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    Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

    How to Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover | Natural & Easy Ways

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    Many women wear makeup to highlight their favorite facial features, express themselves, and feel more confident. But while makeup in your beauty arsenal, such as best blush palettes,  can indeed help enhance one's beauty, it may harm the skin should it stay too long on one's face than it should. That is why makeup removers exist - remove the preparations of a night out.

    What's more difficult to remove, airbrush vs. regular makeup, branded vs. drugstore? And do you know that there are numerous effective ways on how to remove makeup without makeup remover?

    Instead of using store-bought products, it would be better if you just opt for the natural ways of removing your makeup. Some of the best ingredients are actually found in your kitchen!

    How to Remove Makeup without Remover

    Should you choose the natural way, here are some of the ingredients you may use:


    Yogurt benefits the skin in numerous ways. Apart from making it possible for you to remove makeup from face without makeup remover, it also moisturizes the skin. It is a rich source of protein, acid, and fat; which makes it an effective cleanser and detoxifier.

    Dip a cotton pad into the yogurt. In a circular motion, rub it on your face, then rinse with cool water. Add lemon juice should you be prone to breakouts.

    Remove Makeup with Yogurt


    Numerous DIY makeup removers include avocado oil. But if you don't have it, you can directly use avocado to remove foundation without remover as well as your eyeliner and every makeup on your face.

    Coat a cotton swab with the oil coming from the fruit and apply it on your face. You will notice that it indeed removes even the most stubborn makeup products. It is one of the best ingredients to use to wipe off eyeliners and mascara.

    Meanwhile, you may also use this fruit as an eye cream.


    While store-bought face milk has become popular these days, it would be better if you use actual milk to remove your makeup. Milk contains fat and proteins that hydrate and moisturize the skin, so you get to enjoy more benefits.

    Just coat a cotton ball with whole milk and wipe on your skin. You may even use it to remove eye makeup without makeup remover, provided you do it gently. If you are looking for effective and gentle ways on how to remove mascara without makeup remover, you may also do it by applying milk. As for mascara itself, read our mascara vs no mascara article.


    Want to know how to remove waterproof mascara without makeup remover? Use cucumber juice or blend the cucumber with a paste. You may also add jojoba or olive oil if you need to remove tough makeup.

    Because cucumber works well with the eyes, you may also use it to remove waterproof eyeliner without makeup remover. Just pat the cotton with the cucumber juice or mixture onto your eyes and allow it to soak in before rinsing. This may likewise work well if you want to remove liquid eyeliner without makeup remover.


    Honey is an excellent makeup remover as well as facial cleanser. It has moisturizing properties; thus, making the skin smooth and soft. For this, you may use this if you want to gently remove false eyelashes without makeup remover.

    Take note that you should use raw honey, not the processed products. Put a small amount on a wet washcloth, spread on your face, and massage it. Let it sit for 10 minutes and wash with warm water.

    Are you using eyeliners for oily lids? Add lemon juice if you have oily skin and cream or whole milk if your skin is dry.

    With its capacity to soften the skin, honey could likewise be an effective choice if you want to remove gel eyeliner without makeup remover.

    Remove Makeup with Honey

    Aloe vera

    If you've got oily skin, aloe vera could be a great choice. Its amino acids, vitamins, and minerals give it the capacity to remove tough makeup without making you feel greasy. Moreover, it may work well if you want to remove eyeliner without makeup remover. It can even relieve red and puffy eyes that you may get after using wipes, but this can be avoided by using the best face wipes.

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil moisturizes the skin and indeed works great as a makeup remover. It is easy to use. All you need to do is spread it on a cotton ball and wipe away your makeup.

    There are many more ways to to remove makeup naturally. Just look around your kitchen, and you'll find lots of ingredients you can use.

    Reasons Why You Should Remove Your Makeup Before Sleeping

    As mentioned earlier, not removing your makeup has its share of negative effects. Some of them are as follows:

    It can lead to acne

    Having makeup on your skin overnight causes pores to be blocked. Consequently, it also blocks the sebum, which lubricates the skin and removes dead skin cells. Blocked sebum with pollutants and chemicals infect the pores and cause pimples.

    Makeup Causes Acne

    It causes skin aging

    Allowing makeup to stay on your skin overnight leads to slow skin renewal process. With makeup, it becomes hard for your skin to breathe. Chemicals interfere with the skin's natural repair mechanism.

    It makes the pores larger and dirtier

    When the pores get clogged, they become larger. This is because the skin loses elasticity. Apart from looking unsightly, big pores likewise allows more infections to occur.

    These are just a few of the numerous adverse effects of not removing your makeup before going to sleep. From looking less attractive to suffering from skin health problems, makeup can indeed harm you in various ways; therefore, it is a must that you don't let it stay on your skin for a really long time.


    You have just learned about the importance of wiping off makeup before sleeping and the natural ways to remove it. Which of the amazing ingredients above do you think will best suit your needs? Whatever you choose, make sure to use it properly in order to achieve best results.

    Wearing makeup can indeed do wonders to your face and make you feel beautiful. Make yourself feel even more beautiful by using it the right way. Wipe it off when necessary and don't allow it to damage your skin in any way. Value your skin's health just as much as how you value your looks.

    And if you're often frustrated with makeup stains, read our tips and tricks on how to remove makeup from clothes.