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    Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin | Be Aware of the Possible Harmful Effects

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    Have you ever broken out after wearing foundation? Makeup can unexpectedly sneak up on you and harm your skin. Makeup is an everyday essential for most women. Our team recognizes that we don’t talk about the effects of makeup as often as we should.

    You might have sensitive skin or allergies that you may not be aware of. Do not worry because we want to show you how to combat these issues and make the most of your beauty routine. 

    Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?

    Have you ever felt the heavy layer of makeup on your skin? It’s because our skin has no space to breathe. Makeup can often clog people’s pores and allow them to have breakouts. Depending on your skin type, makeup can also speed up your aging process.

    Makeup is designed to fit your skin type. Make sure you check the ingredients that are suitable to your skin type (dry to oily or combination). A matte foundation may contain harsh chemicals and a dewy finish may contain a huge alcohol percentage. I know makeup is a daily essential, but consider using quality products especially when choosing your winter makeup.

    The Harmful Effects of Makeup

    You get back home from a long night and the last thing you want to do is wipe off all your makeup. It’s easy to skip this step and go to sleep or wash only half of it off. Doing this can clog pores and invite more acne. Without a proper cleanser, you’re also creating bumps to surface on your skin. 

    Additionally, the chemicals in makeup can accentuate your pores. Many people don’t wear sunscreen when they are wearing makeup. This creates faster premature aging. You want to prevent this by using the right sunscreen and staying in shaded areas. 

    What Does Makeup Do to Our Skin?

    Did you ever wonder why you’re feeling busy at certain times? Chemicals such as Diazolidinyl urea and DMDMHydantoin release formaldehyde. These toxins can create a headache because of the damage it can cause for your eyes.

    All these parabens such as iso propyl-paraben can create irritation, blotches, and blemishes on the skin. Layers of eye shadow may look cute in the beginning, but too much of it can slip around your eyes. The growth for bacteria can increase and lead to eye infections. Read the label before you buy any product and start thinking about not applying too much makeup.

    Skin Problems Caused by Cosmetics

    If you ever feel a small itch after wearing makeup, it’s best to throw that product away. The most common skin disorders are facial itch and rashes. You can see signs through redness, swelling, or peeling. It is called Irritant Contact Dermatitis which can be relieved through creams or ointments. 

    Another skin problem is the allergic contact dermatitis this can be caused by fragrances, preservatives, and sunscreens. You may be excited about a cool cucumber scent but look at the label so you can avoid skin reactions. 

    Healthy Makeup Habits for Your Skin

    For a natural glow, you can begin with a thinner layer of face makeup. Top-rated airbrush makeup is a trendy way to switch up your heavy liquid foundation. You can also use quality clear mascara to decrease the appearance of clumpy, heavy lashes.

    In addition, use smaller brushes to pinpoint target areas instead of using makeup on your entire face. Try out different face masks and choose a good exfoliator so you can wear fewer layers on your skin and showcase your natural beauty!

    Are There Ingredients We Should Avoid?

    Glittery or over-the-top packaging makes you want to buy the product but think again. You should avoid a list of ingredients in makeup that can damage your skin: Phthalates, petroleum distillates, and preservatives. 

    Fragrances are one of the top chemicals that can create hormone disruption. Even though the makeup is on top of your skin it can still affect your body. In foundations, there may be sodium laureth sulfate which can link to serious illnesses such as cancer causes.

    Look out for sulfates and polyethylene. Next time you think about picking up a lipstick, check if it contains lead. This exposure can cause reproductive and hormonal issues in both men and women. 

    What Should I Do If I Think I Might Have a Reaction?

    If you think you feel an itch consult with your dermatologist right away. In this way, you’ll avoid spending time dealing with the reaction. You could have a reaction and not see it until a year later.

    Our team wants to ensure safety for people with hypersensitive skin. If you have these skin types take makeup use seriously. Lessen the amount of makeup you use and avoid using the products that triggered your reaction.

    Is Makeup Really All That Bad for Us?

    Furthermore, wearing tons of makeup won’t do you any good and using bad makeup will make matters worse. You have to think about how long is makeup good for when you are buying products. Look at the expiration dates and set deadlines for yourself. 

    It is ok to wear makeup every day, but try to keep is to a minimum. You have to be diligent about removing the makeup from your skin. Try using a double cleanser routine to wipe off all the initial makeup and a second one to take off all the residue.

    Still, There Has to Be a Benefit to Not Wearing Makeup for a Bit (Like over the Holidays), Right?

    You’ll hear all kinds of beauty experts say that you can wear makeup lots of makeup daily, however, most of them have the luxury to afford expensive facials. A little break over the Holidays will show your skin the benefits of not wearing makeup.

    This will give you a chance to see your skin to shed dead skin cells faster. Your skin will be happier and you don’t need to worry about removing it all off at the end of the day. Your skin can stand out and not be clogged by harsh chemicals.

    Once the Holidays End and Our Makeup Routine Resumes, What Should We Do Differently?

    Certainly, Holidays provide the space to relax and have no set routine. However, with your makeup routine you should always double-cleanse and never sleep in makeup. Every now and then wash your pillow-case because you can have old skin cells and environmental pollutants build up on your pillow. 

    Also, clean your makeup brushes every month. The makeup brushes can hold bacteria that will do serious damage to your skin. Do not hesitate to clean them because it can make all the difference in the health of your skin.