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    find out how to get rid of under eye wrinkles

    How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles | Concealers as Quick Fix or Long-term Prevention

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    As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. It’s also one of the first things that people notice about you. Unfortunately, this also tends to include the area near your eyes. This is why the question ‘how to get rid of under eye wrinkles’ continue to be asked by many.

    learn how can you avoid eye wrinkles

    These ‘signs of aging are just too noticeable, inadvertently advertising your actual age to the world. Sometimes they even come prematurely so you can look older than you look. This makes them all the more annoying.

    While wrinkles can make you look wise and experienced, a lot of people just don’t want to have them around while they still feel young. So how do you get rid of wrinkles under your eyes? This guide will clue you in on the best tricks.

    How and Why Under Eye Wrinkles Form

    Before we go into how to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, we should first discuss what causes wrinkles under eyes. This way, we can get a better understanding of the condition which can help you better address it.

    So how are under eye wrinkles formed? Here are a few things that commonly brings lines to your lower periocular area:

    you can find out here what causes eye wrinkles

    This is the most common reason why people get wrinkles under the eyes. As age slows down the body’s ability to produce collagen, the skin tends to lose its elasticity. This makes your skin sag a little and have creases when your muscles move, resulting in having lines on your face.

    Developing such lines is not entirely inevitable but genetics can also be to blame. Some people just really tend to have more sensitive skin that they can form lines and wrinkles easier than others.

    Sun damage

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 90% of visible signs of skin aging is caused by sun damage. This includes wrinkles, discoloration, and other skin issues.

    As the sun’s harmful UV rays damage the skin’s elastin, resulting in the skin sagging and stretching. This damage will also prevent the skin from bouncing back to its original shape, resulting in the folds and creases that create wrinkles.

    Frequent muscle movement

    As it turns out, the regular movements that the facial muscles around the eyes make can also cause wrinkles around eyes. The frequent folding of the skin when you squint or smile can also result in the formatio of wrinkles.

    Frequent eye-rubbing

    Experts also say that regular eye-rubbing can also result to fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. Why? Because by doing this, your skin will receive a good amount of impact and stretching. Combined with aging, it will eventually lose its ability to bounce back to its original shape over time which will then result in wrinkles. This is another good reason why you should always keep your hands away from your face, in general.


    It shouldn’t be surprising that smoking causes wrinkles. And it’s not just under your eyes but all over your body, too. This is because the nicotine in tobacco shrinks the size of the blood vessels in your skin. This will then impair the flow of blood to your skin which will then prevent oxygen and essential nutrients from reaching various areas of your body. You get wrinkles as a result of this.


    As if struggling with acne isn’t bad enough, you now have to learn that it can also cause wrinkles. According to some experts, acne results in volume loss which can then create an excess of skin. And as excess skin often gets folded and creases, it can turn into wrinkles over time. If you often have acne in your under eye area, this might just be the very reason why you have wrinkles under your eyes.

    Sleeping face down
    sleeping face down can be one of the cause of eye wrinkles

    If you’ve been paying close attention to your sleep, you will most likely know that your sleeping position can also affect your appearance.

    This is why sleeping on your stomach is hailed as the worst sleeping position out there because it can really damage your skin in many ways.

    This sleeping position is most notorious for causing visible signs of aging on your face. By sleeping with your face lying flat on the pillow, your skin experiences friction all throughout the night. It can also leave some areas folded and scrunched up. All of these results in the creation of fine lines and wrinkling.

    There’s also a good chance that sleeping with your face flat on the pillow is also the very reason why you’re having acne breakouts. And as acne is said to also be a reason why under eye creases form, you might seriously want to consider learning how to sleep on your back right away.

    In the simplest of terms, wrinkles form because of the skin’s loss of collagen and elastin. All of these things cause such, so they’re the most common reasons for this skin issue. Most of them can cause wrinkles in just about any area of the body but they’re most common for the face, especially for your periocular area.

    Why? Because the skin around your eyes is very thin and fragile. They get discolored and damaged easily so it shouldn’t be too surprising that they can get wrinkly quite quickly just as well. Some people find fine lines under their eyes as early as their mid-20s which attests to just how sensitive this area is.

    Can You Avoid Having Under Eye Wrinkles?

    To be very honest with you, having creases under your eye might not be completely avoidable. What you can do, however, is to avoid most of the things listed above to slow down their appearance.

    You can also take other measures to delay the appearance of eye wrinkles. Some of these are the following:

    Enrich your diet with vitamin C.

    A study conducted by researchers from the Monash University in 2001 shows that people with vitamin C-rich diets had less photoaging or damage received from sun exposure. This was corroborated by a separate 2007 study that says women aged 40 to 74 who consumed a lot of vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and other age-related skin issues.

    With vitamin C’s long list of health benefits, its ability to keep your skin smooth and line-free is just another reason why you should load up on this nutrient. Just don’t overdo it, though, because it also has some serious side effects.

    Cut down your sugar intake.

    If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to tone it down a bit, too, if you don’t want under eye wrinkles. One British study found out that this ingredient can help create some molecules that speed up skin aging.

    Known as the advanced glycation end products or AGEs, these molecules are damaging to elastin and collagen which are the proteins that help keep your skin resilient and elastic. Having a lot of them in your system can easily damage your skin and make it prone to wrinkling.

    This might be hard to accomplish but if you’re dedicated to keeping your skin smooth and line-free, you should be able to tone down your sugar consumption.

    Use sun protection properly and religiously.

    It would be very hard to avoid the sun entirely, especially since you actually need some to get a good dose of vitamins. So while it is the number one cause of wrinkles, you just have to take measures to keep your skin protected from its harmful rays instead.

    To do this, you should make sure to wear sun protection. If you want to be very thorough in this, here are some of the most important things to remember:

    Get to know the difference between sunscreen and sunblock products.

    There are two different kinds of sun protection that you can use on your skin: sunblock and sunscreen. These two are largely different products even though they’re both made to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    sunscreen can help you heal your eye wrinkles

    What makes them different? In the simplest of terms, sunscreen is made to protect you from UVA while sunblocks are made to protect you from UVB. The A in UVA stands for aging while the B from UVB stands for burning. So, when you think about it, sunscreen offers a deeper protection to your skin while sunblocks prevent severe damage from prolonged sun exposure.

    This is why sunscreens are best used for daily wear. A lot of skin and beauty experts say that it’s the one thing that you shouldn’t skip on your daily skincare routine because it can really help you out in the long run. A lot of celebrities also cannot stress this enough, especially the seniors in the entertainment industry as they have never really paid much attention to sun protection back in the 70s and 80s.

    Sunscreen works by absorbing all the UV rays so they won’t get to your skin. This prevents them from damaging your skin. Due to its composition, it’s often lighter than sunblock. In some cases, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything with it on.

    Sunblock, on the other hand, is always a must if you’re going to stay out under the sun for long hours. If you’re going to the beach or going to enjoy a day out in the park, no matter how mild the weather is, wearing a sunblock is necessary.

    This product basically creates a barrier on the surface of your skin so it can deflect the harmful UVB rays from damaging your skin. Because of this, it can feel heavier than sunscreen. This is also why a lot of people only use this on occasions when they’ll stay out for long periods.

    How do you tell them apart? A quick look at its label will tell you if a lotion is a sunscreen or a sunblock. For some products that don’t explicitly say so, you can check out their ingredients list instead. Sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as its active ingredients. Sunblocks should have at least any two of oxybenzone, octisalate, homosalate, avobenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate.

    Some say that you don’t really have to worry too much about the technicalities of these two items anymore as a lot of new products today combine both features. Referred to as broad-spectrum products, they promise to provide total protection from photoaging. They can protect you from both UVA and UVB rays so they’re more efficient options.

    Choose a good product.

    Not all lotions, creams, and gels that provide sun protection are made equally. Some are infinitely better than others for you, even though, they might not necessarily do so for others. This is why you have to choose your product carefully.

    It’s very important to avoid the products that can irritate your skin. This can lead to acne breakouts or even allergic reactions. It might prove to be counterproductive to your goals, so make sure to choose a product carefully.

    Go for something with the right amount of SPF.

    A product’s SPF or Sun Protection Factor is also a very important consideration when shopping for sunscreen or sunblock. It refers to the measurement of the duration of a product’s sun protection. It indicates the amount of time that the product will be effective in protecting the skin from UVB rays.

    The number attached on the SPF rating indicates the number of times it can protect your skin from a sunburn. So if sunburn occurs at the 15th minute you’re outside, an SPF 15 product will protect you for 15 times longer than that which is about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

    It can also be seen as the amount of UVB rays filtered out by the product. An SPF 15 product keeps about 93% of UVB rays out of your skin. It gradually increases as SPF 30 filters 97% while SPF 50 products filter 98% and so on. These tend to make the entire concept tricky as it can really be a bit confusing to some.

    What you should know about it, however, is that the idea that the higher the SPF rating is, the better the product’s coverage will be is a myth. As these ratings don’t factor in sweating and getting in the water, it’s not a foolproof figure. This is why reapplication is necessary if you’re going to stay under the sun for extended periods.

    Wear the right amount of sun protection regularly.

    It doesn’t matter if you use the best sun protection religiously if you’re not applying enough of it on your skin. A lot of people actually underapply these products as they’re not fully aware that they only get protection if they’re wearing enough of it.

    To get the best results, dermatologists recommend wearing an ounce of this product for the entire body. This amount is adjustable, however, for the body part you’re covering. Experts say that you should put at least a nickel-size amount of product on your face alone.

    Wear additional protection to your face when you’re going to be exposed to the sun for extended periods.

    Aside from applying sun protection on your skin, you should also go the extra mile and wear other items to keep harmful UV rays away from your skin. This includes using an umbrella when you’re out and about. You should also wear a hat and sunglasses if you want to prevent having fine lines under your eyes.

    Always clean your skin before bed but do it carefully.

    Observing proper hygiene is also useful if you want to keep your skin in top shape. This involves having a proper skin care regimen. However, the most important thing to note is that you should make sure to always remove your eye makeup with great care. From your eyeshadow to your under eye concealer and even just the best clear mascara, they all have to go when it’s time for bed.

    Whatever tool you might prefer to use, may it be a cleansing oil, makeup remover wipes, micellar water, or cold cream, you have to take great care in taking off your eye makeup. Why? Doing this task haphazardly might have you end up rubbing your eyes and that can cause you to have wrinkles under your eyes.

    How do you accomplish this? Here are a few important things that you should do:

    1. Instead of rubbing off the product with a cotton pad, ball, or a wipe, let it sit on your eyes for about three to five seconds first. This will help break down the product so it can be removed more easily later on.
    2. Dab on your eyes gently to take off your eye makeup instead of rubbing it vigorously. Never apply pressure into your eyes and periocular area since they’re very sensitive parts of your skin.
    3. Use a cotton swab to thoroughly remove makeup from your eyelashes. With their size, they can be more precise in taking off makeup from hard to reach areas in your skin. This can also help you avoid applying an unnecessary amount of pressure in the area.
    4. If you prefer using cleansing oil to take off your eye makeup, be very gentle when you’re rubbing off your eye makeup. This can be a bit tricky to do but you’re sure to get the hang of it if you practice not putting a lot of pressure on the area.

    Get quality sleep.

    Sleep really has a lot to do with skin aging. So aside from sleeping the right way, you should also make sure to get enough quality sleep if you want to avoid having under eye bags and wrinkles. One study actually shows that poor sleep results in premature skin aging.

    According to their research, not having enough zzz’s can inhibit the skin’s ability to recover from sun exposure and damage. It also shows that it accelerates the rate of skin aging. The test subjects involved in the study showed several signs of skin aging including fine lines, skin discoloration, and reduced skin elasticity.

    All of these make sense since sleep is the time when your body repairs itself and recuperates from the day you just had. So if you don’t give yourself enough time for the processes your body needs to run through to get you in great shape again by the moment you wake up, there would be some things that it won’t be able to do. Unfortunately, repairing your sun damaged skin might just be one of the things your body isn’t able to accomplish if you sleep so little.

    Combined with avoiding the very causes of wrinkles, these tips might just help you prevent the creation of deep lines under your eyes. Some might seem more difficult than the others, but as prevention is always better than cure, you might just want to give these tips a shot.

    How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles: A Roundup of All the Techniques that You Can Try

    If you already have a few lines under your eyes, don’t fret. It’s still not too late for you to fight such signs of aging. You can still take the preventive measures above but you will also need to do a few more things to deal with the under eye lines you already have right now.

    For this, here are a few effective measures that you can try:

    Use the Right Anti-Aging Products

    One of the first things that you can do to deal with fine lines, crow’s feet, and actual wrinkles under your eyes would be to use anti-aging products. While a lot of experts say that they can’t entirely remove the creases on your skin, they can still help plump up and smooth out your skin. This can make lines less visible instead so they can still be of great help if your case isn’t serious.

    What are the products that you can use? Here are a few that you should know about ASAP:

    Eye creams or balms

    Eye creams and balms that promise to give you a youthful look have been around for ages which just goes to show how much of a long-standing issue dark under eyes and wrinkles are. Unfortunately, they also don’t have a stellar reputation as a lot of these products overextend their promises. Most of the time, all they really do is add moisture to your skin so they don’t really get to deliver their big promise of diminishing your fine lines, much less your under eye wrinkles.

    Why are we recommending such products, then, if they’re not effective? As mentioned above, these products can already suffice for those with mild cases of fine lines. By choosing the right products, you can actually get great results.

    Under eye masks and patches

    If you love wearing sheet masks to give your skin a good boost of nourishment, there’s a very good chance that you’ll adore under eye masks and patches as well. Just like sheet masks, they can deliver a concentrated amount of ingredients to your skin. They’re magnificent for giving yourself some pampering since they feel even more luxurious and special than just applying creams and balms.

    The under eyes area treatment

    However, they’re also better because they can easily target problem areas. Since they are meant for the area under your eyes, they’re specially formulated to address the common issues people have for the area. Most of these products are designed to help reduce puffiness, lighten and moisturize the fragile skin in the area, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Note, however, that most of these things won’t really magically make all of your skin issues go away the moment you take off the patch or mask. You’ll still need regular use for that. What makes it really special is that it can instantly improve your skin so if you have a big day ahead of you, it can be a great thing to put on.

    Some people think of it as instant skincare. It’s like makeup but way better because it contributes to the overall improvement of your skin. Cosmetics can only hide and temporarily fix your skin issues and might even have harmful ingredients but eye masks can give you visible results that you can continue to get with regular use. So if you have a big date or a special occasion coming up, these masks would do an amazing job in giving your skin a boost.

    Under eye concealers

    As mentioned above, cosmetics offer a good temporary fix for various skin issues. For those who want to get rid of eye wrinkles, best concealers for blemishes can be of great help. These products are specially formulated to cover up your skin imperfections and even out your skin tone, including the best concealers for hyperpigmentation.

    The best under eye concealers for wrinkles, however, can also help fill in your lines nicely without them creasing or moving as the day wears on. This makes them capable of smoothening out your skin and hiding the signs of aging found under your eyes.

    Some formulas also contain skin-nourishing ingredients, however. As you’ll most likely wear these cosmetics for hours every day, it’s now common to find certain add-ons that can benefit your skin. This makes them more than just regular cosmetics as they can also help your skin soak in the nutrients it needs to be in better shape.

    A lot of them may be popular but they don’t always guarantee that they can work for you, though. This is particularly true for those with smoothening effect as filling in deep lines under eyes can be quite tricky. Just like any other skincare and cosmetic product, it’s still up to your skin whether it will get the job done or not.

    All About the Ingredients

    No matter which product you prefer to use, however, it’s best to look for the ones that contain ingredients that can actually help smooth out your skin. These components can do such so make sure to look for the following when shopping for products that can help you get rid of wrinkles under the eyes:


    This ingredient is considered by many as an anti-aging superstar because of the many benefits it can bring to aging skin. This is also the very reason why it’s also a great inclusion for your eye creams, balms, and cosmetics since it can definitely help speed up skin cell renewal.

    Most people believe that retinol is an exfoliant, but some experts beg to differ. They say that this ingredient works at a more profound level because it can affect gene expression which can enhance collagen production. This helps result in smoother and more even skin which can also help lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

    If you’re worried, however, that retinol is too harsh for the fragile skin under your eyes, don’t be. A lot of experts actually recommend that you use it in the area as it can work wonders there. However, you have to do so with great care.

    Pay close attention to the strength of the retinol product you’re going to use so you won’t overdo it. It’s best to start with really low concentrations (0.01% or 0.025%) so as not to overwhelm your skin. You can easily progress to higher concentrations as your skin improves.

    It’s also important to apply it with great care as it can interact with other ingredients and cause an irritation. Wearing it with the right moisturizer is also essential, as it can be a bit drying to the skin during its initial use.

    Hyaluronic acid

    Another ingredient that has caught the attention of the beauty world recently is hyaluronic acid. It has been around for a while but recent studies show just how useful it is for fighting signs of aging. Back then, it was only treated as a great moisturizer as it helps pull in and retain a lot of moisture from the air to your skin. With this, it helps keep your skin plump and hydrated.

    What makes it perfect as an anti-aging ingredient, however, is its ability to balance the moisture content of the skin. As it turns out, too much moisture can also lead to surface breakdown, so with this, it can easily keep your skin youthful and free of lines and wrinkles.


    Considered by some as the only thing you need to fight wrinkles, peptides should definitely be in your eye products because of its ability to boost your skin’s collagen production. While you can get collagen products nowadays, peptides tend to hold more merit.

    Collagen molecules are said to be too big for the skin to absorb. So if you want to boost your skin’s collagen content to ensure its smooth and youthful look, peptides would be better ingredients to get more of it.


    Ceramides and hyaluronic acid are often lumped in together as they can both help retain moisture in the skin. However, ceramides work in a more complex way as it also replenishes the ceramides in your skin. As these fatty parts make up nearly half of the skin’s moisture barrier, it helps ensure that moisture is trapped under the surface of your skin. So if you get to hydrate your skin, this ingredient will help keep it in that way.

    This makes ceramides a potent anti-aging ingredient. By helping keep moisture trapped in your skin, it makes sure that your skin stays in perfect shape. It can give you the suppleness you need to prevent the formation of wrinkles, especially under the eyes.

    Proper Application

    An extremely crucial point that you should keep in mind when using any of the products mentioned above is to make sure to apply the product very gently to your under eye area. As constant friction to the area can also help form wrinkles, you should avoid applying unnecessary pressure on this fragile area of your skin.

    Beauty gurus will all tell you to use your ring finger when tapping the product into your skin. This prevents you from putting too much force into the action while you try to deal with the lines under your eyes.

    Try Various Home Remedies

    If you want a more natural approach in getting rid of under eye wrinkles, there are also a few ways to get to it. Here are a few things that you can apply to the area that can also work as a DIY under eye wrinkle treatment:

    gently massage can boost your skin

    Gently massaging your skin can help boost the blood flow to the area which can then help keep the skin in great condition. This is why you should also lightly massage your eye products in if you want to get the most out of them.


    It’s said that grapes have fruit acids that are helpful in tightening the skin. This makes them excellent in keeping wrinkles at bay. This is why some folks also recommend rubbing a slice of grape into your under eye area to get rid of lines under the eyes.

    Olive Oil

    Packed with antioxidants and moisturizing agents, olive oil can also help hydrate, smoothen, and add moisture to your skin. This is why gently massaging it on your under eye area will help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


    This one is a time-tested trick that won’t go away anytime soon because of its great effects. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, placing slices of cucumber on your eyes won’t just soothe puffy skin but will also help boost your skin’s collagen and elastin production.

    Consider Some Procedures

    Those who want the best treatment for under eye wrinkles can also opt for select medical procedures that are made specifically to address such cases. There are lots of ways how specialists can help you achieve smooth and youthful looking skin even if your case is already severe.

    What are these non-invasive procedures that can help you get rid of under eye lines? Here are a few that you might be interested to learn about:

    Laser treatment

    Deemed as one of the most effective ways to smoothen out skin and stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin, laser treatments are seriously gaining popularity as of late. Specialists tend to have their own different techniques for this procedure but most of them involve poking tiny holes into the skin. This will then drive the body into overdrive to heal itself and renew the damaged skin layer which results in smoother and younger looking skin.

    Radiofrequency microneedling

    While it’s completely possible to do microneedling at home, having it done by professionals tend to offer better results since you’ll be handled by experts. This process is a lot like laser treatment since it also pokes holes into your skin as well. They’re just a bit bigger in this case but they both create the same results: they create micro injuries into your skin that your body is forced to repair it efficiently.

    As a result, your collagen and elastin production is stimulated, leaving you with better-looking skin. This eliminates wrinkles, too.


    A lot of people also opt to have certain ingredients injected into their fine lines and wrinkles to get rid of them. By doing so, the skin gets plumped and filled out. It will then even out the volume under your skin which smooths it out.

    Botox and fillers like hyaluronic acid are some of the most common ingredients used for these injectables. There are a few others that you can also choose but you have to be careful since this method actually puts something into your body. An unscrupulous ingredient can and will mess with your health, so it’s crucial that you choose the right ingredients to achieve your desired results.


    If you only have wrinkles and fine lines, microdermabrasion is also an option for you. This procedure is designed to remove dead skin cell and renew the topmost layer of your skin to reveal a smoother and more even skin. It’s not recommended for deep creases, however.

    Chemical peels

    You can also get chemical peels for your wrinkles. However, if you want to get rid of fine lines under the eyes, it’s best to get professional help. These ingredients can pose a threat to your eyes so it’s important that you do it with extreme care.

    Getting Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles

    Banishing your under eye wrinkles can be a tough undertaking but it’s not impossible to do. These are just some of the numerous ways how to get it done. If you’ve managed to try everything and still have wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes, there are still lots of other options out there.