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    Best Eyelash Curlers

    Top 10 Best Eyelash Curlers Reviews 2020 | Including Heated and Drug Store Options

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    Eyelash Curler Buying Guides

    Every woman needs to feel confident and more attractive especially after enhancing their daily appearance. An eyelash curler is that effective tool used for playing up the eyes that are significant focal points of a woman’s face. Through curling their eyelashes, a woman will make her eyes to look brighter and bigger before applying eyeshadow and mascara.

    However, when you know how to choose them, you will always find a way of getting a good deal. You must ensure that you do a personal research on the market if you need details. Here is an eyelash curler buying guide that can help you make a wide decision if you need a good deal.

    Top 3 Eyelash Curlers


    Editor's Rating:


    • Made from high quality stainless steel
    • Free lash pad replacements for life of curler
    • Classic design that’s easy to use

    Gorgeous CosmeticsGorgeous Cosmetics

    Editor's Rating:


    • Padded grips firmly catch each lash at the base
    • Very affordable for a high-end product
    • Quickly and gently curls eyelashes

    Shiseido Curler & Refill SetShiseido Curler & Refill Set

    Editor's Rating:


    • Great fits for every eye shape and size
    • Makes lashes much more perky and full-looking
    • Makes your lashes look twice as long

    Eyelash Curler Options

    There are numerous types of different eyelash curlers available in the market, which you can buy depending on your needs. The price can greatly vary depending on precision, performance, and design. For instance, standard plastic and metal eyelash curlers are often available in some styles, but you can similar basic clamping mechanism. Several heated curlers often work differently; with bristled brush heads similar to mascara applicators. For even space-saving convenience, you can get mini travel curlers that are a more sensible choice for those who need to improve their looks. You need to explore different options that would work for you best to enhance your lifestyle.

    a. Mechanical Eyelash Curlers

    Eyelash curlers are often designed to offer an attractive shape as well as greater definition to your lashes. Ay traditional eyelash curler is often a hand-operated and clamp-like device. By using them correctly, you will clamp curlers that are gentle enough for your daily use. Women with delicate or short lashes often prefer this kind of style. The lashes are often curled through fitting this curler around them before firmly pressing the bottom and top pads together. You will always get a good deal when buying one from the market especially when you need a good deal.

    b. Heated Eyelash Curlers

    Even hard-to-curl lashes can often be tamed with the warmth of heated eyelash curler. Women who wish their lashes to even stay curled all day always prefer heated curlers. Some of the heated curler models are just standard curlers with modern batteries to warm rubber clamp pads. Any newer and innovative kind of the heated plastic eyelash curler often looks more just as an eyelash brush that is attached to the mascara bottle’s end. The heat that is emitted from this kind of curler often causes the lashes of a woman to conform to the brush’s shape. Some heated curlers would gently curl and grab eyelashes with rotating brush heads.

    c. Travel Eyelash Curlers

    A dense travel eyelash curler is always designed to easily fit into a toiletry bag or purse. However they work through clamping the lashes such as a travel model or standard curler, they have modified rectangular designs. Unlike traditional curlers that often have handles similar to scissors, which most eyelash curlers lack these finger grips. The design difference could make you feel awkward at first before overcoming them later when you use them. Women looking for pocket size options are probable to be happy with travel curlers.

    Top 10 Best Eyelash Curlers

    Thinking of spending some on a new eyelash curler? Choose from our list of 10 best eyelash curlers to make a wise decision.


    Advanced and unique pivot design of this curler makes you form a wide curl. It is made from stainless steel that gives for flawless effect to your lashes every time. Though it is a little on the pricier side but the results are so worth it.

    Gorgeous CosmeticsGorgeous Cosmetics

    Gorgeous Cosmetics eyelash curler comes with a swift squeeze will carefully and softly curl your lashes. Padded grasps hook on to each lash gently. It doesn’t pinch the eyelid at all and the price is very affordable for a high-end product.

    Shiseido Curler & Refill SetShiseido Curler & Refill Set

    This is a great fit for every eye shape and size. Its squeeze is very gentle on the eye with the rubber pas and gives you a gorgeous curl. The kit contains two refill pads. Price is less than 15 bucks and its available on amazon.

    Panasonic Heated Curler with Silicone PadsPanasonic Heated Curler with Silicone Pads

    This curler can give you lasting curl. It’s heated silicone pads and gently lifts and curls your lashes from the base. It is so handy and you don’t have to go through the hassle of recharging it because two AA-size batteries are enough for it to operate. It is so light on the pocket as well.

    FUCHSIA Line Insta-CurlFUCHSIA Line Insta-Curl

    This ergonomic design has a comfort-grip that gives you a better control and precision. It is made of steel and its pads are meant to cushion the lash perfectly, and most of all it comes in funky fuchsia color and is very light on the pocket. It comes with eight extra pads which means, it’s going to last you a while.

    Maybelline’s Expert Tools CurlerMaybelline’s Expert Tools Curler

    No. six on our list best eyelash curler list is this curler by your favorite drugstore brand Maybelline. Being a drugstore product it is the most economical choice.

    Shu Uemura CurlerShu Uemura Curler

    This curler opens up your eyes like no other by giving your lashes the perfect curl that holds throughout the day. It doesn’t tug or pulls on your eyelids at all. The curved angle suits all eye contours.

    Tweezerman Pro Curl Rose GoldTweezerman Pro Curl Rose Gold

    It allows maximum curl with most effortless use. It has a larger opening and that lets you see your eyelashes a lot better while you are curling them. 

    Lovely Lashes CurlerLovely Lashes Curler

    This on is the best for everyday use. It gives you an effortless curl even on the shortest lashes. It is available on amazon and it’s very cheap. The packaging features refill pads.

    10. EZGO Heated Professional Rechargeable Curler

    This recharges with a USB port. It is the best choice if you don’t want to twist your lashes because it simply irons it with an upward motion. It is very quick and the head is not too warm for the skin too. Means if you happen to touch it with your eyelid, it won’t burn. It is very pocket-friendly as well.