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    Top 9 Best Facial Steamer Reviews 2020 | Is Conair #1?

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    Facial steamers help our skin to open up pores to remove down oil, pollutants, and others dirt and dust stick onto our face throughout the day. Steaming helps wash away unnecessary facial germs like pimples or blackheads that are the main causes of skin break out and clogged pores and oily skin, making them an essential part to anyone's skin care routine.

    Top 3 Facial Steamers

    Conair True GlowConair True Glow

    Editor's Rating:


    • It helps open pores for deep cleansing
    • Includes Conair facial cleansing Brush
    • Includes nasal cone for concentrated problem areas


    2. Revlon Facial Sauna

    Revlon Facial SaunaRevlon Facial Sauna

    Editor's Rating:


    • Will leave skin feeling fresh and renewed
    • Includes 2 Cones: Facial and Nasal
    • Temperature is controlled by thermostat

    Secura NanoCareSecura NanoCare

    Editor's Rating:


    • Easily absorbed through skin
    • Moisturizes skin very quickly
    • 1-year warranty

    Because of more and more exposure to pollution like smoke from cars or cigarettes in our surroundings our faces more likely would suffer from breakouts every single day and facial steamers would help us solve the issues. Facial steamers could also unclog the pores for better blood circulation. So with the help of the best facial steamers your facial outbreaks could be over.

    Best Facial Steamer Buying Guide

    Good Tank Capacity

    Because it takes a while to heat up the water to turn into steam, you'll want a good tank size so you don't have to refill mid-session. While you can get away with most steamers having enough tank capacity for 5-10 minutes, some people like to do longer sessions at 15, or if you are using it with a friend or sister then having a big tank can make it a lot more usable.

    Heat Up Time

    The longer you have to wait to use it, the more annoying it is. Granted, it's best to just start heating it up in the beginning of your night routine. After you've showered, brushed your teeth, flossed and done everything you've needed to in the bathroom, it's time to steam it up and apply before you finish it off with the your evening tonics.

    That said, sometimes it's easy to forget or you want to get a quick steam in and having a shortened time can make it a lot less of a hassle and  alot easier to fit in these "quickies".

    facial steamer with good sized tank

    Easy to use 

    This goes without saying, and you can argue heat up time contributes to this. You'll also want one that is portable and where you can control the temperature pretty well. Sometimes it gets a little too warm, potentially making it uncomfortable to use directly on your face. Having a temperature control setting can be a big differentiator in your experience.

    Good Additional Features

    Steamers can come with a lot of small, miscellaneous features. Here are some of the most popular.

    Essential Oils Capability

    steamer going directly on woman's face

    Essential  oils have become really popular over the last several years, and good for reason. Applying it directly is one thing, but if you want the full effect of them get them directly into your pores and deep in your skin so you can get the full benefits of the nutrients without needing  to penetrate the skin.

    Not all steamers can have essential oils mixed in with the water, but if you can find one that does then take advantage of that feature and play around with nice, custom solutions to improve your routine!

    Nozzle for Precision

    Tied to ease of use, having a nozzle lets you apply the steam exactly where you want it - more often than not on those black heads, acne, and white heads. However, it's also useful if you don't have any and you just want to be sure to get every bit of your face. If using a nozzle, start from the top of your face and go left to right, top to bottom.

    Built-In Mirrors

    Pretty self explanatory - some come with mirrors to help you target blackheads and acne. You definitely still want to give your entire face some steam and attention, but of course you'll want to give special focus on those pain points. 

    Best Rated Face Steamers

    Conair True Glow Facial SaunaConair True Glow Facial Sauna

    The Conair True Glow Facial Sauna is easily the best facial steamer out of the whole bunch - don't let the pink deceive you. It is made of cool and warm steam that would give a different steaming experience whether to choose or use both warm and cool steam that have the same yet different result or help for your skin.

    The warm steam will help open and clean your pores and help maintain the healthier and younger looking skin; while the cool steam will close pores to help its smoothness to be maintained and to refresh your face. The five timers setting has its auto setting feature also.

    Revlon Facial SaunaRevlon Facial Sauna

    The Revlon Facial Sauna Steamer certainly lives up to the hype of the brandname Revlon as this is the best facial steamer for the money.

    This type of facial sauna is one of the avid steamers and has a unique two-step steaming feature, that cleanses your pores very well. It also helps renew, recreate and refresh the skin cells on your face that causes breakdown of acne or blackhead and helps it to have it glow look for a younger and healthier facial skin. The reliable thermostat regulates the temperature depending on the user’s desire, on how to regulate the facial sauna’s temperature to help improve the risk of scalding.

    Secura NanoCareSecura NanoCare

    The Secura NanoCare facial steamer is best for unclogging pores, removing invisible dirt or oils faster and than the other steamer, it promotes proper blood circulation to the skin especially when exposed to more sweat and dust outside from going to work coming back home that causes pimples and blackheads outbreak.

    The NanoCare steamer works for all skin types, it generates hot steam that can be absorbed fast. The 120-volt electrical system that meets the electrical standards of North American quality standard and assurance while ensuring that the steam is produced in just several minutes. That way, you don't have to wait forever to get your face treatment in, and acne and blackheads out!

    The Esthology Salon facial steamer has a heavy-duty frame with a rolling base and multi-functional ozone technology that works well on all skin types and helps our skin to breathe freely and bring back the glow that we had before. The output of the steam helps soothing and consistent facial texture that lessens pimple or blackhead outbreak. The easy relocation from one room to another feature is best for users who want to use wherever they want to especially best for spa or facial business. The built UV bulb helps the skin to replenish and remove unnecessary bacteria from dirt and pollutants, and lastly to bring back the natural beauty for a younger and healthier skin result.


    The Kingdom Cares Facial Steamer is #5 on our list and is a good bang for your buck. It helps remove and reduce blackheads, open skin pores to unclog dirt from pores and helps your skin to rejuvenate into a younger looking and appealing complexion even if it's not as nice to use as our other options.

    The steamer also helps your skin to hydrate and to give you a more glowing, healthier and younger looking face, for a healthy skin; and comes with a bottle of Eucalyptus oil blend for more soothing and fragrant facial steam. You can also use other essential oil blends which add some vitamins to your skin, but the steamer itself isn't top tier. That said, you can't go wrong with it and it will do its job, but it's hardly the immersive spa experience some people would expect. Anything above this in our ranking would serve as a better face steamer.

    Jocasta Professional Salon Spa SteamerJocasta Professional Salon Spa Steamer

    Honestly, the Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer came in with high expectations, but disappointed. It was decent, but anything that has the label "professional" better be more impressive than decent. It's not really worth the higher price, but it still out performs some of these other steamers we're reviewed.

    The steam contains oxygen ion which helps vaporize and clean your skin to sterilize it and have a smoother and healthier skin, the open pores helps improve blood circulation.

    The steamer’s adjustable arm will help you to move the steamer conveniently on your desired height level depending on your position or location. The automatic shut-off turns off the steamer if the water level is low to avoid over heat or damaging the steamer which is a nice feature. The wheels also make it easier to move around than other heavy-duty grades, but we'd still rather opt in for handheld steamers that you can just set on a table and use while you watch some Netflix.

    This steamer from Spaire can access purified and distilled water depending on your choice of water or what to put on your steam, and this steamer has a 100% guarantee that will not trigger your sinus or irritate you or your skin health. This steamer work with lotions and essential oils for fragrance and more effective steaming that will suit all the customers to achieve the perfect detox skin, cleaning hair follicles, kills skin bacteria and melting dead cells that cause skin damage and breakout.

    MIRA Nano IonicMIRA Nano Ionic

    The MIRA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is for everyone, and will surely suit men and women that want to clean and rejuvenate their skin to bring back the glowing and healthier skin they had before. The quality that this facial steamer offers is perfect for skin hydration especially when you are mostly exposed to stress, dirt or dust and direct heat or sunlight. When you have acne or blackheads breakout, MIRA facial steamer is the solution to cure your stress and worries.  The steam itself is good, but the plastic tends to be a little flimsy and won't really last too long despite the quality of the steam.

    Because micro-droplets generate the barriers that the skin produces, that will give you a young and healthy skin result that will surely satisfy you and gives you a smoother and soothing skin result.

    Profiles Wide Mask SaunaProfiles Wide Mask Sauna

    Its wide mask design offers users satisfaction due to the larger cover that spans a wider area of the face which makes it more convenient and effective. The warm steam works very well without compromising or risking the safety of its users. This steamer provides a professional like deep cleansing steam that restores or revives your skin’s natural glow and beauty like it did before. It helps open and clear deep pores that are not visible to the eye, does not irritate sinus, and works as a good nasal aid respiratory therapy. This space-efficient facial sauna is efficient and lasts long with proper use.


    What is the best face steamer?

     The best face steamer is the Conair True Glow Facial Sauna. The 5 heat settings combines cool and hot steam so that you can easily control the temperature. Other options either don't have temperature control or just have 3 settings. An additional 2 makes it a lot easier to adjust steam temperature which is critical because your face's skin is so sensitive.


    Is a facial steam good for your skin?

     A facial steam is good for your skin because it helps dilate pores. By dilating them, or expanding them, it is easier to remove blackheads and dirt since the pores are bigger. Steam will open up clogged pores, reduce acne, and help with blackhead extraction. Steam is extremely important to anyone with acne prone skin or anyone who wants a deep cleansing facial.

    How does steaming help the face?

    Steaming helps the face by opening the pores, unclogging clogged pores and helping to loosen up dirt or oil build up, making it easy to remove these things. It's an important step to any successful skin routine.

    Does a face steamer help acne?

    A face steamer helps acne a lot by reducing acne in a matter of 2-3 uses, and will continue to help acne with additional uses. While it won't clear acne, the steam will open up pores to help you extract blemishes. Steaming will also help purify the skin and get rid of toxins and any other build up that isn't good for your skin which contributes to acne.

    Is Steam good for wrinkles?

    Steam is good for wrinkles by allowing your pores and skin cells to refreshen and breathe. The heat and moisture from the steam will flush away build up, dirt, and make up so that your skin is pure and clean, giving anti-aging effects and preserving your skin.

    What essential oils are good for steaming your face?

    Several good essential oils for steaming our face include:

    • tea tree (best for acne)
    • rosemary (good for acne)
    • rose (#1 for dry/mature skin)
    • jasmine (anti-aging benefits)
    • geranium (good for sensitive skin)
    • lavender  (good for sensitive skin)


    How long should I steam my face?

    You should your face for 10-15 minutes in a single session. The best way to do it is to open up the steam, quickly close your eyes, then take a deep breathe. Bring your face gradually in range of the steam, allowing it to slowly hit your skin and open up your pores. Steaming longer than 10-15 minutes (exact time varies per person) can result in dry skin. If the temperature is too hot it can cause minor burns.

    How often should you use a facial steamer?

    You should aim to use a facial steamer about two times a week. A minimum is once a week, but two is ideal to get the most benefits from it without damaging or drying your skin. I like to do it before starting the week on Sunday nights, and you'll usually want it towards the end of your routine, right before you put on your favorite serum or mask, to ensure maximum cleanliness and opened pores. 

    Can I steam my face every day?

    You can not steam your face every day. Doing so will result in dry skin. Your face will begin to produce more oils as steamers will wipe away the oil and your body will overcompensate. Instead of every day, aim to do it two times a week, and no more. Once a week is fine too, but more than twice a week will result in the aforementioned issues. Don't forget to wash immediately after to wipe away the build up.

    Is it bad to steam your face everyday?

    It is bad to steam your face everyday. In fact, it can cause your face to become more oily, dry, and might actually make your acne worse. If you steam too often then your pores can become too big, making it easy for bacteria and dirt to make it in and causing blemishes.