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    NuMe Lustrum Review | A Curling Wand Set That Does Miracles

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    Did you ever want to walk out with fabulous hair everyday? The NuMe Lustrum curler is a great way to spice up your everyday hair routines. Styling your hair doesn’t need to be hard and with the right tools your hair could look great everyday. 

    With an easy-to-use barrel and design you could pick up the wand for a quick hairdo at any time of the day. Continue to read on if you want to check out one of the best curlers on the market. 

    NuMe Lustrum Review 

    If you purchase the wrong curling wand for your hair, you could potentially damage your hair particles. The greatest thing about the NuMe Lustrum is it’s unique design and material. Since it has different ceramic barrels you can switch up your looks in no time.

    An exceptional feature about the NuMe Lustrum is the fast heat settings that can get you the best hairstyles when you’re in a rush. The negative ion conditioning also helps balance your hair texture and not dry it out. 

    Why Invest In A Curling Wand? 

    You want to invest in the best curling wand because it can heat up fast with no holding clip. The holding clip can make your hair have crimps in between if you hold it wrong. However, the curling wand allows you to move your hair away from your face. It helps the curls come out smooth and soft. 

    The wand barrel shape will help your curls maintain its shape throughout the entire day. The technology of the barrel will allow the curl to wrap up smaller at the end. This will help maintain its durability. 

    Curling Iron vs Curling Wand 

    curling iron vs curling wand difference

    The structural difference is that there is no clip in the wand which makes the curling iron have more of an indentation on the wave of your hair.

    The speed of the curling wand is a lot faster than the curling iron which helps you get more effective results. 

    Another great aspect is the shininess of the curls with curling wands. It gives more of a beachy finish, while the iron could also give you a little bit more precision in controlling the curl that you want. 

    Ceramic and Tourmaline Material 

    Both ceramic and tourmaline material is great for avoiding hair damage. Often times with metal curling irons this can create more disruptive ions for your hair. However, the great thing about this product is that it produces neutralizing ions which reduce the use of static and frizz.

    The tourmaline is a crystal that is grounded into a fine powder which can be turned into different plates of ceramic. This material is an effective way to prevent split ends. If you’re also struggling with thin hair its recommended you use curlers that have this short of reliability. 

    It Features Negative Ion Conditioning and Far Infrared Head For Shinier Looking Hair 

    lustrum set is great for frizziness

    The neutralizing ion conditioning enables your hair to avoid frizziness or damage.

    Have you ever experienced your hair smelling fried and damage?

    With this Far Infrared head you can also have a shinier impact without the worry of putting a finishing spray or oil.The benefits of these features will save you a lot of time and money, from investing in other products. 

    The NuMe Lustrum wand helps you attain the style you want without making your hair frail and weak. 

    Heats To A High Temperature, But Not Adjustable 

    Even when you’re in a rush you want to feel your best. The heating feature of this wand can go up to 410 degrees in a matter of seconds. You want to put this wand in a spacious area because the adjustability is limited. 

    This will further prevent any damage when the temperature suddenly rises. The great thing about this feature is that once you place it in an elevated place, you don’t need to wait forever to get the curls that you desire. 

    Ergonomically Designed For Comfort/ Dual Voltage/ And Clipless For Crease-Free Curls 

    The problem with hard-to-use wands is that it can take longer to prevent your hair from creasing. This can leave an awkward dent in your hair and the design of the wand can be uncomfortable for you hand. The ergonomic design helps you have any easy curl session without the worry of your hand being sore. 

    The dual voltage ensures electric reliability and you won’t have to worry about your curling iron going in and out. Since it's also clipless, you can have shiny ready to go curls without constantly putting in heat protectant spray. 

    Does Not Automatically Shut Off 

    it's users recommend curling wand for further use

    On top of the fantastic features, your wand won’t automatically shut off. This will help you keep track and maintain the heat to your favor. You can have the styles that you want, but also make sure that your wand is at the temperature that you need.

    It’s important that you are aware of the off button especially after you curl your hair. Since there isn’t an immediate automatic shut off you want to make sure that you put it on low settings and plug it out on top of your counter. 

    The 5 Nume Lustrum Barrels: Sizes and Hair Styles 

    Sometimes you want to switch up your hair look without cutting your hair or going to the salon. Since the Nume Lustrum comes with 5 barrels you can choose the curl that you feel the most confident in. It comes with the biggest barrel being 32mm all the way to a reverse barrel for tight ringlets. 

    You can choose anything from glam curls to natural waves. This is the perfect hair tools to do different looks on your friend or if you want to experiment on what hairstyle suits you best.

    Heats Quickly And Curls Are Long Lasting Even On Very Straight Hair And Without Hairspray 

    Sometimes you want to just have a curling rod with a reliable size rod without having to switch it every time.

    The Sultra The Bombshell 1.5 Inch Curling Rod provides advanced care technology that will work on any hair texture.

    With coarser hair it can be hard to manage with metal curling rods however with this curling rod you can have a great style in no time. 

    This wand is also a lightweight and durable design which helps you further advance your technology. This is ideal for anyone who is on the go and wants natural looking waves without the curls looking so tight. 

    Long-Lasting Curls, Even On Fine Hair

    If you want to have salon hair curls without spending the money the Remington T Studio SILK Ceramic Slim Styling Wand is great affordable alternative. Since it is ½ inch this is best for tight curls. If you want that precision and long lasting hairstyle this wand can help you get there. 

    Since the wand is composed of a silk protein-ceramic barrel you’ll be left with silky curls. The easy to heat up 410 degree high heat allows you to control your hairstyle in the way that you want to.