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    Use Tongue Scraper Properly

    Top 10 Best Tongue Scrapers Reviews 2020 | Metal & Plastic Cleaner Must Have

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    Let’s admit it, having a bad breath can be both devastating and frustrating when people’s perception of who you are matters. A bad breath will not make it any easier. Take a wild flashback on your life, I’m sure you’ll recall someone who always stood out as having such a bad breath that could nearly scare out the last of flies.

    TONGUE CLEANER Tongue Sweeper SteelTONGUE CLEANER Tongue Sweeper Steel

    Why chose it:

    1. No-mold buildup design
    2. Stainless steel construction can last a lifetime
    3. Simple to use & affordable

    According to an Orthodontist Calgary and other areas, bad breath does not necessarily result from failure to brush teeth but rather from failure to properly take care of toxic body deposit on the surface of tongues. It is therefore recommended that you scrape your tongue at least once a day to improve your sense of taste, remove those toxins and ultimately better your breath.

    You are probably asking yourself, what do I look for when buying a tongue scraper?

    Top 3 Best Tongue Scrapers

    ​Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner​Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner

    Editor's Rating:


    • Curved cleaning edge stainless steel design​
    • Comfortable and effective cleaning process​
    • Removes tongue dirt and plaque in seconds

    HealthAndYoga Tongue CleanerHealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner

    Editor's Rating:


    • High-quality non-toxic and sterilizable surgical grade stainless
    • Heavy duty gauge smooth on tongue
    • Pure stainless steel molded handles


    3. Simply Naz Tongue Cleaner

    Simply Naz Tongue CleanerSimply Naz Tongue Cleaner

    Editor's Rating:


    • Made with stainless steel – durable
    • Good for kids, adults or pets​
    • Must-have to eradicate halitosis

    Features to look for when buying a tongue scraper


    While many people don’t give a second thought to this, tongue length statistics approximate a human tongue to be about four inches in length. Consequently, this translates to you buying a tongue scraper that is more than four inches long to cover the whole length of your tongue and to offer a surface to grab onto while scraping.


    It is pretty basic for you to consider what material a tongue scraper is made out of since the material determines the scraper’s durability, efficacy, and price. In modern markets, tongue scrapers come in three forms; stainless steel, copper and commonly plastic.

    In terms of durability, copper, and stainless steel scrapers take a bold win in this. While they will cost you a little more than plastic scrapers, metal tongue scrapers will rarely wear out. On the hand, plastic scrapers are disposable after a short term use. This means that you will have to replace them regularly. The microscopic voids and ridges on their surface are where bacteria multiply.

    Plastic tongue scrapers will rarely be possible to sterilize meaning after every three months you will have to dispose them. Metal scrapers are however easier to sterilize and reuse. Just dipping them in a sterilizing solution or boiling water and they are ready for reuse.

    It is important to note that if your tongue is a little more oversensitive, using plastic tongue scrapers is recommended as they are gentler on the tongue.


    You will agree with me that a wider tongue scraper will save you time by only requiring fewer scrubs to clean your tongue. However, you should be well aware of the intensity of your gag reflex. You probably don’t want a wide tongue scraper if your gag reflex is acute or else you’ll end up retching.

    10 Best Tongue Scrapers

    Editor's Rating:

    TONGUE CLEANER Tongue Sweeper SteelTONGUE CLEANER Tongue Sweeper Steel

    This tongue cleaner has a long and slender handle of stainless steel thus can fit into a toothbrush holder. With its rounded edges, the scraper is effective in removing bacteria and plaque along the tongue. Additionally, this tongue cleaner comes with a silicon band around its head base. Thus making it easier to tell which one is yours.

    Editor's Rating:

    Dr.Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue CleanerDr.Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

    This tongue scraper does a great job of allowing you to scrape away all built up bacteria found on your tongue. The tongue cleaner is constructed from the stainless steel curved material. The presence of the curve allows you to reach the depths of your throat without gags.

    Editor's Rating:

    HealthAndYoga Tongue CleanerHealthAndYoga Tongue Cleaner

    The HealthAndYoga tongue scraper is effective at scraping plaques and foul smelling odors from your tongue. It comes in a pack of twelve, enabling you to share with your family members. However, it does not have handles thus when scraping your tongue you may not have to apply the same sort of pressure as compared to other tongue cleaners.

    Editor's Rating:

    Simply Naz Tongue CleanerSimply Naz Tongue Cleaner

    This tongue scraper is made of stainless steel thus is susceptible to rust. Also, with its clean edged design it can be placed in dishwater for regular cleaning or can be cleaned with gentle hand wash.

    Editor's Rating:

    Gum Tongue CleanerGum Tongue Cleaner

    This tongue scraper is narrower and has a brush affixed to its side. Having a narrow head, you can navigate the far-reaching areas of your mouth and scrub clean. Also, with the presence of a brush on this cleaner, you can place a small amount of toothpaste on its bristles and gently scrub your tongue providing you with a long lasting, fresh and clean feeling.

    Editor's Rating:

    Pureline Tongue CleanerPureline Tongue Cleaner

    The tongue cleaner comes in a set of three. It is manufactured from a durable and FDA approved biocompatible material. Also, it can last long because it is made from hard plastic materials.

    Editor's Rating:

    BreathRx tongue scraperBreathRx tongue scraper

    BreathRx tongue cleaner comes in one or three packs. It is made from original plastic tube designed to remove the bacteria that causes bad breath. The scraper is strong in eliminating sulfurous compounds while killing the bacteria in easy and quick version.

    Editor's Rating:

    Orabrush tongue cleanerOrabrush tongue cleaner

    This scraper comes with ultra soft bristle designed to reach deeper parts of your tongue. it has a wide brush which scrapes off germs that are hiding between the teeth.

    Editor's Rating:

    Primedentalpro Tongue ScraperPrimedentalpro Tongue Scraper

    Primedentalpro comes with a kit that includes a sickle scaler, tongue scraper, and tartar scraper all packed in a nicely leather case. Tartar scraper is effective in cleaning the mouth’s inside while sickle scaler works like a metallic toothpick which you can use to remove far-reaching dirt that stuck between your teeth.

    Editor's Rating:

    Wouty Tongue ScraperWouty Tongue Scraper

    This scraper is made of plastic and requires one hand while using it. Having a single hand design it can easily fit in a toothbrush holder thus ensuring hygienic resting area while drying. Additionally, the tongue scraper has two sides for use one is an outward rivet, designed for the tongue center and a smooth side for sensitive areas of the tongue.