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    10 Best Hair Steamers 2020 | Including Top Portable & Hand Held Options

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    Whether you are a professional hair stylist or a fan of various hair styles, you’ll definitely want to have your very own hair steamer. Here are ten of the best hair steamers available on the market today.

    The #1 Hair Steamer

    Secura S-192 For Hair and FaceSecura S-192 For Hair and Face

    Why we say it is the best find:

    1. Versatile steamer equipped with durable professional hood
    2. Features adjustable temperature settings & height
    3. Fitted with swivel casters for mobility

    Top 3 Hair Steamers

    Secura S-192 For Hair and FaceSecura S-192 For Hair and Face

    Editor's Rating:


    • Moisturize and hydrate your hair​
    • Prevents breakage and split ends​
    • Improves absorption of conditioners and other treatments

    Q-Redew Hand-heldQ-Redew Hand-held

    Editor's Rating:


    • New, patented hair styling/treatment tool
    • Easy to use
    • Ideal for a quick and easy steam treatment

    Chromatique Professional Salon EquipmentChromatique Professional Salon Equipment

    Editor's Rating:


    • Used for conditioning, priming, and hair dying 
    • Adjustable temperature settings 
    • Swivel casters for easy movement

    What To Look For Before Purchasing

    Before you make a purchase there are a couple of things you want to look for and be aware of when purchasing a hair steamer. The top things to consider are:

    • type of hair
    • multi-use vs single use functionality
    • portability

    Type of Hair (E.G, Black or Natural Hair)

    The type of hair you have should dictate what kind of steamer you get. Various steamers are better for certain types of hairs. So whether you have highlights, dyed, natural hair, black hair, or other types of hair  be sure to look at what we may recommend for you.

    Range of Use

    Looking for just a hair steamer or do you want a multi-use one that also will help your face? Some of these products are good just for your hair, while others are great for both.

    Portability (Handheld vs Tabletop)

    This is very important as portable options offer far more convenience. Our top handheld choice  (the Q-Redew) doesn't suffer from a quality loss as other portable options might, and is great to bring with you where ever you may be.

    What is the Best Hair Steamers of 2020

    We crown the top rated hair steamers for 2019 - let’s take a look at professional hair steamer reviews!

    Secura S-192 For Hair and FaceSecura S-192 For Hair and Face

    With this product, not only can you get great-looking hair, you can also get rid of clogged pores on your face. Secura’s product offering is a great two-in-one device that provides all the benefits an ordinary hair steamer can offer, such as moisturizing and hydrating your hair (especially if it's natural), while having the ability to be converted into a facial steamer.

    It features a built-in ozone generator that controls the onset of negatively charged oxygen. This helps minimize the itchiness and the growth of dandruff on your scalp. Like the Professional Salon Hair Steamer, it also has an auto cut off feature that automatically turns the machine off when water levels drop below a certain limit. Furthermore, this machine is easily convertible into a tabletop hair steamer.

    Q-Redew Hand-heldQ-Redew Hand-held

    Speaking of portability, the Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer offers the convenience of being handy while giving you excellent results. It provides excellent steam to help moisturize both your hair and scalp, making your hair softer and more manageable. Despite being relatively new to the hair steamer market, this home hair steamer machine has gained a reputation for being an excellent hydration machine that helps you detangle and reshape your hair.

    Chromatique Professional Salon EquipmentChromatique Professional Salon Equipment

    Used by professionals, this hair steamer will make your salon a must-visit for those who want to have great-looking and lustrous hair. Not only can it help you achieve gorgeous hair, it also promotes the circulation of nutrients all over your scalp. With a healthy scalp, you can enjoy stronger and more beautiful hair while also increasing your hair volume.

    This hair steamer has time control switch, which automatically turns the equipment off. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about burning someone’s scalp off because you’ve forgotten to switch off the machine. It doesn’t produce loud noises, as well, so you can be sure that you won’t disturb other patrons in the next booth.

    Pibbs 134 Vapoionic Caster BasePibbs 134 Vapoionic Caster Base

    The Pibbs 134 Vapoionic Hair Steamer is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to style their hair while getting top-notch conditioning treatment for those who need to take special care of their hair. Convenient and very easy to use, it makes for the safe application of chemicals to the hair. Thanks to its user-friendliness, you can reduce the amount of time you need to be in the hair steamer by at least two thirds.

    It comes with a heat setting and a timer that automatically shuts down the machine when the steaming process is done. This hair steamer is programmable to fit your needs so you can be sure that it will help you get your desired results.

    Professional Salon Chemical Processor with Caster BaseProfessional Salon Chemical Processor with Caster Base

    If you’re a salon owner, this hair steamer makes a great addition to your hair styling tools and equipment. It offers deep penetration of the steam into the cuticles of your hair to ensure effective conditioning and moisturizing. This results in the effective and efficient absorption of hair conditioner and other hair styling products, which will make your customers very happy.

    Made in Taiwan, this hair steamer doesn’t consume too much energy. It features an efficient control panel and energy control system so you won’t have to worry about your energy bill every time you use it.

    Cayenne White Professional SalonCayenne White Professional Salon

    Suitable for both salon and home use, the Cayenne White Professional Salon Hair Steamer is a hair steamer that you’ll both love to see and use. This beautifully built hair steamer uses stainless steel coil to produce steam that would moisturize your hair. It also features multi-level heat settings and a 60-minute timer that lets you know when the steaming process is complete. This hair steamer is adjustable and portable.

    Deluxe with TimerDeluxe with Timer

    If you’re looking for a hair steamer you can use at home, then you should check out the Deluxe Hair Steamer with Timer. With two switches for high and low settings, this hair hydration steamer can offer you the kind of steam that you need to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. It also has a 60-minute timer, which can be handy in case you forget to switch off the steamer. While it is mainly geared towards home users, this hair steamer can be quite useful in the hands of professional hair stylists as well.

    Professional Salon with Roller Floor Stand BaseProfessional Salon with Roller Floor Stand Base

    Very cost-effective and lightweight, this hair steamer is another must-consider. It is equipped with stainless steel coil and consumes 650 watts of power to give you healthy and great-looking hair. Its water tank, which can be easily removed from the steamer, can accommodate up to 32 ounces of water. It also has two power settings to suit different hair types and styling needs.

    One of the best things about this hair steamer is that it automatically switches off when the water level drops below the recommended level to help protect your hair from being burned and preventing dry scalp. It also has a 17-inch diffuser inside the steamer cap or hood that distributes heat evenly to your scalp.

    Dir Beauty SalonDir Beauty Salon

    This product is the latest in Dir’s line of hair steamers. It is integrated with the latest computerized micro-mist technology to give you excellent results every time. This technology promotes the release of anions that prevent your hair from drying and curling during the steaming process. It is also equipped with a carbon water purifying system so every time you use the machine, only distilled water comes out to rejuvenate the scalp.

    One of the things that make this product unique is that it is one of the first wall-mounted hair steamers to hit the market. This quality allows you to achieve various angles and enjoy ease of use. Since it’s wall-mounted it’s probably not ideal for those just using it at home, and is more appropriate for professionals.

    LCL Beauty Dual strength 300/650 WattLCL Beauty Dual strength 300/650 Watt

    LCL has been known for creating top quality steamers so ordinary consumers and professional hair stylists won’t be disappointed with the Dual Strength hair steamer. With this hair steamer, you can use tap or distilled water to generate steam and achieve efficient steam production in just a short amount of time. It has a control panel that is straightforward and easy to use.

    With a 12-inch diameter, the plastic hood is larger than most. It also comes with a user-friendly height adjustment system and swivel casters to provide maximum comfort and convenience. And more importantly, its 650-watt power allows for maximum hair penetration. It’s great for at home use.