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    The 10 best DIY exercises for losing inner thigh fat. How many do you know?

    10 Ways to Lose Inner Thigh Fat | Exercises to Burn and Lose Weight

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    Many people want to look good all year round. However, they want to look a little bit more toned during summer because its swimsuit season. They want to enhance their body and work off those extra fats around their thigh area. If you are one of those people, check out these exercises to help you lose weight in that area for good.
    Do these exercises for at least 3 times a week and you will soon see promising results:

    Pilates Leg Lifts for Inner Thighs

    Pilates is a great workout for your inner thighs and core. You will actually feel your inner thigh working harder compared to your abdominals. This is easy and a great exercise to decrease the size of your thighs.

    The move:

    Lay on the side, stretch the bottom leg and make it straight. Cross the top leg and over the bottom leg and put your foot or knee on the floor. Put your head up and rest your hands on the arm.
    Alternately inhale and exhale as the bottom leg is being lifted. Hold it your core and keep the bottom leg straight. Inhale as you put it back down. Do it 15 times by 3 sets.

    Intensified Lunges

    You will need to use a foam roller. Its cylindrical shape is great for exercises and balance drills. It targets quadriceps, gluteus and abdominals.

    The move:

    Be on a split stance; put your foot that is placed on the back on top of your roller. Bend the knee in front and make your back leg straight. Slide your shin on the roller’s top as you lunge. Rise up slowly and draw the roller in as you stand. Do this 20 times by 3 sets.

    Froggy Squat

    This movement is perfect for anyone who wants to target their lower body and increase their heart rate.

    The move:

    Stand straight. Make your feet’s distance wider than your hips. Bend your knees and keep your tummy tight. Make your hands reach the floor and press your knees out. Lift your upper body while lowering the other parts of your body as much as possible. In a quick movement, straighten the hips and legs, explode and jump to the air bringing your hands and feet together overhead. When you drop from the jump, land on your feet wide and squat. Do this 20 times by 3 sets.

    Plie Squat

    Look at ballerinas and see their legs. Plie squats enables ballerinas to have that enviable legs making it leaner and longer. You can also incorporate it to your fitness routine.
    The move:

    Turn your toes in at a 45 degree angle and stand wide. Lift your chest high. You can use weights if you want to. Engage your glutes and extend your legs, bend your knees and activate your inner thigh and core. Keep them pressed back and lower your body to 90 degrees. Press your heels and make your legs straight to do one rep. Do this 20 times by 3 sets.


    Utilize this yoga pose by stabilizing your inner thighs when engaging the movement.

    The move:

    Lay your back on the mat flat. Put your feet on the floor flat and bend your knees, arms at your side. Inhale, push your hips towards the ceiling. As much as possible, make a line from the knees to your shoulder straight. Engage the inner thighs and work your body to keep the thighs parallel. Make sure that your knees are on the outside. Hole the movement for up to 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

    Single Leg Plank

    Keep the legs controlled when this move is being done. Your thigh muscle will work more. This move targets the abdominal, hamstring and gluteus muscles.

    The Move:

    Lie on the floor and rest your feet, knees bent. Keep the arms at your sides straight down, palms down. Lift the right leg up and lift your whole body off the ground through the left foot by pushing it. Hold it for 10 seconds and change legs. Keep the glutes flexed and abs engaged.

    Side Star Plank

    This move will not only tone your thighs, it will address all your major body issues.

    The Move:

    Be in a forearm plank position sideways. Rest your top hand on the thighs. Raise the leg on the top as high as possible while balancing. Extend the arm on the top up to the shoulder straight towards the ceiling. Return to starting position. Do it on the other side. Do this 10 times by 3 sets.

    Donkey Kick Planks

    Work your glutes and tone your thighs by lifting the leg up in this move.

    The Move:

    Be in a forearm plank position. Flex your foot, bend your left knee and press the foot toward the ceiling. Keep the hips and pelvis straight as you lift the glutes. Do not include the lower back. Lower the left knee and repeat the movement. Look at your hips and be careful not to make it sag. Take note of the butt as well and do not rise it to above the torso level. Switch and repeat on the right leg.

    Wall Sits

    Feel the burn on top of your thighs will this power move

    The Move:

    Place your back against the wall. Make sure that every part of your back is maintaining contact to the wall. Put your feet two feet away from the wall and it shoulder be shoulder width apart. Slide your back against the wall slowly until the thighs in a almost parallel position to the ground. Put your weight in your feet and your knees are located behind your toes. Hold the position. Lift your left leg for 1 minute and switch to the other leg. Do it 3 sets.

    Cossack Squat

    This unique exercise will shape your lower body including the thighs and glutes from every angle.

    The Move:

    Stand with your feet, shoulder width, arms at the sides. Squat to the right as deep as you can, turn left toes up, flex your left foot while your torso leans a little bit forward maintaining balance. Extend the arms straight from your shoulders. Go back to starting position and do it on the other side. Do it 20 times by 3 sets.

    Remember to do these exercises at least 3 times a week to get optimum results. Do not forget to eat properly by opting for more greens and setting aside junk foods for cheat days. Body transformation is not an overnight process. It takes dedication and hard work to achieve it.

    If you begin to plateau in these exercises, remember that it is more beneficial to add resistance (e.g. resistance bands or adjustable dumbbells) instead of increasing the number of repetitions.

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    The 10 best DIY exercises for losing inner thigh fat. How many do you know?