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    How to Make Fingernails Grow Faster

    How to Make Fingernails Grow Faster | Top Growth Tips for Stronger Nails

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    For lots of people, their nails have to be done before they consider themselves to be decent enough to go out. It may seem like a very small detail, but it can still make or break your look. And with the innovation of nail art, the nail styling takes nail grooming to the next level.

    No matter how far nail styling has gone, though, the fact remains that you need a good base to enjoy this beauty trend. For this, learning how to grow nails long and strong is a must.

    So how do you make your fingernails grow faster and stronger? Here are some tips.

    How to Make Your Fingernails Grow Faster

    Work on Your Diet

    Like any part of the body, what you eat or don’t eat also affects your nails. Poor nail quality can actually be a tell-tale sign of malnutrition. Experts say that dietary changes don’t really affect the health of your nails unless you’re malnourished, though.

    This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t focus on your diet. In some cases, addressing vitamin deficiencies can be a good way to make fingernails grow and improve its appearance.

    For example, lack of calcium and vitamin A can manifest in very dry and brittle nails. Lack of vitamin C, folic acid, and protein usually results in hangnails. Lack of vitamin B12 also results in dryness and darkening of your nails.   

    You might also find recommendations for biotin in many resources that teach how to make your fingernails grow faster. If an individual lacks this vitamin, it will result in brittle and weak nails. However, there’s little evidence that supplementing with it results in stronger and faster-growing nails.

    While there are contrasting expert opinion on this matter, it’s agreed that this vitamin isn’t toxic and won’t react with other medications. This makes it safe to take as a supplement, especially under your doctor’s supervision.

    Work on Your Diet for Nails

    Keep Your Hands and Fingers Hydrated

    Dehydrated nails will result in weak and brittle nails. This is why it’s important to keep your nails hydrated. Applying moisturizers on your nail bed and directly on the nails can help. Avoiding harsh ingredients in cleansers and detergents can also help avoid stripping moisture from your nails.

    Be Kind to Your Nails

    A foolproof way to make fingernails grow faster would be to take great care of it. Your nail growth relies on its good health, so it’s very important to keep it in top shape. To help you do this, here are a few tips:

    • Don’t use your nails as tools. Stop using it to pry things open as this can break and damage your nails.
    • Don’t bite your nails. Aside from damaging your nails, it can also cause bacterial infections that will also prevent it from growing strong and long.
    • Care for your cuticles. Don’t bite or trim your cuticles too closely as it can damage the nail bed. It can also lead to infections. You still need to keep it trimmed, though, as overgrowth can lead to the suffocation of your nails.
    • Cool it with the gel mani-pedis. Gel and acrylic-based nail polishes can also be suffocating for your nails. They also tend to expose your nail beds to UV rays during the drying process which can be further damaging to your nails. If you love these hardy nail products, at least give your nails some time to breathe after wearing them.
    • Protect your nails. Using base coating and gloves when exposing your hands to harsh detergents are good techniques to protect your nails.
    Be Kind to Your Nails

    Try Some Home Remedies

    Wondering what can help nails grow faster? A few home remedies offer to get the job done. Here are some techniques that experts recommend:

    Apply Coconut Oil/Olive Oil Before Bed

    Because it’s vital to moisturize your nails to keep it in top shape, letting moisturizers soak into the nail bed can do wonders for them. To accomplish this, you can easily apply coconut or olive oil on your cuticles and nails before you go to bed. The moisture will then be absorbed by your skin and nails overnight, leaving you with softer and hydrated hands in the morning.

    Massage Your Cuticles

    Slow nail growth can also be attributed to poor circulation. Massaging the area near the nail bed can help promote circulation which can then help boost your nail growth.

    Use Nail Strengtheners

    There are also tons of nail strengtheners and growth formulations that can help boost your nail growth. They’re specifically designed to get this job done and are packed with the nutrients your nails need to grow faster. Give them a go and see for yourself how they can change the health and quality of your nails.

    Apply Coconut Oil to Nails


    Hopefully, this guide gives you a good idea in what to do to make your nails grow faster. If you’ll think about it, the task is rather simple. You just really need to take good care of yourself to have stronger and fast-growing nails. If you can achieve that, you won’t have to worry about weak and brittle nails anymore.