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    how can hot oil massage for hair improve your hair and scalp skin

    Hot Oil Massage for Hair | Deep Conditioning Benefits for Your Tresses And Scalp

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    Having healthy hair can be one of the most challenging things to achieve for some folks. With so many environmental factors that can cause damage to your mane, keeping it in great shape is a huge undertaking. But did you know that something as simple as a hot oil massage for hair can be beneficial to your locks?

    hot oil massage is good method to improve you hair health

    A quick search online will actually give you a long list of things that you can do to help boost your hair health. You can be told to add the best foods for healthy hair to your diet or ditch commercial products entirely.

    Some might even go as far as to recommend you the wackiest and most outrageous techniques in washing your hair.

    Not a lot of them are scientifically proven, however. Some home remedies might even cause more damage. This is why you should be careful in trying out different techniques you find online.

    Why should you try hair oiling massage and how exactly can you pull it off at home, you might be wondering? We’ll discuss the answers to all of these below.

    Why You Should Massage Your Scalp with Hot Oil

    Let’s start off with why you should do an oil massage for hair. A lot of people think that oil on the hair is a bad thing. It’s the very reason why we wash our locks anyway, so why would you want to put oil in there, some folks might ask?

    To easily explain the whole concept of hot oil scalp massages, it must be noted that there are two scientifically proven concepts behind this method. First one is the fact that massages are found to be effective techniques in stimulating hair growth.

    massages are effective techniques in stimulating hair growth

    According to a study conducted in Japan, massaging the scalp helped thicken the hair growth on their test subjects over a 24-week period. They attribute this to the ability of massages to stimulate blood flow in the areas that they pass through. 

    By applying pressure to the skin, blood is designed to rush there. This improves blood circulation which can then stimulate the follicles to function as they should.

    By massaging your scalp, you’ll get to apply some pressure to the skin on your head. This can then result in healthier hair growth.

    Another reason why a hot oil scalp massage is good for your hair is the fact that certain oils contain nutrients that are essential for your strands’ good health. A lot of them contains vitamins and antioxidants that help protect the scalp and hair from environmental stress.

    By applying them topically to your hair, you can also coat your hair strands directly with the oil. This is especially beneficial to curly hair as they are prone to becoming dry. Due to the irregular shape of curly hair strands, natural oils don’t get to slide down their length. This results in curly locks becoming weaker as well as more brittle and drier than straight hair.

    Applying natural oils to your hair can supply much-needed moisture and nutrients to the hair strands in such cases. And you can do much when you do an oil massage for hair growth.

    What is a Hot Oil Treatment?

    Now that we’ve established that massaging your scalp with oil is a good thing for your hair, the next important point to address is the topic of hot oil treatment. This hair care process has been around for a long time now that younger folks already consider it to be a traditional salon offering.

    It’s one of those treatments that’s highly recommended by experts to those with very dry locks. Why not when it combines a scalp massage and the application of natural oils to your mane? The only different thing about it is that it involves some heat.

    Before you protest that heat is the enemy of your locks, remember that you’ll be using a nourishing oil in the process as well. Their components will help negate the potential damage your hair can get from the heat. Also, most hot oil treatments for hair at home don’t exactly involve a lot of heat, so you don’t really have to worry.

    The definition of hot oil treatment is pretty straightforward, though. It’s basically letting the oil sit on your head to deeply condition your scalp and hair. It involves some heat so your hair can absorb the oils’ nutrients faster and more effectively.

    Hot Oil Hair Treatment Benefits

    What are the hot oil massage benefits that you can look forward to? What does a hot oil treatment do? Here are a few examples that can convince you to give it a try:

    Frizz Prevention

    A lot of people suffer from frizzy hair and it’s not a fun experience. It makes you look unkempt and it makes styling your locks harder. Luckily, one of the most popular hot oil treatment benefits is its ability to fight frizz.

    Because dry and damaged hair is highly prone to frizzing, regularly doing a hot oil treatment can help keep the frizz away. It will help hydrate your mane which can then prevent the cuticles from lifting and letting in the moisture from the air which then causes frizz.

    This also makes hot oil treatment for curly hair more necessary as curly locks tend to be dryer and frizzier. If you have a naturally curly mane, you should seriously consider adding this hair care procedure to your routine.

    Heals and Nourishes the Scalp

    As mentioned above, natural oils tend to contain a good dose of nutrients. By using the right ones, you can also deliver those amazing components to your hair. In turn, they can nourish, heal, and improve the quality of your hair.

    hot oil hair treatments have many benefits

    When you decide to do a hot oil massage for your hair, though, your scalp can also soak in the oils.

    This means that the skin on your head will also get a good amount of nourishing ingredients. And as this area tends to experience some issues as well, this hair care procedure can also be beneficial to the scalp.

    With the right oils, you can moisturize dry scalp and even treat dandruff. The oils can help soften the scalp and get rid of the accumulating dead skin cells that cause the flakes. This can then help you manage the condition if not treat it entirely.

    It can also aid in hair growth, as mentioned above. In fact, there are actual hot oil treatments for hair growth and you can even find wild hair growth oil before after pictures online. So if this is the specific concern you have, you should certainly try this hair treatment.

    Deep conditioning hair moisturizing treatment

    We’ve also mentioned before that hot oil treatments are excellent in moisturizing the hair. Since certain oils are brimming with hair-nourishing ingredients, they can certainly provide a lot of moisture to parched locks. Some are even capable of penetrating the hair shaft easily which can then help deliver more moisture and nutrients to the hair without a fuss. And that, my ladies, is deep conditioning!

    Combined with heat, oils get to be better absorbed by the hair strands. This makes hot oil treatments more effective than the regular application of oils on your hair.

    Because of these, hot oil treatments for African American hair are essential. As natural hair is often dry, fragile, and damaged, this can definitely help make your locks healthier. A specially tailored oil treatment for natural hair could also keep your tresses protected from environmental damage, keeping it in good shape.

    Repairs Hair Damage

    With the best oils and the proper application to your tresses, this hair treatment can also help repair hair damage. The nourishing ingredients certain oils have can easily reverse and restore your locks’ good health.

    This is why it can be a good idea to do the best hair oil treatment on your locks after you’ve damaged it. It can help you restore moisture to your locks, so even if the procedure you just had was damaging to your tresses, you don’t have to worry about your strands looking dull and brittle.

    This makes hot oil treatments for black hair all the more ideal. As a lot of people with textured hair opt to get their tresses relaxed or regularly styled with heat, hair damage is a common occurrence. But as restoring moisture is one of the best benefits of hot oil treatment for natural hair, you don’t really have to opt out of the styling treatments just to have a healthy head of hair.

    It’s not recommended to do a hot oil treatment on colored hair, though. The process can break down the dye pigments applied to your tresses. So even if it is one of the best ways to restore moisture to your locks, don’t do it if you want to preserve the vibrancy of your hair color.

    The Best Oils for a Hot Oil Hair Massage

    Now that we’ve established how beneficial the best hot oil treatment can be, you might be wondering which oils to try if you’re going to try it out. To help you with this, here’s a list of the best oils that you can use in a hot oil hair massage:

    Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint oils are some of the most versatile essential oils in the market today. It’s traditionally used as a home remedy for tummy issues and for skincare. It’s also widely used for the hair and scalp because it’s a vasodilator. This means that it stimulates blood flow to the area where it’s applied, so when applied to the scalp, it can help promote hair growth.

    This explains why a lot of wild hair growth oil shampoos are peppermint flavored. Its fresh scent and cool, tingly sensation also help make users think that their hair is about to grow out. It’s also a great hot oil treatment ingredient for the very same reasons.

    Castor Oil

    While castor oil is best known for being a laxative, it’s also gaining a lot of attention as of late as an option for being the best oil for hair growth and thickness. More and more people are applying this essential oil to their scalps, eyebrows, and eyelashes in hopes of seeing thicker hair.

    Note that the testimonies of castor oil’s effectiveness for hair growth is purely anecdotal, however. More studies are needed to prove that it really helps aid in thickening your tresses. Some experts do believe that it is moisturizing and can help fight off fungal infections in the scalp so its use can still be beneficial to you even if it doesn’t make your hair grow thicker.

    Olive Oil

    This is a very popular option for homemade hair oil ingredient since lots of people already have a bottle of this in their kitchen. But is an olive oil hot oil treatment really beneficial to your locks?

    According to experts, olive oil contains a lot of fatty acids as well as vitamin E that are highly beneficial to your tresses. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised that a hot olive oil hair treatment can offer you a lot of benefits. These include:

    • Dandruff control

    • Prevention of split ends

    • Hair strand strengthening

    • Hair softness and manageability

    • Lustrous hair

    The best thing about olive oil is that its consumption is also beneficial to your hair. So if you cook a lot with olive oil, your hair will also get the same benefits as applying it topically.

    Argan Oil

    This oil is probably the trendiest pick right now for hair oils but don’t be scared of the hype. Science backs up most of its claims, saying that it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are good for your hair. 

    But what really makes it stand out is its protective properties that will help shield your tresses from the harmful UV rays. This additional benefit can seriously help keep your tresses healthy, so it is an excellent plus.

    Avocado Oil

    Eating avocado is good for you but did you know that it’s also good for your hair? Its fatty acid-rich oil can moisturize and strengthen your locks, prevent dandruff, as well as protect it from environmental damage. 

    Aside from these, there are lots of other great options for hot massaging oils. You can also opt for the following if you’d prefer them over the items listed above:

    • Lavender oil

    • Rosemary oil

    • Lemongrass oil

    • Thyme oil

    • Ylang-ylang oil

    • Cedarwood oil

    • Horsetail plant oil

    • Coconut oil

    • Macadamia oil

    • Almond oil

    • Marula oil

    • Baobab oil

    • Clary sage oil

    • Geranium oil

    Each has their own strengths, though, so it’s best to check what they can do for you first before purchasing a bottle.

    If you want to be more practical and just get something from your kitchen, you can also do so. A lot of people actually ask, ‘is vegetable oil good for hair?’, and the answer is generally, yes. However, it’s best to stick with the vegetable oils listed above or common carrier oils instead of going for cooking oil. They offer more nutrients that are beneficial to your hair so you’re guaranteed better results with them.

    How to Massage Your Hair and Scalp with Hot Oil

    The best thing about hot oil treatments is that you have so many options to get them done. You can do it at home or see your hairstylist for a salon treatment. You can also do a hot oil treatment on wet or dry hair, so you have plenty of options on how to make this treatment work for you.

    All methods are easy and are pretty much the same. The only difference between the wet and dry process is that you’re supposed to get your hair damp before applying the warm oil. To help you get a good idea how to proceed with a DIY treatment, here are the basic steps you should keep in mind:

    1. Choose your oil of choice. Pick one or two (or more) that you can use to address your hair issues. Mix them together in a bowl if you chose to use two oils at the same time. Use enough oil to cover the entire length of your locks.

    2. Heat the oil. You can either microwave or make a water bath to heat up the oil. The latter will help ensure that your oil won’t reach very high temperatures.

    3. Test out the temperature of the oil by either dipping your finger into the bowl or by scooping a drop or two to your skin. Be very careful not to heat the oil too much as it can scald your skin. It should only be comfortably warm on your skin.

    4. This is where you should choose whether to wet your hair or not. Some folks wash their hair before preparing the oil as you’ll only need your hair to be slightly damp when doing a hot oil hair massage. You can also choose to do this before showering, though.

    5. Brush out your hair to remove the knots and tangles.

    6. Get some of the hot oil and start massaging it into your scalp. Gently work your fingers into your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure to apply oil onto the length of your hair as well.

    7. Put your hair up in a bun then cover it with a shower cap let it sit for up to 30 minutes or overnight. You can also opt to use a steam cap or a hair heater cap if you want to intensify the process. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions in their use to ensure safety.

    8. Wash the oil off with lukewarm water and gentle shampoo.

    Repeat this procedure at least once a week and you can expect your mane to improve in quality after a while.