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    How To Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast | Effective Self-help Methods

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    Have you ever felt like your back pain is preventing you from enjoying life? Your back is an essential part of your body and you don’t want to take it for granted. Mobility is so important in every aspect of your life.

    You want to begin by being more conscious about what causes lower back pain and learning how to relieve lower back pain. Next time you look down at your phone or hunch your back think about the long term effects it can have on your body. To prevent lower back pain all you need to do is follow a set of simple instructions. Read on for more details. 

    How To Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast

    Maybe you overestimated that heavy grocery bag you took to your car last week. You might’ve thought it was a simple lift, but back strain can take up much of your time. This issue is a problem that can interrupt the daily flow of your work and personal life.

    Do not worry because our team has got you covered! You want to begin by how to relieve back pain at home. We want you to see how you can apply home remedies to help your affected areas. Since your back muscles support much of your bodies’ overall weight, make sure you’re being productive for the ultimate lower back pain relief.

    There is a variety of choices to choose from with physical activity and personal massages. If you learn how to massage your own back, you can use ointments to make your massage relaxed and effective. You may wonder how activity can help you with your back pain, but warming up your muscles will prevent more injury. It’ll increase your back endurance and help you feel stronger. 

    In case of injuries or strains, don't forget to consider what's best: ice or heat for back pain.

    Exercise to Get Back Muscles Moving

    Towards the beginning of your back pain, it can be hard to constantly move around. We want you to participate in low-impact movements that will positively impact the way you’re moving.

    A couple of exercises to relieve lower back pain is yoga, walking, and water exercises. You don’t need to put your body through heavy training to get rid of your back pain. 
    The great thing about exercise is that it is free and loosens endorphins.

    You’re able to get an all in one package, that’ll leave you feeling happier and more energized. 

    Once you get the hang of working out more frequently you can amp up the amount of exercise you’re doing.

    When you workout often you can prevent future injuries from happening. Start with slow exercises like a walk in the park with your friends or relaxing yoga, meditation time. You’ll feel the lower back pain relief in no time!


    Remember in high school when you had to do those stretches before and after running the mile? This is because when your body feels less tense, you’re able to experience the workout much more effectively.

    You can begin by simply touching your toes to stretch your hamstrings and your lower back. Be careful not to push yourself over your limit because this can create more tension in your lower back. Loosening your muscles will enable you to walk more freely in your day-to-day activities.

    There are different stretches you can do right when you wake up in the morning or even after a long day of work.

    There’s a cobra pose which wants you to lie down on your stomach and slowly lift your chest so that the top of your head faces the ceiling. Also, a child’s pose can be positioned with your knees on the ground and your head on the floor, stretch your arms wide out in front for the ultimate stretch. 

    Hip Circles

    You might feel a bit silly doing hip circles to release your lower back pain, but it gets the job done! This exercise will help you with your overall flexibility. You don’t need to be a complete gymnast, but the more flexibility you have the more your muscles will be loosened. 

    You can engage your core muscles for an all-around workout. Stand with your legs slightly wider than your hips. This is not meant for your hip circles to go a million miles per hour. For this exercise, have a controlled and steady pace. The better your control is the more your you’ll get out of this exercise. 

    Start by getting a feel of your hip mobility, by moving side to side. This will help you engage your level of flexibility. You don’t want to strain yourself by rotating farther than you can go. Gradually rotate your hips in a cohesive direction by making a big circle. Do it at least 10 times and rotate in the opposite direction. 

    Windshield Wipers

    What exactly is windshield wipers? This is a fast exercise that can help you solve the tension and tightness you’ve been feeling in your lower back. This exercise will involve your pelvic muscles and your obliques.

    Find a comfortable spot in your home to lie down. The more space you have, the better it’ll be. You want to lie on your back and create a slight bend in your knees. Slowly, push out your arms completely straight so they’re at your torso.

    Exhale slowly and begin to move your legs side to side as you look to the right and the left. Continue this motion for at least one minute on each side. You’ll notice that your back feels less tense the day after!

    Knees to Chest

    This is a simple movement that can make a lasting impact. This stretch will leave your lower back muscles feeling relaxed. While stretching your pelvis will be more stabilized and you’ll also be working out your quadriceps. 

    Lie on your back and elongate both of your legs. In a consistent motion, you want to put your knee right near your chest with your fingers wrapping around the front of your knee. You don’t want to put too much stress on your neck because it can ruin your posture. 

     Once you’re in the correct position hold the position for at least 5 seconds. You can slowly start to release your leg and repeat this 5 times on each side. Continue to draw your knees into your chest and hold your hands, arms, or elbows, for at less than one minute. 

    Reclining Single-Leg Stretch

    Additionally, this stretch will use multiple joints such as your hamstrings, glutes, abs, and your spine. If you’re having trouble with back alignment this exercise can straighten your back without the cost of going straight to the chiropractor.

    Again lie on a flat surface with both your legs facing outward. You want to slowly point your right leg upwards and as straight as you can. Keep a very slight bend in the knee and place weight on your opposite leg for balance.

    Put your hands on the back of the leg that’s pointing upwards. You want to hold this stretch for around 30 seconds and repeat on the other side. Once you do it 2-3 times on each side you can stop or continue.

    Apply a Pain-Relief Cream

    Do you recall that pungent, sharp scent from ointment creams? These are your best friends when it comes to back pain relief. You can apply this cream right before you enter bedtime. An even more effective way is to combine it with a massage. The massage for lower back spasms can easily be treated. 

    The great thing about pain-relief creams is that it contains an ingredient called capsaicin. This allows a cooling effect to further treat the pain. You can also level up the ointment if your skin is sensitive to pain. The best type of massage for lower back pain is when you can apply pressure on your lower back with a tennis ball. Facing the wall, you want to move up and down and all the tennis ball to release further tension in your spine.

    Apply at your discretion because each ointment will have different purposes. Make sure you also choose a scent of your choice because the next morning your clothes will smell like strong peppermint.

    Try a Back Massager

    Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax without having to worry about finishing up all your workouts. You can feel completely stress-free with a back massager. These machines can provide a substantial improvement in your lower back pain.

    You want to choose from top-rated back massagers for quality treatment. They have countless benefits such as increasing blood flow and circulation. This prevents further injury and provides relaxation to your muscles. When you reduce the pain you can also prevent injury in the future.

    To see the overall improvement you only need to use your back massagers twice a week. At your discretion, you can choose to increase the time and see if your symptoms improve. 

    Use a Heating Pad

    After a hot shower, another remedy to release tension is a heating pad. Afterwards, your heating pad can be an additional factor for self-care. You want to choose a quality heating pad that’ll last a long time. 

    You want to take precaution when it comes to choosing heat levels. If you set it on high you can easily burn your skin. Try to test it on slightly on your forearm and see if there’s any reaction. 

    When you get your heating pad you want to heat it and wait until its at the temperature of your choice. Do not apply the pad for longer than 20 minutes because this can burn your skin. To reduce inflammation and relax your muscles a heating pad is an effective product for short-term relief.

    Improve Your Sleeping Habits

    Adjust Sleeping Positions

    You might be used to your sleeping position, but it might be what's causing your pain. Change it up by sleeping on your side or back (whichever one you don't currently do) for a few weeks to see if it goes away. You'll need to be a little patient as it can take time. It'll take some getting used to since it'll be a new position, but if it helps you avoid pain then it'll easily be worth it.

    Be Mindful of the Service

    Many people have back pain or experience back problems because they don't sleep on a good surface for their back. It varies from person to person - some need softer surfaces which can be met by sleeping on a futon or bed. While others need harder sleeping platforms, such as hard bed or even with just some mats on the floor (like the Japanese do).

    Avoid sofas as they can cause chronic back pain. They might be comfortable, and a 30 minute afternoon nap is okay, but if you consistently sleep on sofas overnight then this may cause long term back damage and pain.