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    if you want to know how to allow office workers or for yourself options to both sit and stand as they work or studyg read our post

    Standing Desk Converter vs Standing Desk | What’s Better for Aches Caused by Prolonged Sitting?

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    Let's join the standing desk converter vs standing desk debate to see which is better to gt rid of the back pain for long hours of sitting at work! So, when did it all start?

    Back in the 1970’s traditional office jobs as we know them today were on the ride. While they spurred economic growth, they were not without consequence because there was little understanding about the implications. It’s not a coincidence since the ‘70’s back pain and chiropractic issues have been on the rise.

    A man sitting behind the desk

    If not treated and posture fixed, these back pains can cause chronic pain and what’s commonly referred to as “hunchback”.

    Now, more than ever, it’s important to improve posture and align your back. Standing desk converts and standing desks are the solution. 

    They allow office workers options to both sit and stand as they work or study, helping to improve posture and improve overall health.

    However, the standing desk converter vs standing desk debate has been one of the most interesting topics to discuss when it comes to ergonomic office tools. Whether you work from home or in an office, your body and health might be suffering from the negative effects of sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours or more.

    It is the reason why you must consider investing in the desktop standing desk or a complete standing desk. These two ergonomic work tools are better than sitting and slouching over your computer screen. However, how would you know which of these two is the right option for you?

    First, this may depend on how much free space your home or office has. If you are working in an office, then you will need to get the approval of the HR. If you’re working from home, you can start installing your standing desk after taking some measurements. If you are pondering standing desk converter vs standing desk, stop wrecking your brain further. In this guide, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of both the standing desk and standing desk converter.

    Standing Desk Converter

    A standing desk converter is a product which sits on top of your standard desk station. If lower, you can sit down and work just like the usual. If you wish to stand, just elevate the desk to your desired position using  a converter and begin typing.
    These converters might convince you to consider getting one. In addition, here are a few more pros:

    A man standing and typing


    There are some perks associated with installing a standing desk converter. However, you should be aware of its flaws as well. The following are the benefits that you will enjoy from using a standing desk converter:

    • Keep Your Old Desk

    If you lack the time and you cannot reorganize your things at your desk or in the office, a standing desk converter will help you a lot. You may keep your old desk with some minor rearrangements to do.

    • Less Assembly Required

    A lot of desktop converters in the market today need minimal to zero assemblies. This means you can start working using this desk in a few minutes. Just put your laptop in your desk, put the computer, keyboard, monitor, and mouse in their correct locations, and get started.

    • Cost
    Compared to a total workstation renovation, the overall cost of using a standing converter desk is less expensive.

    • Less Space

    A standing desk converter fits on a small surface that measures at least 36”.


    A girl drinking coffee while working on laptop
    • Ergonomics

    A standing desk converter may become less ergonomically-friendly depending on the current height of your desk.

    A standing desk converter does not include mounts, so you need to use the old stands. Also, the keyboard can be higher than expected.

    • Space Problems

    A standing desk converter will just give you a limited working space. Thus, you can keep on it only those items you frequently use on your old desk platform. If you raise the converter to the standing position, you may end up reaching 12 to 16 inches to get your things.

    • Managing the Wires

    Take note that when you elevate your standing desk converter, the cables of your computer should move along with the device. Thus, you need to check the wires and ensure their proper arrangement each time you need to raise your desk.

    Standing Desk

    A standing desk is ideal for people who want to occasionally stand while working. It can be a standalone or adjustable working desk depending on what you want. A standing desk often works with just one push on the button.


    A standing desk lets you stay free to use your desk just like the way you did before.

    Working space with a desk

    Here are some more reasons why it’s a good choice:

    • Space Convenience

    With a standing desk, all things will be right at your fingertips just like what you have with the traditional desktop. You don’t need to bend down to get your phone, pen, calculator, files, or any other office tools.

    • Ergonomics

    Since the main use of a standing desk is letting you stand while working, its ergonomics are a bit easier to recognize. You can put a monitor arm if you want. This will free up further space on your table.

    • Cost

    While a standing desk is a bit more expensive compared to a standing desk converter, the price remains reasonable.


    Just like the standing desk converter, a standing desk also comes with some drawbacks.

    • Assembly

    Assembling a standing desk is quite time-consuming. You need to move a lot of materials and stuff. You need to spend at least an hour to get everything on their new places before you can go back to work.

    • Disposing of Your Used Desk

    Now that you’re using a standing desk, you have to dispose of your used desk. You can’t use it anymore.

    Both the standing desk converter and standing desk have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have the budget of a few hundred dollars and need to replace your desk, standing desks are great since they are larger, but more expensive. On the other hand, standing desk converts are cheaper and more portable, but give you less room for your work equipment.

    A man with back issues

    They will both be helpful in resolving back issues and alignment and are effective in increasing your posture and overall health.

    However, looking at both options just through the lens of back pain which has been bothering office staff for decades, we strongly recommend getting a standing desk converter. 

    They are very convenient to quickly adjust to standing or sitting height in a matter of seconds. Standing desks don’t require much work either, but because the most popular are electrical they can take 5-10 seconds to get to the proper position. And this concludes our standing desk converter vs standing desk debate for now.