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    tips and tricks to know how to get beach waves hair

    How to Get Beach Waves Hair | How to Get Beautiful Loose Curls

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    A lot of us dream of living by the sea, near the water and away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. However, as we don’t always get what we want, most of us just settle with the next best thing: the beach babe look. It’s easy how to get beach waves hair, so you might only need to work on your sun-kissed glow if you’re naturally pale.

    With these two, you might just trick yourself into finding relaxation wherever you are. And if it doesn’t, at least you’d look nice while you’re stressed.

    To help you achieve this look, we’ve listed down a few tricks on how to make beachy waves in your hair.

    Top Tricks in Getting Beach Waves Hair

    top tricks in getting beachy waves hair

    Best characterized as a loose wave hairstyle, beachy hair comes with long loose curls. The hair naturally assumes this shape when you’re at the beach because of the saltwater and the humidity in the air.

    The salt squeezes out the moisture inside your hair strands which make them lose their elasticity. The humidity then causes them to frizz, so your hair gets a lot of volume.

    A lot of people find the look very attractive. Why not when it gives you a relaxed and carefree look since it is how your hair looks like when you’re on a beach getaway? It’s the perfect hairstyle for the summer since it will make you look like you’ve just had an island holiday even if you didn’t. It can also seriously change up your regular style. A lot of people don’t sport loose curly hair often, so it can transform your look when you try to wear soft curls on your hair.

    If you’re interested in how to make your hair wavy, here are a few effective ways how to get beachy waves:

    1. Go to the beach.

    If you want the most foolproof way to get waves in your hair, the best thing to do would be to go to the beach. This is the most natural way to achieve this hairstyle. Take a dip in the water and let it air dry while relaxing by the shore and you’ll surely create the beautiful tousled wavy hair you want.

    2. Use the hair products made to specifically achieve this look.

    Another excellent way in how to get beach waves is by using actual products that are specifically made to be used for this very purpose. With their help, you can easily recreate the texture and volume your hair gets when you’re at the beach.

    Salt hairspray
    hair products made to specifically achieve beach waves hair

    As you would know, saltwater is the very key ingredient in achieving beach hair. It’s the very reason why your locks get the texture and volume required to achieve the laid-back waves hairstyle.

    With a salt hairspray, you can give your hair the very thing it needs to get the effects required for beachy hair, even if you live far from the sea.

    Also known as sea salt sprays or beach waves spray, these products contain salt so you can achieve the effects of having saltwater on your hair. They can also contain other ingredients but their main component is often salt. You can get them from stores or online but you can also easily whip up your own hairspray.

    Using salt hairspray to achieve loose wave hair is very easy. Here’s a very easy technique that you can try at home:

    1. A lot of folks believe that it’s best to use this product without shampooing your hair so you’ll have your natural oils protecting your locks from completely drying out. Freshly shampooed hair also don’t have a lot of volume, so you might want to start with a day or two old hair to get great results.

    2. Dampen your locks to get started. It should be slightly wet but not completely soaked.

    3. Spray the salt hairspray on your locks. Some experts will tell you to use a lot while others will recommend some moderation but it’s really up to you. A lot of experts say that it’s a matter of knowing your hair well. Using too much can cause crunchy strands, so allow yourself to experiment a bit.

    4. Once wet, you can use these three techniques to get the waves you want:

    • Twist your locks, one small section at a time. This will help them curl up then air dry.

    • Put your hair up in four buns then blow dry.

    • If you already have wavy hair, you can just scrunch them up with your hands then wait for it to air dry.

    Sugar hairspray

    Salt and saltwater have complicated effects on your hair and skin, so some people aren’t exactly too keen on using them on their tresses. So if you find salt sprays drying to your hair, you might want to try out sugar-based hairsprays. These products are now becoming popular answers to how to get beachy waves hair so they might be worth a try for you.

    As the name suggests, sugar hairsprays use sugar instead of salt to give your hair the texture and volume it needs to create loose curls on long hair. Aside from not drawing moisture out from your strands, these products also typically come with additional ingredients that help moisturize and protect the hair. This makes them more attractive for those who don’t want to sacrifice their hair health to long wavy hairstyles.

    3. Get some help from your trusted heat styling tools.

    For some folks, tools are the most obvious answers when asked how to make your hair wavy. Heat styling tools can definitely help you achieve great results, especially if you have pin-straight hair.

    beach waves with heat styling tools

    What are the tools that you can use to get wavy hair? Here are a few examples:


    If you got your blow dryer in a set, it’s very likely that you already own a diffuser. This is the large bowl-shaped attachment that is popularly used by folks with very curly and afro locks as they speed up the drying process significantly. It can also come in handy in giving you some beach waves hair right after a wash.

    How? Here are a few tricks:

    1. Remove the excess moisture from your hair with a towel. Don’t rub your hair as this will cause frizzing. Just squeeze them out then leave your hair wrapped with a towel as you do your makeup.

    2. Once you’re done with your face, you’re now ready to make waves. Apply some heat protectant on your locks then maybe some sea salt spray to give it extra volume. Grab your blow dryer and diffuser. You can also find the best diffuser for curly hair useful for this very task.

    3. Hold the blow dryer with its hot end upward.

    4. Grab a 2” section of your hair then twist it. Place it inside the bowl of the diffuser and hold it there for a couple of seconds to let it set. Don’t completely dry your hair, though. Only hold it in place until it’s about 75% dry as air drying is also an essential component to get some nice volume on your locks. Repeat until you’ve dried all of your hair.

    5. Hold the diffuser on the crown of your head to help you add more volume to it.

    6. Finish by defining the ends with the help of a barrel brush and putting a bit of oil for some moisture and shine.

    Curling Iron

    If there’s one thing that can help make straight hair wavy, it would be your best curling iron. While they can also help you create very defined curls, these classic tools are versatile enough to give you just waves when you just want some shape and body for your locks.

    So how do you get beachy waves with a curling iron? Here are our tips:

    1. The best curling iron for beachy waves are those with 1.25” barrels or bigger, so use one of those.

    2. Wash and dry your locks accordingly then apply some heat protectants.

    3. Use your curling iron like you would when curling your hair. However, instead of going in the same direction when wrapping your locks into the barrel, alternate the directions. This will give your hair a more tousled look and a nice lift which mimics the natural breeziness of beach waves.

    4. Finish with the right products. Texturizing sprays can help add texture while a lightweight hairspray will help your hair hold its shape.

    Note that you can also use the best curling iron for beach waves to create beach waves on short hair. Just use a 1” curling iron instead of a bigger one to make the process less tricky.

    Straightening Iron

    Yes, you can also get beach waves hair with a straightener. In fact, this might be a better option to make short hair wavy. All you’ll need is to run a flat iron on a section of twisted hair and that’s it. So instead of running the iron over a small section of flat hair, you only need to twist a section of your locks and give it a pass or two with your straightening iron. Very easy, right?

    4. Sleep on it.

    braiding can make your hair curly

    Want to get beach waves without heat for short hair and long hair? Sleep on wet hair. Drying your locks overnight when it’s styled a certain way can help you set it in a specific shape. So, if you don’t want to use a lot of heat on your locks, here are your other options in creating loose waves hairstyles:


    Braiding your locks will always make it curly afterward so it’s a very great way to create beach wave without a curling iron. You can use different braiding styles to achieve your desired results. However, the fishtail, four-strand, and rope styles tend to offer the best waves.

    Wrapped on fabric

    Another hack to help you make your hair curly without using heat is by wrapping it around a piece of fabric. Those with long hair use t-shirt while those with short locks use headbands but the same technique is used: you create a ring with your piece of fabric then you wrap your hair around it.

    By keeping the style overnight, you’ll get to wake up to some waves on your hair the next day. Add some texturizing and volumizing spray and you can already look like you’ve just hit the beach.

    5. Get a perm.

    We know that not all of these wavy hair tutorials are very easy to execute. It’s not like you can just sit under the best hooded hair dryers to achieve such a look. So what can you do to get beach waves without too much effort? Get a perm.

    Some hairstylists can create permanent beach waves for you so you don’t have to keep fussing with your hair every time you need to step out of the house. Julianne Hough has been known to get this light curls hairstyle before through the ingenuity of her expert hair stylist.

    Note, however, that getting a perm is a commitment. You might then find it hard to wear other styles with this treatment, so make sure that you really want wavy long hair when getting this ‘do.

    Getting the Laid-Back Beach Babe Look

    salt or heat can make your hair more curly

    Whether with short or long wavy hair, beach waves will always prove to be the best examples of those things people do to look like they didn’t spend hours to look good. Because as they say, it’s really hard to look effortlessly amazing. This hairstyle proves such which can also explain why a lot of people want to achieve the most gorgeous beach waves. Have you tried one of the best automatic hair curlers?

    We hope the list above helps you find the best way in how to get beach waves hair for you. There are so many different techniques that you can use but some of them don’t always work on everyone. With our long list, though, you’ll always have options in case you didn’t achieve your desired results.

    Just a bit of reminder, though. Too much salt or heat on your hair might damage your locks. Use them in moderation to avoid hurting your locks. You should also use products that can protect and add moisture to your tresses to keep them in good shape. It’s possible to do so even when you want to add texture to your locks, so make sure to take the extra measure to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.