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    Check our review of one of best compact airbrush devices - Luminess Air

    Luminess Air Review: Finding the Best Compact Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Device

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    Luminess Air is possibly one of the most popularly known home-use airbrush makeup kits in the market today, thanks to its prominent advertisements. There’s a very high likelihood that this brand is the first thing that will come to one’s mind when they consider the merits of awesome airbrush makeup. This is also why we’re taking a close look at one of their offerings in this Luminess Air review.

    Portable, easy to operate, and highly versatile so it can be everything you need to improve and simplify your makeup application skills.

    Luminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush SystemLuminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush System

    • Easily portable as it’s compact and lightweight
    • check
      It’s compact and lightweight
    • Very easy to operate
    • Comes with everything you need to get started

    If you’re curious about what this product can offer, make sure to read all the way through to learn more about it.

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    Luminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush SystemLuminess Air Red & Black Legend Airbrush System

    Lumines Air Review

    There are lots of reasons why folks consider using airbrush makeup kits even if they seem a bit too technical and intimidating. For one, they’re less likely to get contaminated when used over time. The tool is easy to clean and the material doesn’t attract harmful bacteria, it can be a good alternative to brushes and sponges. Sure, proper maintenance is still required, but it’s still less likely to breed microorganisms that can hurt you and your skin.

    Two, with proper use, you can get fantastic results. The level of even application that you can achieve with the help of these tools is hard to replicate, even by the most expensive traditional cosmetic products. This is why this method is a popular choice for special occasions as it’s considered to be at a different level than manual makeup application.

    Luminess Air products made airbrush makeup kits a lot more accessible and easier to get for personal use. While they might not be the first to offer a portable version of these tools, they have certainly helped popularize the item with their constant advertisements. This made the brand one of the most recognizable in its trade today.

    But what exactly can the Luminess Air offer? Here, we’ll look closer at the Luminess Air Legend Airbrush System to help you get to know the brand and its range of products.

    It’s portable, easy to operate, and highly versatile so it can be everything you need to improve and simplify your makeup application skills. Once you really get the hang of its use, all you’ll need are some and your prep time will be completely fuss-free.

    Key Features

    To get started, let’s look closer at the key features of this product:

    Legend Airbrush Compressor

    The very thing that sets this product apart from other airbrush makeup kits is its compressor. Its compact size allows it to be very portable and easy to work with.

    AC Adaptor

    Unlike other airbrush kits, the Legend’s compressor is powered by an AC adaptor. This makes it more convenient for a lot of folks to use at home since you don’t have to bother buying new sets of batteries from time to time. You just need to plug it in and you’re good to go.

    This, however, might make it less flexible if you need to take your kit everywhere. You’ll always need an electrical outlet to use this item, so you should also keep that in consideration.

    Airbrush Stylus

    An airbrush kit won’t be complete without a stylus. This product is a gravity-fed, single-action type that uses continuous air technology. It guarantees smooth operation and a microfine mist. The release of the product is also boosted by this technology as it can better guarantee a consistent stream of the product you’re applying to your skin.

    It might need some getting used to, but operating this stylus isn’t that difficult. You just need to put a few droplets of product on the bowl then press on a knob to trigger the product’s release. The actual application of the product including your wrist movement and are the only things you’ll need to work on when using this product.

    2 Airbrush Foundation

    This kit also comes with two small bottles of liquid foundation to help you use this item right away. You can choose from their four different finishes including matte, ultra, silky, and mystic. Each is designed for various skin types and effects, so you can be guaranteed great results.

    Each type also comes in 12 various shades. This might not be the widest color selection for foundations out there, but they’re quite easy to use to customize the perfect shade for you so this shouldn’t be a major issue. If you’re still having difficulties with color matching your skin to their foundations, their website has a tool that can help you out.

    The formulation of these airbrush foundations is notable as well. They promise to be nice to your skin and even goes as far as claiming that they combine skin care with cosmetics. As they contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and licorice extract, they promise to provide some nourishment to your skin. They guarantee that your skin won’t dry out, keeping it from looking tired or old.

    It also doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like parabens and fragrances. This shortens the list of things that can irritate your skin. It’s also water-based and doesn’t contain oils that could weigh your skin down or clog your pores. As a result, this kit will also give you a hypoallergenic and skin-friendly makeup.

    Note, however, that some sellers might have a locked subscription policy for their foundations. This might require you to regularly buy foundation straight from Luminess Air. So even if this product can use other liquid airbrush foundations, you might end up with a regular supply of this brand’s cosmetics if you don’t pay attention to the inclusions of your purchase.

    1 Moisturizing Primer

    An interesting inclusion to this Luminess Airbrush system is the liquid moisturizing primer that comes with your purchase. This makes it easier for you to prep your skin for makeup application, so this kit can guarantee better results.

    This water-based primer also has a few moisturizing agents like Vitamin E and olive so it can also help nourish your skin.

    1 Brightening Glow

    Helping you achieve a beautifully radiant look is the brightening glow that also comes with this package. This item is a liquid highlighter that you can also use with the airbrush kit. It will help subtly define the high points on your face for that glowing finish.

    1 Airbrush Blush

    Completing this basic kit is the airbrush blush. This addition further extends the functionality of the kit since you can also easily use it for adding some coloring to your face.

    The blush is available in 8 shades, all of which are designed to suit various skin tones and complexions. The right match for you will seem like a natural flush, letting you achieve a beautiful look.

    The kit also comes with a DVD containing instructional material to help you get the hang of the use of this product.

    The Golden Question: Does Luminess Air Work?

    What’s more important than knowing what exactly you’ll get from the Luminess Air makeup is learning whether it works or not. Its features are impressive, but does it work? People are most likely more interested in learning whether this product delivers comparable results to professional airbrush tools. Let’s look into this closer by breaking down its functionality in bite-size portions to get a better assessment of this product.


    Like any other product reviews, the very first thing most Luminess Air makeup reviews assess is the performance of the product. Everyone just really wants to know whether it does a good job in applying cosmetic products in the skin.

    What surprised a lot of people is that it does deliver good results if you have the skill. There’s a learning curve in its use but then again what airbrush makeup product doesn’t? First timers might really find it tricky to use. The speed of your hand movements to ensure that you’ll be able to apply the product to the entirety of your face is only learned through practice and experience. So if you don’t have that yet, you might want to lower your expectations first.

    However, if you’re already experienced in using a cosmetic airbrush tool, you’ll find this item to perform just as intended. The continuous airflow technology is noted by many Luminess Air reviews to be a great plus. This will let you know immediately if there’s something wrong with your stylus, allowing you to address it right away. This will let you avoid using a sputtering tool and ending up with a patchy and uneven application.

    The quiet operation of this airbrush tool is also something a lot of people liked. Some compressors can be quite noisy, so the fact that this item runs with just a low hum is a great plus.

    The cosmetics included in the kit are worth writing home about, too. As mentioned above, its makeup foundation is formulated to be kind to your skin. With this, you don’t have to worry about breaking out or having adverse reactions to it.

    The blush is also highly regarded by many. It’s nicely pigmented, so it’s very easy to work with. The colors tend to look very natural on the skin, so it can definitely help enhance your looks.

    A lot of users were also surprised by the long-wearing formulation of the two cosmetic products included in the kit. They don’t easily wear off so your flawless makeup can stay in place and last for quite a while.

    Ease of Use

    A product can definitely work but if it tends to lose its charm if it’s too complicated to use. Luckily, the Luminess Air Legend kit is very easy to use. You just need to a quick assembly of the unit, plug it in, then, press the power button to get going. To trigger the release of the cosmetic product, you just need to lightly pull on the trigger on the stylus.

    As mentioned above, the trickiest part in operating this item is on the user’s end. It can take you longer to master the best wrist and hand movements to achieve the best makeup application than in learning how to set up and use this airbrush tool.

    If you need help in its operation, you can easily turn to the brand’s website. There are tons of tutorials available there. They frequently share tips and tricks for the proper and effective use of their tools so you can definitely learn a lot of things by just watching their videos.

    In terms of maintenance, you also won’t have a hard time with this product. It’s very easy to clean as you can easily run water into the stylus to flush out the makeup residue left inside. Below are the very simple steps in cleaning the stylus:

    1. Put water in the makeup receptacle and cover the nozzle. This will cause the water to bubble and clean the air shaft. Uncover the nozzle to release the water. Repeat for a few times.

    2. Add water to the receptacle and press the product releasing trigger to spray the water out. This will remove the makeup residue from the nozzle.

    3. Make sure to empty the stylus from water by spraying them all out.

    4. Dry the receptacle and the nozzle using a cotton bud.

    It’s recommended, however, that you clean the stylus after every use to prevent the residue from drying inside. That will make it harder to clean, so to save yourself from the hassle, just run water inside it right after you use it. This can be the hardest part since who has the time to clean up right after getting ready to go out, right?


    As expected from a cosmetic airbrush tool, this product is also very versatile. It’s not just for applying foundation evenly and flawlessly. It’s just that it’s most popular for such purpose because it offers efficiency and great results for applying makeup in a large area.

    But aside from your face product, you can also use it to add more color to your face. As you would already know, you can use it to put on blush. You can also use it to put on eyeshadow and even eyebrows. It can also temporarily color in your roots if you need such a quick fix.

    As a plus, this item also works with other airbrush makeup. As there are sellers that won’t lock you into a product subscription to their cosmetic products, you can definitely try other brands with this tool. This gives you the freedom to customize your experience and get the best results.

    This item is also very portable. The compressor is very small so you don’t have to lug around a massive device anymore if you need to apply airbrush makeup in various locations. It also boldly claims to be the “smallest airbrush system” which further guarantees its compact size. It’s also lightweight, so you don’t have to struggle when transporting it from one point to another.


    As mentioned above, there are two common outcomes in the use of the Luminess Air Legend. If you know how to use an airbrush, you can be guaranteed great results. Those who are inexperienced in the use of these items shouldn’t really expect a lot in the first try, though.

    Again, as mentioned before, it takes some skill to evenly airbrush your skin to perfection. If you happened to linger for an extra second in an area, it will create a patchy and uneven result. Some users say that it’s best to keep the stylus moving while consciously trying to make sure to cover all areas. It’s also important to apply a consistent pressure on the release trigger to keep it from coughing out more product in some areas.

    With the right skills, you can definitely get a beautiful airbrushed finish. The look, however, of your skin will depend on the type of product you chose, especially for the foundation. As there are four different varieties from the Luminess Air line, you can choose the finish you want to achieve from the line. You can go all matte or get a more dewy look with the right foundation.

    Another factor that can affect the results of this product is your skin preparation regime. While airbrushing is ideal for all skin types, it would still be best to prepare your skin for the product that you’ll put in it. This means that the use of moisturizers and primers will boost your results.


    This Luminess Air airbrush kit is also covered by a standard warranty for parts and labor. It covers correction, refurbishing, and replacement.

    Note, however, that the warranty will be voided when the unit is used with other cosmetic brands. So even if you can use it with other airbrush makeup, you might not want to do so if you want to keep the warranty coverage intact.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      Easily portable as it’s compact and lightweight
    • check
      Very easy to operate
    • check
      Comes with everything you need to get started
    • check
      Additional products (cosmetics) are made from high-quality ingredients
    • check
      Comparable performance to professional-grade units when used with skilled application

    Things We Didn't Like

    • exclamation-triangle
      Relatively limited shade options

    How Other Products Fare Against the Luminess Air

    Before we get started looking closer at the Luminess Air, you might be wondering what other options you have when it comes to products of this kind. There are actually lots of products that are similar to what the brand offers so rest assured that you won’t run out of choices. A few of the most popular competitors of this brand, however, are the following:


    This brand is often directly compared to the Luminess Air, so if you’ll look up alternatives to the featured brand, Dinair would most likely turn up as the first result. What makes it noteworthy? Its key offerings might clue you in:

    Easy to operate.

    The controls of the Dinair Starter Kit doesn’t have a lot of knobs and dials so it won’t be overwhelming for a beginner to use. It’s very straightforward so even if you’ve never used one of these devices before, you won’t have a hard time using it.

    Useful stylus “guide” bands.

    This may be a very small detail but a lot of people note its usefulness. These bands sit behind the trigger and you can adjust it to serve as a marker so you won’t ‘press’ or pull on the trigger too much. It can help you create a constant stream of product release which can ensure a more even makeup application.

    Made in the USA.

    This guarantees quality construction and durability.


    With these, it’s very easy to see why the Dinair Starter Kit is a popular choice. Despite its promising features, however, some users complain that it doesn’t layer well. Luminess Air complaints do not include such, giving our featured product a leg up in this match. As it’s not uncommon for you to need to build up the coverage of airbrush makeup, an issue with layering can definitely be a serious issue.


    Lots of airbrush makeup reviews hail this brand as one of the most popular options if you’re after an airbrush makeup tool. What makes it special? Well, it does seem to offer everything one would want in a reliable tool. A few of its most notable offerings include:

    A relatively advanced airbrush kit.

    Aeroblend’s basic kit offers a compact and quiet compressor with a gravity fed, internal-mix, double-action trigger stylus, offering a sound design. While a lot of other basic units offer the same features, not everyone has an adjustable pressure in their compressors. This will give users better control on the device as you can easily adjust the pressure with just a turn of a dial. While it is a basic kit, it can offer you more as you get the hang of its use.

    Highly pigmented cosmetics.

    Another reason why this brand is so popular is its cosmetic products. They offer highly pigmented items, giving you great coverage and color payoff. This also promises great value for your money.

    Hard-to-beat price.

    Aeroblend’s basic kit is also very affordably priced. This makes it an even more attractive option for many.

    Made in the USA.

    You can also count on the quality of this brand since their items are made in the USA.


    Overall, Aeroblend is certainly a strong competitor for the Luminess Air. However, as most Luminess air brush makeup reviews can attest to, our featured item can still be a more convenient option. Its simplicity makes it a great starter choice as you won’t feel too overwhelmed with the customization options available to you.


    All in all, the Luminess Air Legend Airbrush System is a serious contender for being one of the best cosmetic airbrush tools on the market today. It definitely deserves its popularity as it offers great results and excellent convenience.

    It’s portable, easy to operate, and highly versatile so it can be everything you need to improve and simplify your makeup application skills. Once you really get the hang of its use, all you’ll need are some quality makeup remover wipes and your prep time will be completely fuss-free.

    For a smooth foundation finish, we also recommend reading our Belloccio Airbrush Reviews.