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    Too Much Makeup | The Ultimate Guide to Not Overdoing It

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    Makeup is a universal phenomenon. It is a multi-billion dollar business that profits off of making women feel more beautiful. The initial purpose of makeup was to enhance a person’s natural features. However, nowadays makeup is used as a mask to completely alter one’s physical appearance, sometimes with too much makeup.

    Often as women get older, makeup is used in workplaces to give off a professional look. Most women don’t know the effects too much makeup can have. In the long run, makeup can damage skin and clog your pores. Makeup is not a bad thing, but we want to show you how makeup in moderation can benefit you.

    Say Hello to Clogged Pores

    The more makeup you wear the worse your skin can react. Since makeup is constantly covering your skin it can also cover your pores. This can lead to skin irritation and breakouts. The most affordable makeup often contain synthetic silicones and petrochemicals.

    It’s hard to always look for organic products that contain nourishing ingredients. Any makeup that’ll directly go on your skin such as foundation or powder should show less comedogenic ingredients. An excess amount of these ingredients can create bigger blackheads and breakouts. 

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    You'll Be at Risk for Infection

    After wearing makeup all day long it can be a hassle to clean everything off. When you’re wearing long-lasting makeup it stubbornly sticks to your skin. Waterproof mascara or long-lasting lip stains can be hard to remove with just a makeup remover.

    When you don’t clean your face thoroughly you’ll be prone to harmful bacteria growth. Cleaning your brushes daily, are highly recommended. Since bacteria can be ingested through eyes and mouth people can easily become sick. So, is makeup bad for your skin? Well, to decrease your chances of getting sick its best to toss old makeup and clean your brushes. 

    Your Wrinkles Could Look Worse

    The more people touch their skin the more at-risk people are for wrinkles. There’s delicate skin around people’s eyelids that need to maintain elasticity. However, when people are constantly applying products on their face they can lose the firmness in their skin.

    When you apply eye creams or even eyeshadow makeup sure to understand that less is more. Since the skin is much finer you don’t want to damage your collagen and capillaries. Use your ring finger to apply products on your eyes because it applies the least amount of pressure on your skin. 

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    You Could Be at Risk for Side Effects

    The makeup people buy is full of toxins. Many people are worried about their diets, but not enough people are concerned about what they place on their skin. Instead of switching your diet, you should highly consider buying more organic makeup products.

    The Food and Drug Administration reported that during a 12 years there were around 5,000 health complaints, regarding makeup products. Customers need to do their research. Since everyone has different skin types make sure you’re choosing products that are best for your skin. 

    You Will Need More Makeup Remover

    Makeup Removers can also contain harmful ingredients. The ingredients can leave a bad residue on your skin. It’s important that you balance your skin with a proper toner and wash. Also for makeup removers it’s better for you to use an oil-based cleanser.

    Makeup removers can contain surfactants with can irritate the skin. Be careful not to use a lot of fragrances. When you put less makeup you won’t need to use a lot of cleansers. 

    Or You Could Feel More Beautiful

    Wearing makeup can be a great confidence booster. For class presentations, it can be used to make you feel more put together. However, you can feel more beautiful without depending so much on your makeup. Slowly, decrease the amount of makeup you place on your face. 

    When you’re in a hurry you don’t want to sit down and put on 30 minutes worth of makeup. True confidence can begin within. Girl with and without makeup can begin their natural journey through moderation. The less makeup you wear you can embrace your natural beauty and feel more confident in your skin. 

    You'll Feel More Grownup

    Sometimes for people born with a babyface, you can’t make yourself look mature overnight. Makeup is a tool that can make you look and feel more grownup. When your young makeup can start with chapstick and a little bit of mascara. The long-term effects of wearing makeup when you’re young can alter your sense of youth.

    When you wear too much makeup as an adolescent it separates your childhood into immediate adulthood. For kids who are beginning to get interested in makeup its vital that parents allow them to use makeup with moderation. You don’t want kids to lose their sense of youth and become dependent on makeup too early. 

    People May Judge You

    People have different preferences for their makeup styles. Some women like their makeup light and airy and other women prefer a heavy smokey eye. Social media has enlarged the perspective of how people perceive women beauty. Sites such as Instagram have portrayed women to wear heavy makeup as the norm. 

    This can create judgement amongst women to look down on people’s makeup technique and choice of makeup. 

    You want to emphasize that whatever look you’re doing you’re representing you. Makeup is fun and can be used as an outlet for everyone. 

    Everything Stands Out

    Since makeup doesn’t always retain longevity it can leave your skin cakey and oily. Heavy makeup can make it seem like you’re wearing bad makeup. If you want to prevent this type of look you need to begin with your skincare. Makeup under the wrong lighting can make your skin look blotchy.

    Everything stands out in the sunlight, so you want to begin by moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. When you start with a clean canvas, you won’t need to use as much makeup. 

    There's Lipstick on Your Teeth

    Bold lipsticks colors are all the rage at the beginning of any season. For fall dark lips are trendy and spring a light pink is a great look. However, sometimes lipsticks get on your teeth. You never want to be that person at a party, having the time of your life and realizing that you had red lips in the middle of your front tooth.

    To prevent this from happening you can use a q-tip or tissue to wipe the inner corners of your mouth. All you need to do is insert it around the area where the lipstick is seeping through. You can smile all day long without worrying about red teeth. 

    It Takes You 15 Minutes to Wash It off at Night

    After a long day full of activities or hanging out with friends you just want to relax. You don’t want to be worrying about taking off all that makeup. When you’re wearing waterproof makeup you might have to use a heavy-duty makeup remover.

    When you wear less makeup you won’t worry about the eyelash glue or foundation residue. It’s important to use a cleansing toner to wipe off any excess. Taking off your makeup with skincare can easily be over 30 minutes.

    You Can Barely Move Your Face

    When you first apply makeup your makeup will be intact and fresh. However, throughout the day, when you’re active your makeup can easily move. If you’re wearing a lot of makeup its best to decrease your level of activity.
    With a face of makeup, you’ll also have to avoid touching your face. You can’t rub your eyes if they’re itchy because you can ruin your eyeshadow. Sometimes people don’t understand why women wear makeup. Applying less makeup will allow women to engage without having to worry about the condition of their face. 

    Your Eyelashes Look Spidery

    When you apply too much mascara your lashes can be heavily coated. This can cause your lashes to fall out. You don’t want to be missing a section of your eyelashes when you’re putting on your makeup. To avoid this spidery look, you can easily start by combing out the excess. 

    When you apply too much mascara your lashes can be heavily coated. This can cause your lashes to fall out. You don’t want to be missing a section of your eyelashes when you’re putting on your makeup. To avoid this spidery look, you can easily start by combing out the excess.

    With the end of a spool you’ll be able to have natural looking lashes. If you want your lashes to appear darker you can double coat. Before every coat just makeup sure you comb out your lashes. 

    You Have No Product Left in Your Bronzer Palette

    When you hit pan on your product you might be worried on how you’ll have a bronzed look. Luckily, most eyeshadow palettes have a brown transition shade. You want your bronzer to have a slightly darker tint than your natural skin shade.

    You can easily get Vitamin D by wearing a protective sunblock and going out in the sun. This way you can have a natural tan without packing on the bronzer. Investing in a self-tanner is also beneficial because you don’t need to expose your skin to the sun. You can wake up with tan skin and skip out on the bronzer.

    If I Notice Your Makeup, It's Too Much

    Under certain lighting, too much makeup can appear cakey or blotchy. The best way to prevent this is less makeup and good skincare. When you prep your skin well you’re able to have a smooth canvas for yourself.

    This way under any lighting your skin will be smooth. Make sure to use a sunblock with no flashback. During pictures, you don’t want your face to appear ghost-white while your neck is tanner. 

    Less Is More

    Overall in makeup the less you apply the longer and prettier your makeup can look. Girls with and without makeup are beautiful. It’s ok to use makeup as a creative outlet or as a boost of confidence. However, in cases of emergency or a hurry, you don’t want to run back into the house for your entire makeup bag. 

    As children we are carefree, but as we grow older, it's easy to care more and more about what people think. It’s easy to conform to these beauty standards. However, all in all, light makeup will showcase your natural self and the best version of who you are!