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    what is optimum number and how often should you get a facial

    How Often Should You Get a Facial | Home Spa Treatments For Acne, Moisturizing and Rejuvenating Your Skin

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    While fawning at a celebrity’s flawless skin, one of the most common things a lot of us wonder about is what products they use and just how often do they get treatments. It really makes you wonder how often should you get a facial if you want skin as perfect as theirs.

    Because if we’re going to be very honest, the main reason why celebs have very nice skin is the fact that they get their skin cared for by experts. With so many different procedures available that can address your skin woes and improve your skin in various ways, professional help can really be the very thing your skin needs to look better.

    If that’s what you want to do something about in the near future, you might want to learn about the basics when it comes to getting facials. For that, this guide might help you out.

    The Basics of Facials

    Before we go any deeper into the discussion of facial treatments, we must first talk about the basics. First off, what is a facial exactly? Defining this procedure can help you what to expect and to better understand what it can do for you.

    facials are preformed to improve skin quality

    Simply defined as skin care treatments for the face, facials come in different forms and methodologies.

    They’re performed to improve skin quality and address various skin issues. They’re mostly done to add moisture, rejuvenate, and remove skin imperfections. 

    What happens during a facial mostly depends on what issue you’re trying to address. There are facials for dry skin, facials for oily skin, for sensitive skin, aging skin, and many others. There are also special tiny teens facials which are specifically designed to be gentle and effective on problematic young skin.

    What does a facial consist of, exactly? They can involve peels, microdermabrasion, laser therapy, deep moisturizing, sebum extraction, and a whole lot more.

    To help you better understand facials, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about this procedure.

    Are facials good for you?

    Experts tend to have different answers to this question as there are tons of various factors at play when it comes to dealing with skin concerns. However, it can be an easy way to get professional when treating certain skin issues. Because if you have a trained expert performing special techniques, you can be guaranteed that they’ll give you better results than what you can achieve at home.

    Does facial help acne?

    This is probably the most burning question about these procedures. Unfortunately, some experts say that it might be better to see a dermatologist if you want to deal with your acne instead of heading to a spa. They can identify the cause of your skin woes and help you take appropriate and efficient steps in addressing them.

    does facial help acne

    However, very skilled and experienced estheticians can help improve the quality and appearance of your skin after you get it treated by a medical specialist. They’re also helpful in addressing comedogenic acne, so you can still get positive results if you have this type of acne.

    If you’re asking, ‘are facials good for acne?’, the answer would depend on your type of acne. If you’re wondering if it’s alright to get a facial when you have acne, it will depend on the treatment you wish to get and your condition.

    If you have cystic acne, it might not be a good idea to do peels as it can further irritate your skin and make matters worse.

    Moisturizing and pampering facial procedures might seem like attractive alternatives, on the other hand. However, they might not really do much to improve your skin condition, so it might not be wise to spend money on them. Besides, the products they use might also just irritate your skin further, so you could be better off without them.

    Do facials work?

    Again, it depends on how your skin will react to treatment. Professional facial procedures have high chances of working since they use science in their creation. However, because everybody’s skin is different, it’s still very hard to predict how yours will react to certain treatments.

    Experts also stress that the effectiveness of these procedures depends on the consistency and frequency of the treatment. A single session will hardly improve your skin, so you will need to look at facials as an investment if you really want to get the most out of it.

    How much are facials?

    It depends on the spa or clinic you intend to go. The services of licensed estheticians are usually higher than what you’d get at beauty spas because they’re professionally trained to care for your skin.

    Some experts say that it’s also more of an investment since it requires regular sessions to get the best results. This is why you should expect to spend a decent amount of money if you don’t want to settle for anything less than stellar results.

    In addition to the fees, you should also remember to add a tip since a facial is a professional service. How much to tip for a facial? The recommended is 20% of the clinic’s fees but you can also base it on the service you have received.

    Are facials worth it? It all depends really on the quality of the service you’ve received and how well your skin reacted to the treatment. Again, as the treatments can be quite pricey, it will be hard to say for certain.

    What could help you ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth, however, is ample research. If you found the right pros to help you out, then, you have better odds in getting your money’s worth.

    Why Get a Facial?

    Why should you still get a facial, then, if it’s not really something that can help you with acne? With 50 million Americans suffering from the condition, it’s certainly considered by many as an alternative to seeing a dermatologist.

    Despite not exactly serving as a treatment option for acne-prone skin, it’s still a yes when answering the question, ‘are facials good for your skin?’. Why? Here are a few reasons why you should still get a facial:

    An esthetician’s professional opinion can be more reliable than the beauty counter’s.

    If you’re struggling with skin issues but you don’t want to see a dermatologist, you’ll be better off visiting a licensed esthetician than heading straight to a beauty counter. The beauty professionals are trained to help manage various skin concerns so they can teach you a thing or two about dealing with your skin woes.

    Aside from performing actual facials that suit your needs, they can also guide you when doing at-home treatments. They can give you good information on how often to exfoliate your face, how often can you use face masks, or what products to use to deal with your condition. They might even help you in choosing the best facial steamers or the best face wash for eczema, depending on their experience and knowledge so you can have treatments in the comfort of your home.

    Some facials are great complimentary procedures to doctor prescriptions.

    There are instances where you can work with a dermatologist and esthetician to help improve your skin quality. There are procedures that you can take that can further boost the results of your medications.

    They’re relaxing.

    If you’ve always wondered why do women like facials, it’s because some people find them relaxing. You can certainly feel pampered and cared when getting a facial so some folks like to add it to their self-care routine.

    Facials can help clear your pores properly.

    While facials might not necassarily treat acne, you’re better off booking an extraction procedure from a licensed esthetician than by doing it on your own. It’s not guaranteed that you won’t break out after but they will do less damage to your skin.

    How Often Should You Get a Facial?

    If you’re already convinced that facial therapy is the best way for you to improve your skin quality and appearance, the next thing that you might be wondering about is how often to get a facial.

    facial can improve your appearance and  they are recommended once a month

    Since it is recommended to get regular facials for the best results, it’s important to know how often should you get facials.

    This will ensure that your skin won’t be overstimulated and desensitized from the treatment. It can also help you train your skin to be better.

    If you’re asking, ‘how often should I get a facial?’, below are some expert answers.

    According to experts, in-office facials are recommended to be done at least once a month. Your schedule should also depend on your skin type and the procedure you’ll get.

    As oily skin tends to be tougher, they can get facials at every 4 weeks. Dry skin, on the other hand should let their skin rest longer, so a 5-week interval is recommended. Facials for sensitive skin might require up to 8 weeks of intervals, however.

    How often should you do microdermabrasion? Experts say that this popular procedure for acne sufferers can be done as often as weekly, depending on your skin’s tolerance. 

    How often should you get a chemical peel, on the other hand? In-office procedures can be done at 1 to 4-week intervals, depending, again, on your skin’s reaction. At home chemical peels, on the other hand, are more superficial, so you can do them at least once a week.

    If you want to try doing an at-home facial, you can also do so. There are tons of great products that will let you do this safely. Sheet masks, night packs, and serums are just some of the items you can use to pamper your skin at home.

    If you’re asking, ‘how often should I use a facial mask?’, you might be glad to know that you can do so daily. It’s considered by some as the best facial for dry skin as they can effectively hydrate your skin without you having to break a sweat.

    What to Expect When Getting a Facial

    Before you book a facial appointment, you’ll also need to know what you should actually expect from the procedure aside from good results. These can help make or break your decision, so make sure to ponder on the points below.

    A single treatment won’t miraculously transform your skin.

    As mentioned above, facials aren’t a one-time thing. You’ll need regular treatments if you want something to happen to your skin. The skin doesn’t always elicit an immediate response when you want it to improve so you have to be patient with it. This applies to facial treatments as well, so you have to be ready to do it a couple of times to get the results you desire.

    Everybody’s skin is different.

    You might not get the same result as every other person who got the same facial treatment because everyone’s skin is quite unique. It’s best to manage your expectation when getting a facial.

    Aftercare is just as important as the facial itself.

    Experts cannot stress this enough that what you do in between your sessions can also affect the results of the treatments you get. If you don’t care for your skin after your procedure, you’ll just lose the positive effects you’ve achieved.

    For example, you need to keep your skin clean and moisturized after microdermabrasion if you don’t want it to get irritated. Keeping out of the sun is also highly necessary if you’re getting regular chemical peels. Regular application of certain topical products may also prove to be essential in many cases.

    Sometimes, some claims are really just too good to be true.

    Facial procedures tend to come in droves and some of them have promises that sound too good to be true. It seems like the more outrageous they are, the more popular they get which could be a good thing for the industry. However, most of them are really just too good to be true so you have to be discerning when it comes to the treatment you’ll get.

    To be safe, try to check the science behind their claims and promises to ensure that you’ll benefit from the treatment.

    At-home facials can benefit your skin but you have to do it right and consistently.

    Giving yourself at-home facials regularly can also be a good way to keep your skin in great shape. However, you have to be very careful when executing new techniques as it’s hard to predict how your skin will react to certain things. And if you found a great method that improves your skin, make sure to be consistent in its use as doing so can help you get better results in the long run.