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    Get Beautiful Hair

    How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

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    In these age of extreme dye jobs and perms, the question is not whether your hair is damaged but how bad your damage is.

    Before you start feeling sad for your situation, know that even damaged hair can be revived. You can get healthy and shinier looking hair sooner rather than later in some few steps.

    Great Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy

    1. Stock your shower

    When you intend to stock your shower or wash your hair, add a pre-shampoo to your treatment routine. It's a sealant that smoothens the hair cuticles before they get wet and prevents damage. They also protect friction from massaging in shampoo.

    2. Reduce Wetness

    Getting your hair wet also means getting them swell inside which raises the cuticle level. Having your cuticle level rise up occasionally will cause frizz and breakage sooner rather than later.

    Reduce the amount of time you get your hair wet. Don't wash your hair more than you need to.

    Another trick is to embrace using a dry shampoo that uses more of oil and absorbs odor. There are lots of dry shampoo on the market that you can choose from in order to reduce the amount of time your hair gets wet.

    3. Conditioner

    Conditioners are needed for keeping your hair softer and shinier. They are also needed for heat protection when you use them with a blow dryer. 

    Hair conditioners also work in coating the hair and they are way more valuable than ladies think. Use them for at least five minutes to keep your hair growing and thick before rinsing it off with cool water so there would be no residual conditioner left on the hair.

    4. Add layers

    You really don't want to expose your hair to too much heat as it would cause more damage to your hair.

    A heat protectant spray can come in handy here. Take out small sections of damp hair and spritz each one up and down from the roots to the ends. When this is done, you can comb your hair to evenly distribute the formula all over the different sections of your hair.

    When you're shopping for a heat protectant spray, look for one that can withstand heat up to 450 degrees.

    5. Cool your head

    Once you're done blow drying your hair, let it cool off before moving. If you notice intense heat after drying, it means the head is still frying. You can use the cold shot button to cool off from your dryer.

    6. Treat yourself

    Continuous treatment of your hair keeps it healthy and smoother. The hair follicles will be kept clean which would also prevent blockage and inflammation in the hair.

    For cleaning the hair follicle, you can try scalp treatment products with salicylic acid. These products are often better than the cleansers in shampoo for cleaning the hair follicle and will help keep your hair healthy.

    Also, make sure to eat plenty of hair-benefiting foods!

    7. Get that shine factor

    There is nothing as thrilling as having a smooth hair with that shine factor! 

    In order to get that shine factor, you should stick with dry oils with light silicones. They provide great shines, unlike sprays and serums. These things will change things on your hair but it doesn't look natural like dry oils.

    Secrets to Styling for Healthy Hair

    One of the most common misconceptions among ladies on natural hair is that it takes a whole lot to maintain and would bury a huge hole in your pockets. There could be nothing further from the truth as there is no complicated regimen to follow or expensive products to buy when it comes to maintaining and keeping your hair healthy.

    So how do you keep your hair healthy naturally and hair dry?

    How to Keep Natural Hair Dry?

    1. Essential Oils

      You can start by using only oils like tea tree oil and lavender oils for hair growth. These are called essential oil and they are helpful to keep your natural hair dry at all times.

      You don't really need to go out to buy them but you need to use them occasionally with your shampoo and conditioners to keep your hair healthy.
    2. Spray Bottle of Conditioner

      During the winter periods or when we experience cold weather in general, our hair tends to run out of moisture which is needed for the hair to be kept healthy.

      You can also keep a small bottle of conditioner around you that gives you that opportunity to quickly refill your hair with moisture during the day.
    3. Air-dry your Hair

      One of the best ways of keeping your hair healthy is by air-drying it often. Most women believe that once they wash their hair, the next thing is to blow dry it. This is a classic mistake on blow drying your hair.

      While it's true that having the best blow dryer for natural hair will ensure your hair gets dried up quickly. The aim of this tip is to ensure you go through the classic "wash and go" so you can avoid using medium heat on your hair from your dryer. Air dry your hair after a wash, apply your conditioner and sealant to lock in the moisture and then allow the hair to dry out by itself.
    4. Simple Styles

      Another thing you can do is to create simple protective styles. The simpler your hair style is, the less pressure it will put on your strands. Going for simpler protective styles ensures you spend less time and effort as well as reduces the amount of pressure on your natural hair so you can keep it healthy.

    Hair Steaming

    One treatment you can give to your natural hair that will completely change your regimen is hair steaming. It will help you refresh hair styles and provide mid week moisture as well as conditioning.

    When you steam your natural hair, your hair breaks less and the styles last longer. You also tend to spend less money on hair products as well as your hair retaining more moisture. There are so many tips for keeping your hair beautiful but hair steaming is one that is talked about far less than it should.

    What is Hair steaming?

    Hair steaming is the use of moist heat on the hair. It's done to create a humid environment optimal enough for the absorption of moisture and others.

    Why is hair steaming good for you?

    There are many reasons why hair steaming is ideal for your natural hair and they include the following:

    1. Add Moisture

      The number one reason why we steam the hair is to add the much needed moisture without hygral fatigue especially during summertime. Periods like this are way difficult for the hair to hold on to moisture.

      There are too many elements all around that will dry out the hair (the sun and constant wind). In order to prevent wear and tear that accompanies constant restyling of the hair every day, you need to steam your hair.

      Steaming allows you get moisture to your hair without having to start a fresh wash n go or a satin strip braid out just for the sake of retaining moisture. It's a great alternative without the damage and it is more effective than moisturizing your hair.
    2. Lifting of the Hair Cuticles

      The lifting of the cuticles is important for a much-needed penetration of ingredients. This is another benefit of steaming your hair. When it's time to condition your hair and add those replenishing ingredients into your hair, steaming is your best bet.
    3. Strength and elasticity

      Dealing with the thin line of a natural and damaged hair can be difficult. You need to add water to your hair in order to have moisture in your hair. A hair with the proper moisture balance won't have dryness or breakages that some damaged hairs have and this also helps transitioners.
    4. Natural Curl Pattern

      Steaming your hair affords you the ability to get the moisture into your hair without dipping your head into a tub of water. This makes it possible to get your kinks, coils, and corkscrews even without getting your hair wet.

    Steaming your hair is a must if you intend to keep your hair thick and healthy. Not included in the tips for healthy hair above is the use of the best hair steamer. You won't get much done if you use products that are expensive and ineffective.

    Hair Steaming Do's and Dont's 

    Steaming is very important in keeping a healthy hair as well and has often been used as a fix for damaged hair. But there are some things you should do and not do when you decide to steam your hair.

    Do's of Hair Steaming
    1. Steam once a week

      You only need to hydrate your hair so it gets extra hydration to your hair. Don't overdo it!

      Over time, your hair's elasticity, and moisture retention capacity will increase. When it comes to how much time should you spend steaming, we recommend you only steam for 20-30 minutes. Stay put under that steamer for maximum hydration in order to give your cuticles enough time to lift up and lock in the conditioner.
    2. Use a Washcloth

      Steaming generates a lot of heat due to the amount of steam fixated on your hair and sometimes, the moisture might run down your face or drip onto your shoulder.

      Keep a washcloth handy so you can wipe the sweat off your face from time to time or you can wear a headband which will absorb the moisture.
    3. Clip your hair

      The use of clips during a steaming session cannot be emphasized. It allows you to have your hair ends under the steamer. This way every part of your hair gets to absorb the conditioner.
    4. Wait for it

      Wait for your hair to cool down to the touch after the session to rinse out the conditioner. Allowing cool air to go through your hair ensures the cuticles are closed, sealing the conditioners into the hair shafts.
    Dont's of Hair Steaming
    1. Covering your head

      The goal of steaming your hair is to get it exposed to direct moist heat. Allowing your hair to go through the steamer ensures the conditioner can penetrate and work effectively as the moist heat from the steamer melts the conditioner so it can get absorbed into your hair.

      Wearing a plastic cap or covering your hair makes all of these fruitless.
    2. Leaving your hair down

      Wearing your hair down with a conditioner means only a part of your hair would be steamed correctly. The ends of your hair, which are the oldest parts of your hair won't get the needed moisture as it will be neglected.
    3. Straight to the steamer

      Running straight to the steamer is a no no. You need to spend some time to apply your conditioner. 5 to 7 minutes is needed to apply conditioner to your hair and then proceeding to clip it up. This is a better strategy to use before going under the steamer.
    4. Overdoing it

      Over doing steaming will cause over-moisturizing which could lead to limp hair and in some cases, hair breakage.

      Steaming can be addictive, however, it should be done minimally. We recommend spending a minimum of 20 minutes, once a week, steaming your hair.