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    Ways to keep your feet healthy and smooth

    How To Get Rid Of Dead Skin On Feet | Detailed List of Useful Tips

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    When you wear sandals the last thing you want to think of is the skin hanging off the edge of your feet. You want to be able to go out freely without covering your feet. As your dead skin builds up, it can be harder to remove.

    It can be tiring to think about the routine of getting rid of the dead skin off your feet. You want to take early measures to prevent dead skin growing thicker over time. Our team wants to ensure the next steps on how to have a smooth surface.

    Dead Skin On Feet Causes

    Have you ever been walking and felt a hard crust on the edge of your feet? This can be because dead skin is a natural way of exfoliating. When your skin doesn’t want to deal with all the excess skin it finds a new way of forming new skin. It can also be a result of dead skin cells.

    This is a result of dryness on your feet. When you don’t moisturize it can lead your feet to absorb the material in socks. If you love wearing sneakers you may want to consider an exfoliating routine.

    For further information, you want to seek your doctor to prevent any cause of foot infections. If you start to notice the dead skin on your feet you want to weigh each option very carefully. 

    Dead Skin On Feet Prevention

    Whenever you start to feel your feet form a hard outer exterior this means that you are way overdue for scrubbing time. This dead skin prevention may not be the easiest in the beginning. However, with the proper instructions, you can easily have a smooth surface. 

    Begin by examining your skin on your feet. Everyone has different conditions and you want to approach it to meet your own needs. You also want to apply an effective moisturizer such as oil or vaseline to create a supple exterior.

    Soak Your Feet in Epsom Salt

    Salt is a highly beneficial ingredient for multiple uses. You can find this salt in any grocery store. It has amazing nutrients with magnesium sulfate. When you place your feet in water with salt you’re able to soften the outer layer of your skin.

    Epsom salt is a great agent to add into home-made treatments. This will further help you to remove the dead skin without a lot of force. You can use a foot brush or a pumice stone to further your process. 

    Use a Pumice Stone

    A pumice stone is a great natural remedy for beginners. If you feel scared to approach the scrubbing process this is a beneficial tool for you.
    This tool is a natural lava stone that helps you remove all the dead skin off your feet.

    You want to warm up your feet with warm water. This way your skin will be able to soak in and get pruney.
    As the skin of your feet softens, you can begin to use your pumice stone. You want to rub it on your foot in gentle circular motions. 
    If you’re feeling sore from a workout or injured do not use the pumice stone because it’ll cause more pressure.

    Focus on the top layer because this will help you promote blood circulation. When you’re done with the stone leave it aside and apply lotion to soften your heels. 

    Apply Lotion or Oil at Night

    You want to lock in as much moisture as possible. When you’re asleep during the night this is a chance for you to be able to make small changes in your skin-care routine.

    These small changes will highly benefit you in the long run. You can make your skin supple by lotion and drops of oil. Our team would also suggest that you wear socks with your lotioned feet. The socks lock in the moisture and keep it in place. This way when you wake up the next morning you’ll witness a positive difference. 

    Wear Proper-Fitting Shoes

    Have you ever felt like your shoes were too tight for you? This is a warning that your feet may be in much pain and stress. Our team sees how detrimental it is for you to not wear proper fitting shoes.

    When your toes are touching the very top of your shoes it can mean that’ll be hard for you to walk and your skin to breathe. As you apply all this pressure on your feet you may be prone to athlete’s foot or toe jams.

    You want to leave enough wiggle room for your feet to feel in place. 

    Baking Soda Soak

    Can you recall all those cool science experiments you did with baking soda? Now you can add this ingredient for exception skin.

    Dermatologists recognize how baking soda can be irritating but for the most part if allows people to remove the dead skin from themselves.

    Since this ingredient is so strong you want to check if your skin won’t have a bad reaction towards it. This can be extremely damaging to your skin if it negatively responds. You want to only continue if you know for sure your skin is ok with its ingredients. 

    Lemon Water Soak

    Our team notices the countless benefits of lemon water. Similar to baking soda they have strong PH levels that’ll help you take out the dead skin quicker. The acidity in lemons can make your water taste better and also it can remove any form of bacterial growth.

    The citrus flavor of the lemon can be overwhelming for sensitive skin. You want to double-check your cuts because it can lead to further irritation and a slower healing process. 

    Vinegar Soak

    Do you remember when you would open the vinegar bottle and it would reek of a strong odor?

     Well, this smelly ingredient can make a tremendous change for your feet. If you’ve been wanting to have soft feel you want to use natural and all-purpose ingredients.

    Vinegar is good for your feet because you can use fresh water to add 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. When you soak your feet in only for a little bit you can also combine it with the pumice for extra strength.

    You don’t want to do this treatment every day because the vinegar treatment is very strong. Vinegar itself is an ingredient that you want to measure out carefully. It is a very strong product, try out this method only a few times a week.

    Foot Scrub

    In the shower, one of the best feelings is feeling squeaky clean. If you don’t want to go through the whole process of buying tools you may want to purchase a foot scrub. The great thing about foot scrubs is that you can choose an array of scents.

    They are sold in most pharmacies and drug stores. The grainy particles will be a helpful agent in exfoliating your skin. If you want a more affordable option you can mix sea salt, oil, and lemon juice for a homemade concoction.

    You want to apply it directly to the areas that you need it. After let the foot scrub sit for 5-10 minutes. For a bigger impact, you can use a scrub or a brush to get a thorough scrub. 

    Oatmeal Scrub

    Did you know that a breakfast staple can be an impactful way for smooth skin? Oatmeal scrubs is an effective home exfoliator. Sometimes you just want to save money and use the ingredients right in front of you. 

    In order to make the scrub, gather all your materials. You want to mix an equal creations of milk or rose water. Make sure the consistency is thick to apply it to your feet. 

    Once you apply the scrub you want to wait around 20-30 minutes and use a brush to brush off the dead skin. After rinsing with cold water for a clean surface. When you combine a top-rated foot cream with this scrub your feet will feel magically smooth. 

    Paraffin Wax

    You may be wondering what paraffin wax is. Often when you’re relaxing in a nail salon for a pedicure treatment this wax is a great help to your skin. When the wax is at a certain temperature you can melt it in a sauce-pan.

    Use precaution when you apply it because you do not want to burn your skin. Once the wax is heated to the right temperature you want to place your feet in the wax. As your feet have several layers of wax you can put it around plastic.

    Our team wants no injuries during this treatment so make sure you’re constantly monitoring the temperature. Also, do not use this wax if you’re blood circulation is not good or if you have an open wound. 

    Razor or Scraper

    It may seem ideal for you to just get a razor or scraper for your feet. However, this can lead to negative side effects. You want to confirm that podiatrists, or a medical professional will be able to remove it. 

    This way you can trust their experience and prevent at home damage. You don’t want to create another medical issue. If you cut yourself you’re exposing your skin to more bacteria. 

    If you are still worried about the condition of your skin, you want to see your doctor regarding further assistance in medicine or treatments.