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    How To Massage Your Own Back | Easy DIY Pain Relief

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    We are putting pressure on our backs every day. Whether we are in a coffee shop trying to finish up work or using our phones there is a lot of stress that goes into your back muscles. In the beginning it may seem like no big deal, however, over time, you can experience tremendous pain.

    To prevent this from happening, how to massage your own back is a great skill. You can help yourself relax and also those around you. It can be hard to release the tension from your muscles, but with little steps, you can easily see progress. 

    How To Massage Your Own Back - The Benefits

    When you’re walking by a nearby mall or health center you’ll notice massage therapists. Professional help can appear relaxing, but it comes at a great cost.
    Often you’ll have to first book an appointment and confirm your spot. By learning how to massage your own back you can save plenty of time. 

    The benefits of massaging your own back can truly rejuvenate your mind and body. You don’t need to be pestered by a bad back in your daily activities. By learning these skills you can detox your body and stimulate more energy. Gaining massage skills are easily accessible during a lunch break, your office, or home.

    A common reason why people decide not to go to a massage therapist is that they might have never gotten a massage so they feel uncomfortable about it. The best thing about self-help is you do not need to feel uncomfortable about going to an unfamiliar place. You can learn and apply it whenever your back is in pain. 

    Trigger Point Technique

    After a long workout, you can start to feel your muscles become sore. A back massage can help you get rid of muscle tightness. You want to learn how to reduce back pain, to prevent further tension. Muscle tightness can make you more prone to injury. 

    One way to get rid of pain is through the trigger point technique. You can start with local compression of a trigger point. When you locate your point you want to make sure your fingers are adjacent to the point.

    Certain pressure points throughout your body will ease up whenever you apply pressure. As you put some pressure it’ll release the tension on your back.

    Gather your materials of a massage tennis ball, trigger point massager, and a foam roller. Once you have brought everything together you want to carefully use each equipment by placing your hands on the aching painful spots.

    How to Massage Your Own Back

    The very first thing you want to do is find your knots. You can detect a knot by how dense and tight it is around your muscles. First, find your knots which will be located in your upper back and shoulder area. You should feel a part of your back feel tighter and denser. Focus on this target area and maintain an outward motion.

    You can simply begin by pressing on the knot itself. When you start to feel a firm pressure hold it for one minute. If you find it hard to locate you can ask a person around you for further assistance. Our team thinks you can either have a back massage machine or be the masseuse. Either way will be very effective to your overall back.

    You want to begin by seeing where you feel the most pain. In this way, you can prevent further injury. Start with gentle motions because you want to see your pressure level. Once you got the hang of it, continue to apply pressure in circular motions. 

    How to Massage Your Own Upper Back

    Do you ever feel the tension on your neck? This can mean that the same tension is being released on your entire shoulder and upper back area. This part of your back is constantly being used everywhere you go. Especially when you look down at your phone or paperwork.

    Begin by sitting up straight with your shoulders completely relaxed. Place your hands on your lap and begin to stretch out your upper back. You want to massage your own upper back by positioning the fingers of your right hand over your right shoulder. Apply light pressure in a circular motion.

    You want to squeeze this upper trapezius several times before you roll your fingers on your muscles. This will warm up your muscles before going straight into massaging. Move towards the middle and repeat on your left side. Continue to do it until you feel more relaxed. Repeat the process with your left hand.

    What About Lower Back?

    What about your lower back? Did you ever go up a flight of stairs and feel a backache? The lower back issue is a common annoyance amongst most people. It can be especially bothersome when you need to run errands like going to the supermarket or mall. Everyday activities can suddenly seem like a drag so you'll need to learn how to relieve lower back pain.

    You can do a variety of activities such as tuck and roll and pilate movements. Additionally, you could position the massage ball or tennis ball between your lower back and a wall. Once you have fully adjusted to the right position move your body up and down or side to side. This way you’ll pinpoint where the tension is located.

    For the tuck and roll, you want to extend one leg towards you, while your opposing leg is facing straight ahead. After finding the main source of pain continues to apply pressure on these places. Apply more pressure on the tender spots for a faster and more effective release. 

    Massaging the Back Knot Away

    If you ever start to feel spikes of pain you might have a knot in your back. These knots can make life difficult for you, so you may want to combat this pain early on. Massaging your back can loosen up the muscle fibers and help with the tension.

    You can begin by applying a cold pack with 3 cups of waters into a ziplock bag. Make sure to squeeze out all the excess air. Feel free to use frozen vegetables on your back, as long as you’re wrapping a small cloth around it.

    You want to apply pressure on the area that feels the tightest. In a slow-motion make small circles with your fingers in the tense area. Apply heat compression to strengthen your results. You could gradually build your pace depending on your preference.

    Another option is placing a tennis ball between your back and a wall or floor and continue to roll back and forth. This will give pressure to your knot without you having to constantly massage it. 

    Massage the Knot by Applying Pressure Using a Back Massager

    A back massager is a reliable tool for people who are busy and on the go. If you want to wind down after a long day at work you should consider purchasing top-rated back massagers. Personal back massagers are will greatly benefit you in the long run. 

    Choose the comfiest attire and sit relaxed on the chair. Begin your massage, by seeing your preferred settings. There will be different transmissions, depending on the back pain you’re experiencing. For a solid and reliable performance, you want to read the instruction manual.

    Find a couch or a chair and place the back massager on your affected area. For this massage, you want to make sure that your neck is rested without much stress. This will prevent any further straining for future massages.

    Available Massagers for Back Pain

    Massagers are convenient for people who want to sit down and let the machine do the work. There are various types of massagers you can choose from. This wide range of selection will help you choose one that is best accustomed to your own needs.

    First, there are percussion massagers which simulate a drum-like motion. They’ll be punching or hitting the back similar to a percussion instrument. This is great if you want that extra kick for your massages.

    You also have shiatsu massagers which have the feeling that it is a direct hand massage. It can simulate the feeling of hands, elbows, and arms to release tension. Kneading massagers functions exactly like its name. You can use your fingers and hands to roll out your back. 

    A part from massagers, the best heating pads will do you a world of good. They will complement the massage so consider getting one like we covered in Pure Enrichment Heating Pad Review.