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    How Much Is Cosmetology School | Guide to Investing In Your Future Career

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    Do you worry about finances for cosmetology school? It can be hard to be a part-time to full-time student if you’re supporting yourself financially. Luckily, for cosmetology school there are countless ways you can support yourself without compromising your education.

    Each cosmetology school has its own set of prices, but it's important that you look into the program that matches your needs. This way you can easily understand how much money you need and how many scholarships or loans you can apply for. 

    How Much Is Cosmetology School

    If you want to look into how much a cosmetology school is, start by researching the specific program you want to go into. An accredited cosmetology school all depends on the type of program it is. For instance, if you attend a top beauty school tuition can range anywhere from $15,000-$20,000. However, if you want a starting price it is usually starting from $5,000 to $15,000.

    When you consider the overall cost of cosmetology school you also need to consider the room, board, and textbook materials and the often asked question "how long is cosmetology school?". Each program will be different and so you want to organize your finances accordingly. Also consider if you’ll have a part-time job as you attend the school.

    Do Different Programs Cost Different Amounts?

    Are you interested in a specialized field? Different programs can have a reduced cost. The best part about cosmetology programs is that there are countless areas in each program. You can also consider the esthetician vs cosmetologist choice.

    If you choose to partake in a specialty program you’ll be exposed to makeup artistry, laser training, or teacher training. This can help you have a focused education and reduce your finances.

    Through these specific program the cost will be reduced to $3,000-$5,000. You want to consider the type of program and location when you’re choosing your school. Since your focus will be to learn these main set of skills you can still learn the skills to move professionally without all the extra costs. 

    Are There Any Other Cosmetology Fees to Be Aware of?

    Cosmetology school is a full set of hands-on training. This can include a number of additional supplies such as books, practice kits, and tools. Some curriculums will base their entire lessons on a specific brand so this can also add to additional fees.

    When you’re choosing a school make sure to look over all their financial requirements to secure your eligibility. Another cost of cosmetology school can be the transportation to get there. If you’re deciding to commute and live off campus you want to allocate the proper number of costs for bas money or bus passes. 

    Are you excited to start contacting cosmetology schools?

    Once you figure out your financial situation you can start anticipating your new journey in cosmetology school. Through top rated cosmetology schools, you can find yourself thriving and growing in a career choice of your dreams. You can start contacting them by making a list of your top choices.

    Make a list of pros and cons for each school and contact them one by one. Be sure to ask a number of questions or any clarifications on your financial situation. To have a better idea of which schools to contact you can also attend tours or make an appointment with their advisory office. 

    What Is the Average Cost of Beauty School

    To earn a cosmetology degree the average cost will be around $5,000-$15,000. If you decide to take out loans you can access it with the cosmetology pell grant system. It can help you cover the costs of tuition and room. If you decide to go to a private beauty school, you can also double check if your specific institution can help you have access to private lenders.

    You want to consider the costs of an accredited program because it may differ. Look into the costs of each program because they can vary with the additional costs that you may need for funds outside of tuition. The average cost can change so you want to choose the school that is most suitable for your situation. 

    Reducing Costs Through Specialized Cosmetology Programs

    Do you want to get the most out of your program without worrying too much about finances? Attending cosmetology school through specialized programs will help you achieve just that. Specialized programs such as hair styling or makeup artistry will reduce the costs of your program in half.

    Since you’ll be accustomed to specific training it won’t require you to purchase all the material for other topics. This is a great way to enhance your interests with the cost of only $3,000-$5,000. When you have a focused concentration this can benefit you in the long run if you plan on expanding clientele or starting your own business. 

    Do Beauty Schools Offer Financial Aid for Tuition?

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    Fortunately, for you beauty schools do offer financial aid for tuition. If you’re eligible to receive financial aid you can receive options such as Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, or Work-study.

    This financial aid is suitable for most students who are in need of financial support. 

    If you decide to attend a non-accredited cosmetology school, these schools can also offer grants and scholarships. 

    With your financial situation its best to prepare and do your own research because every cost will vary depending on the amount of funds you’ll need.

    Do Cosmetology Schools Offer Scholarships?

    Don’t let the cost of finances stop you from pursuing your dreams! Cosmetology schools offer plenty of scholarships, yet often times only 22% of students apply for these scholarships. Take advantage of different scholarship opportunities to alleviate financial burdens!

    There are countless different scholarships for each school such as the NCEA Esthetician Scholarship or the OPI scholarships. For instance, schools such as Empire Beauty schools offer a wide range of tuition that can help such as payment plans or loans to help with financing. Most programs want you to succeed and become a licensed beauty professional. 

    Still Concerned About the Cost of Cosmetology School?

    If you’re still on edge about the cost of cosmetology school take into consideration lots of outside factors. For instance, your location can actually increase your tuition without you knowing.
    In a survey the cost of cosmetology schools in metropolitan areas averages from $10,000-$20,000. 

    money in the hand

    Weigh out all the benefits before you make your final decision. Think about all the scholarships you can be eligible for. Also take into consideration the amount of financial aid you can receive. If you already know what field you want to go into, consider the reduced cost of that program as well. 

    Learn How to Pay for Cosmetology School

    Do you want to become a licensed cosmetologist? It all begins with a strong education so you want to start planning how you’re going to pay for everything. You want to begin with your own budget. Think about how you can manage your payments while getting an education. Calculate your income and bills to set aside money for your loans or tuition bills.

    Another way you pay for it is by attending cosmetology school part-time. This can give you time to save up money and explore cosmetology school without paying for a full set of classes. You can also meet with an on-campus financial advisor to manage your payment plans. This will also be helpful in seeing how much financial aid you’ll receive from your school.

    To Sum Up, Is Beauty School Expensive?

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    After everything we went over, beauty school is not as expensive as people think. With proper money management and budgeting you can make room to afford beauty school.
    You just need to start planning the time you’ll attend beauty school and the amount of money you’ll need to save.

    With scholarships and financial aid, you can easily attend beauty school without the burden of tuition. Take into consideration all the advice we gave you.

    Look carefully at your own situation and see which school can best suit your financial needs!