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    Lose Weight Without Losing Boobs

    10 Tips To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Boobs | Easy Ways to Reduce Breast Size

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    Most women fear that losing weight will result in the reduction of their breast size.  The good news is that they can lose the excess body weight while keeping the size of their chest. It is understandable that the breasts tend to shrink as you lose weight because majority of it is composed of adipose tissue, or simply, fat. This area is often one of the first to reduce in size during the initial stage of weight loss, especially for pear-shaped women who are heavy from hips to thighs.

    Regardless of body shape, it is crucial to understand that the major reason why breasts shrink during weight loss because of fat loss. You also need to know that too much cardiovascular activity could lead to excess fat loss, which is why you need to minimize this workout. It is possible to prevent breast reducation by incorporating resistance training into your daily routine. This will help boost the muscles around the area and define your chest.

    Note: Having a set of adjustable dumbbells will make these exercises more convenient and versatile.

    There is no guarantee that all the fat on your breasts will be preserved, but doing the right workouts will definitely shape them up. Here are 10 effective ways to lose weight without losing your boobs:

    Perform Heavy Weight Chest Workouts in Low Reps

    You need to strengthen your chest (pectoral) muscles to keep your boobs perky and appear larger. In order to achieve this, you will need to perform chest exercises using heavy weights, but in fewer repetitions. Remember that using heavy weights in low reps will strengthen your chest muscles without toning them away. Using lighter weights in high reps will only trigger further fat loss, so you should stay away from such exercises.

    Do Bench Press

    This exercise will work both your chest and triceps. To do this workout, lie on your back atop a stability ball. Make sure that the mid-section of your back is lying on the ball, and your shoulders should have ample space for movement. Hold the dumbbells at the underarm-level, and count to three as you push the weights up until your arms have been fully extended. Return to the starting position to complete one repetition.

    Keep the weights relatively light to burn calories and avoid building a ton of muscle. Fast-faced workouts with lots of reps on light weights will help burn efficiently. This is seemingly conflicting information from the previous piece of advice, but keep in mind the whole point is to lose weight everywhere else while not reducing the size of your breasts.

    Push Ups

    Many women struggle in performing push ups. Most of them even see it as their least favorite workout. Push up is one of the best workouts for building shoulder, arm, and pectoral muscles. It also works your entire core and legs. You can do as many repetitions as you can every day, as long as you can keep the proper form.

    The basic push up normally starts with the plank position, and then carefully bending your elbows to lower yourself down until your arms are aligned with your shoulders. Make sure to keep your core muscles engaged and body straight as you perform the movement. There are other push up variations that you can try to keep this workout challenging.

    Fly Crossover or Cable Chest

    Perform this exercise using the cable machine. Stand tall and lean forward, but keep your core muscles engaged. Hold the cables and position your arms by bending them slightly. Squeeze the handles altogether using your chest and arms, and hold it for about three seconds. Return to the starting position. Repeat the movement a few more times to complete a set.

    Ball Push Ups

    This is one of the variations of push ups. Do the plank position, as if you are doing a standard push up, but place your hands on a medicine ball. Gradually lower your body into a push up in four counts. Keep your core engaged. Now this is the tricky part: remove your right hand and place it on the ground, aligned with the stability ball. Go back to do the push up, and then move your left hand to the side.

    Dumbbell Flyes

    The dumbbell flyes will work your upper chest. Lie on your back, either on a mat or a bench, and hold the dumbbells. Extend your arms away from your chest and slowly lower them until your elbows are bent 90 degrees, so they are aligned with your shoulders. Return to the starting position to complete one repetition. You can modify this workout for added challenge by doing it on an inclined bench, between 45 and 60 degrees, or on a stability ball.

    Inclined Dumbbell Press

    The dumbbell press is another great workout for your upper chest. You can do this exercise by lying on an angled bench, between 45 and 60 degrees, and your elbows bent. Extend your arms until the weights touch, and lower them to complete on repetition. This workout will also work your triceps, as well as the front of your shoulder. If you want more challenge, you can perform this workout on a stability ball.

    Certain Cardio Workouts

    Certain cardiovascular exercises like elliptical training or rowing will raise your heart rate, while working your upper body muscles and legs. Doing such activities at least 30 minutes per session, thrice a week, will allow for maximized muscle strength. Since these exercises work your chest muscles, doing them regularly will make your breasts stronger and appear larger.

    Medicine Ball Slams

    Stand up and hold the medicine ball with both hands. Carefully lift the ball and bring it above your head. Make sure to keep your feet hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent as you do the movement. Without any hesitations, slam the medicine ball into the ground as hard as you can – like you are one angry monster. Pick it up and do the movement once again. You can complete three sets of 20 repetitions per session.

    Maintain a Healthy Diet

    A healthy weight loss requires a balanced diet, with focus on complex carbohydrates and lean protein. You should not restrict your carb intake too much, because it does not result in faster weight loss. In fact, your metabolism slows down when you starve yourself too much. The things that you really need to cut from your diet are sugary treats, such as sodas, pastries, canned fruit juices, and especially deep fried foods. Heavy in calories and saturated fats because of the oils, fried foods are the bain of aspiring weight losers everywhere. Instead of opting for deep fried foods consider using an air fryer. They can help you have low-fat fried foods with just a fraction of the oil and have other benefits as well.

    Remember that a healthy weight loss will give you a sound mind and body at the same time.


    Best Practices

    Breasts are made of mostly adipose tissue (fat) and weight lose often results in the reduction of chest size. This is one thing that most, if not all, women dread. Every woman’s body is different. Some are lucky enough to have retained their breast size, even after all their problem areas have slimmed down.

    Others, however, lose fat around the chest first before the rest of their body. You can minimize the amount you lose from your boobs by building muscles around the area. Strengthening your chest muscles will make them appear larger and more defined.

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