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    Pure Enrichment Heating Pad Review | Relieve Your Chronic Pain and Ailments with Heat Therapy

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    Having a good heating pad is almost a necessity if you deal with any soreness, pain, or other discomforts that can be treated with heat therapy. While millions of people use heating pads, it's still challenging to find good resources on them and what you should know when you are buying them.

    What's even rarer is finding a good, honest breakdown of a heating pad that you are looking to potentially purchase. If you are looking for the best and most honest Pure Enrichment heating pad review, you've come to the right place. We'll break down what makes this heating pad a good option for most people, but maybe a not-so-good choice for others. Follow along with us to learn about this Pure Enrichment heating pad and what features it has to offer.

    Pure Enrichment Heating Pad Review

    Pure EnrichmentPure Enrichment

    The Pure Enrichment heating pad is a versatile heating pad that is meant to treat a variety of chronic pain and ailments with heat therapy. It can provide full body relief because of its oversized pad that measures 12 inches by 24 inches.

    This allows you the flexibility to treat more than one are at once completely. 

    On the surface of the pad, you'll find that there is an ultra-plush material that is designed to offer maximum comfort during daily use.

    Some heating pads are very harsh on the skin, and while they provide heat, they do little to aid pain because of the discomfort they cause on the skin. This pad takes that into consideration and delivers a comfortable experience that also gives you effective heat therapy by making sure it's not too hot and that the temperature is even throughout the device.

    The research into Pure Enrichment heating pad functionality

    As we do with all product investigations that we perform, we conducted extensive research into the Pure Enrichment electric he​​ating pad. This heating pad has several features and functions that we believe makes it one of the best heating pads for lower back pain and other chronic pain on the market.

    The first thing that we noticed is that it provides an ultra-soft heat therapy solution. Many heating pads provide heat but don't offer comfort. This does both. It has an ultra-soft pad that emits heat that doesn't make you uncomfortable or overheated so that you can keep it on without issue. The heat therapy that the Pure Enrichment pad provides is excellent and famous for its ability to help relieve many types of pain.

    woman relaxing on sofa with arms behind head

    Next, it features six therapeutic heat settings. This functionality allows you to fully customize your heating pad experience and get the most out of your heating pad. You can control this all with the use of an easy-to-use digital CLD controller for your comfort and convenience.

    Adding to the customizability of your heat treatments is the ability to target pain relief wherever it sprouts up. 

    You can use this pad as heat pads for your shoulders, a heat pad for the back, or for treating your arms and leg soreness - pretty much anywhere really. Wherever you need it, the fast-heating technology will have you feeling better quickly.

    Why you should trust our research

    You should trust our research because we are consistently industry leaders in information and objective reviews of consumer electronics and health products. We strive to bring information to the consumer that other places do not. When we conduct a product review, we go into the same three basic steps.

    The first thing that we do when researching a product is to look at all of the features and functionality. We do this by TRYING OUT THE PRODUCT.

    This gives us a good idea of who the product would be suitable for and how the product stacks up against other products in the same category. Without this research, we wouldn't be able to make recommendations based on the actual capabilities of the product.

    Next, we scour the web for reviews and user impressions of the product. We know the best sources for consumer reviews that cannot be manipulated or changed at will. We compile all the resources that we can find from as many sources possible and aggregate the data into something informative. This allows us to identify trends in reliability, functionality, and user satisfaction. 

    Finally, we explore flaws in the product and compare it to others in the same category. Not every one of our reviews is positive, like some other industry sources. We take a real look at products for what they are. 

    An example of this is shown in our research on the features of the Pure Enrichment heating pad. To get an idea of whether the Pure Enrichment pad was the best, we compared it to the Pure Relief heating pad and the MaxHeat Deep Heating​​ pad.

    Our process not only allows us have personal thoughts and feelings about the product, but we also weave in other's experience to make sure there is a consistent quality of product. Because we take so many perspectives into account, we can conclude whether a product is good or bad and what people it would be best suited for.

    Who is Pure Enrichment heating pad for?

    The Pure Enrichment heating pad has many features, so its potential customer base is vast. We really like the functionality of this heating pad, and we consider it a great heating pad for lower back pain. Back pain affects millions of people each year, and heating pads can help to relieve it. If you’ve ever dealt with back pain, you know how terrible it can be and how it can interfere with your life. If you are someone who deals with back pain on a regular basis, the Pure Enrichment heating pad might be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

    Though back pain is definitely a strength of the Pure Enrichment pad, it's not the only thing that it can treat. You can also use this heating pad to treat shoulder pain, arm pain, and leg pain. This heating pad is excellent for senior citizens with chronic pain who want some relief while they relax on its ultra-comfortable surface.

    Athletes can also get a lot of use out of this heating pad. They face an increased risk for muscle soreness and injury, so having this heating pad handy whenever something flares up is a huge boon. Heating pads often aren't the only solution that athletes and those with chronic pain need, but they sure do help often. If you are looking for some things that you can do in conjunction with heating pads, check out these other pain management options.

    Why we picked and tested this heating pad

    We choose the products that we review very carefully because we know that our content influences people's buying decisions. We have strict standards for the products that we review and want to ensure that we are giving accurate information.

    heating pad on the women's back

    This heating pad by Pure Enrichment is one of the most popular heating pads on the marketplace right now, with hundreds being sold each day. We picked this heating pad to review because we think that there are thousands of people out there who need useful information on it before they decide whether to purchase it.

    With an issue as important as pain relief and general well-being, we want to make sure that the consumer is able to find reliable information on this product. We believe we have achieved that goal in our in-depth analysis of the Pure Enrichment heating pad.

    Pure Enrichment pad flaws but not dealbreakers

    As we mentioned earlier, the Pure Enrichment pad has a lot of great features. One of the areas that it is lacking is in the washing convenience. Pure Enrichment doesn’t have any specific instructions. We feel that this is an important area because a heating pad that is being used daily is going to need to be washed. And trust us—you’re going to want to wash it. Keeping this type of equipment clean is crucial. So while we’re sure that you’ll be able to clean the Pure Enrichment pad one way or another, we think that Pure Enrichment could make this a little bit easier.

    How to safely use this heating pad

    Heating pads may not seem like a dangerous piece of equipment to use, but there are some hazards to know about if you misuse it.

    First off, you want to make sure that the heating pad has sufficient padding between your skin and the surface of the pad. This is going to vary from person to person, but you don’t want to fall asleep and have the pad become too warm and damage your skin. Make sure that you have enough fabric between you and the pad at all times to prevent any type of burning.

    put heating pad on the skin

    The second thing is that you want to make sure that it’s only plugged in when in use. Anything can happen to a plugged-in cord when you are not around. A child could mess with it, or an animal could bite it. This creates the potential for safety hazards. Make sure that this pad is only plugged in when in use by you. As for overheating, you probably don't have to worry about that since Pure Enrichment has an automatic shutoff feature that kicks in after two hours.

    The Pure Enrichment pad does have one more trick up its sleeve. It offers a moist heat option, which is far from typical in the heating pad industry. This allows you even more control over your customized heat therapy experience.

    Another great thing about Pure Enrichment is that there is a 5-year warranty attached to their heating pad. Five years is a very long warranty compared to industry standards, and it gives us a lot of confidence that Pure Enrichment will stand by their product.

    One thing about Pure Enrichment is that it is built for use at homes, and isn't great for vans or RV's. For heating pads on the go check out this article about 12v heating pads that you'll be sure to love as alternates.

    One area that the Pure Enrichment heating pad falls short in is that it doesn’t have convenient washing features like this SunBeam Heating Pad for​​ Pain Relief. The SunBeam pad has everything that the Pure Enrichment pad has, but it’s also cheaper and is super easy to clean.

    Anyone who has owned a heating pad and used it daily will tell you that it’s going to need washing eventually and it’s not always that convenient to do it. The SunBeam pad makes it easy.

    Overall, the Pure Enrichment heating pad is very safe to use when used correctly and how it is intended to be used.