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    How to Clean False Lashes | Tips To Make Your Falsies Last Longer

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    Think about your best pair of lashes being damaged due to remnants of lash glue. Do you ever feel like your lashes are too beautiful to throw away? When you clean your false lashes you can maximize its use. This is important because you can prevent build-up or residue on your lash band.

    You can avoid this by using a gentle cleanser. When you keep your lashes in good condition and wash them properly you can use them for multiple uses. In this way, you don’t need to immediately throw your favorite pair of lashes away. 

    How To Clean Fake Eyelashes

    When you begin to clean fake eyelashes it can feel like a hassle. You want to go to bed without the distraction of taking off all your makeup. Lucky for you, you can sleep fast without having to worry about the cleaning process. 

    The cleaning process for fake eyelashes just takes a couple of materials. You want to have a tweezer to take off the glue residue from your previous wears. When you don’t take off the glue on the lash band it can damage the longevity of the band. If the band is damaged it can make it harder for you to use the eyelashes again. 

    Before cleaning your eyelashes you want to focus on purchasing quality lashes. The best fake eyelashes will help you in the long run opposed to flimsy lashes. The hairs and band will be thicker which will allow you to have multiple uses.

    Purchasing a good glue is also important because a strong glue can impact the skin around your eyes. The skin around the eye is a delicate area and when this area is irritated it can create premature aging. When you’re in the makeup section, look for the best eyelash glue and do not settle for anything less.

    First, begin to pluck off the glue with a little bit of pressure. You don’t want too much pressure on the lashes because this can cause the band to break apart. At the tip of your tweezers begin by getting the excess off the sides.

    Second, focus on what part of your lashes are damaged. When you wear lashes you could lose the elasticity of the lash band. Look at the corners and the center to make sure that it can be durable for the next use. There are two main methods for cleaning your eyelashes. Begin your cleaning process by utilizing a cleanser. 

    Method One: Cleaning Fake Lashes with a Cotton Swab

    If you love full glam makeup you’ll see how pricey the lashes can get. Purchasing one eyelash after another can make you drop money fast. Can you reuse fake eyelashes? Yes, but you need to clean them properly.
    Gather all your materials of cleaning such as a makeup remover (designed for eyelashes) and rubbing alcohol. Have cotton balls and q-tips for precise cleaning. Before you begin cleaning you want to wash your hands thoroughly. Bacteria can easily enter the eye and cause you to get sick. 

    You want to avoid this by running your hands through lukewarm water and strong, antibacterial soap. Once you wash both the front and backs of your hands you want to fully pat your hands dry.

    The next step is crucial for you to have a gentle hand. When you remove your false eyelashes you want to apply makeup remover on the center of your lids with your ring finger. Your ring finger has the least amount of pressure out of all your fingers. It’ll help you to be gentle around the skin of your eye.

    When you remove your lashes you don’t want to use too much oil-based removers because it can ruin the fibers in your eyelashes. Use quality makeup remover to make your life much easier.

    Finally, soak the cotton ball and in small motions run it across your eyelid. Repeat it thoroughly across both ends of the lashes. Once you look at your eyelid you want to move it across the adhesive glue.

    If you see all the glue rubbed off you can take off the tiny particles with tweezers. Inspect the lash and be careful not to pull hard on the lash band. This will cause the lashes to shrivel up.

    Method Two: Cleaning False Eyelashes Using a Plastic container & Makeup Remover

    After a long day outside the last thing, you want to do is meticulously look at your eyelashes. It can be overwhelming to do this every single time you take off your eyelashes. Our team suggests that you can create time to clean all your lashes in one sitting instead of going back and forth with each pair.

    Method two is great for you if you want to look at every aspect of the lashes. Start by taking all the materials you’ll need for your cleaning process. First, get a clean plastic container that is a small size. You want it to be small so you can see the eyelashes.

    Two new objects you’ll need are tissues and an eyelash comb. The tissue will be to get rid of the extra residue and the eyelash comb will take out any of the leftover mascara.

    When you remove the eyelashes, utilize the pads of your fingers. You don’t want to yank them out because it can damage the band. Grasp the lashes slowly and pull the band slightly. After you’re done you can put a tablespoon of makeup remover in your container. 

    Let the lashes soak for around five minutes. Place the container on a high counter where it won’t be easily knocked down. You do not want to leave the lashes more than the set time because it can ruin the lashes. 

    Place your lashes on a tissue to allow them to dry. You want it to be a thick and durable paper towel, where the liquid won’t seep through. After getting a comb and run it through the lash hairs. This will help the lashes retain their shape.

    When you’re finally finished cleaning all your lashes find a good container to store your lashes. You want to buy the containers with the lash trays so you can keep it in the best condition. You also want to read more fake eyelashes tips to make the best of your falsies.