many other options when it comes to nail fungus treatment, comparing them to each other is ideal if you want to end up with the best one. So to help you get to know the Fungicure spray better, we’re pitting it against two of its popular competitors below.

    clotrimazole tube

    With some research, you might find yourself torn between the Fungicure Liquid and the Globe Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream 1% USP. Why? Both contain clotrimazole as their active ingredients. So if you haven’t really given this antifungal substance a shot, then these two would be solid options for you.

    However, aside from their key ingredients and the promise to relieve the symptoms of fungal infections, the two products are very different. This Globe item is a topical cream that you’ll need to apply to the afflicted area using your fingers or a cotton swab.

    The Fungicure liquid is easier and more hygienic to work with since you just need to spray it on. It definitely lowers the risks of spreading the fungal infection to other parts of your body.

    tinactin liquid spray

    1. The Tinactin Athletes Foot Liquid Spray, on the other hand, have a lot of things in common with our featured item. Both are liquid spray products that are meant to treat and relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot and other fungal infections of the skin. Some Fungicure Antifungal Liquid reviews actually note being torn between the two because of this.

    What sets the two apart, however, are their key ingredients. Tinactin uses tolnaftate while Fungicure features clotrimazole. These two are very different in nature so their results also greatly vary. Clotrimazole is fungicidal and is known to inhibit fungal growth while tolnaftate is just known to prevent fungal infections. So if you already have an infection, clotrimazole might be more useful to you.

    Clotrimazole is also deemed safer for kids to use. This makes it a more versatile pick for many households.

    For more options, here are other antifungal cream remedies that you can check out to help you find the right nail fungus treatment.


    At the end of the day, the decision is still yours whether you think this product can help you out or not. We’re confident, however, that among the many Fungicure reviews available, our roundup contains some useful tips and information that can help you make an informed choice in treating your nail fungus.