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    standing desks have become much more prevalent in today’s workplaces if you need help chooseing your own read our review

    Uplift Desk Review | Ergonomic Standing Workplace or Study Unit

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    Standing desks have become much more prevalent in today’s workplaces. It isn’t uncommon for companies to have just standing desks today, instead of the traditional desks. Stand up desks are said to be better for people’s health. Health benefits include reduced back pain, lower risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Many studies even show that standing desks can improve worker mood and productivity. To help improve your professional life, it is a good idea to buy one of the top rated standing desks on the market today: a desk that provides comfort yet plenty of space to get things done. Our Uplift desk review will describe a great standing desk for you.

    The Uplift standing desk

    Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing DeskUplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

    The Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk comes from industry-leading designers and manufacturers, Uplift. Their new Uplift standing desk is the cure all to negative health effects in the workplace related to sitting at traditional desks. Their standing desk, the Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk comes in 3 different sizes: 48 inches, 72 inches and even 80 inches wide. 

    The Uplift Desk V2 is made from a new, lighter standing frame with improved stability and increased safety. The standing frame allows for height adjustable desks from 24.5 inches all the way to 50.25 inches, not including the 1 inch thickness of the bamboo desk.

    The desktop is a beautiful, durable and sustainable carbonized miso bamboo, which is harder than wood and can provide a durable, yet clean and chic look that can last you for years. 

    The bamboo wood has unique honey-colored spots from the natural variation in different individual reeds, giving each desk its signature look and setting it apart from other brand name standing desks. The bamboo’s strength makes the desk very firm and resilient to bending and bowing, further increasing the lifespan of this desk. The bamboo wood is all-natural with no artificial staining or dying and the desk is finished cleanly and beautifully with no harsh chemicals or agents

    Some other features include the adjustable desk heights via an advanced keypad. The advanced keypad allows you to adjust the height of your stand up desk to one of four typical desk heights with just one simple button. You can lock down the height of your standing desk, set minimum and maximum adjustable heights for your desk to any customizable range within the parameters of height range of the desk. You can even set the desk’s collision sensitivity to protect the desk from any workplace mishaps and keep your desk as pristine and beautiful as possible

    My first experiences with the uplift desk

    Our team’s first experiences with the Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk were generally pretty positive. The desk has a maximum capacity of holding 355 lbs, so everybody at the office had a chance to go for a ride on the new standing desk. It’s relatively quiet during its motion, so moving the desk around a relatively painless thing to do. The frame and the bamboo wood can be disassembled into its core components making transport very easy. 

    The size of the desk was really good for what I needed. I was able to fit in my 27” iMac desktop and my 15” personal laptop with plenty of space left for other normal office furnishings. I even had space for multiple photo frames of my two adorable dogs, Milo and Tenpenny. My old desk at my previous job was very cramped and I had barely enough room just for my desktop to fit.

    The closed, cramped up desk combined with the cubicle environment made work a lot more strenuous and difficult. This standing desk at our office has made me much more productive and happy during work hours. I’ve been able to stay energized and get a lot of work done faster. My colleagues who have also tried the desk have said the same thing. 

    The portability of this desk can not be emphasized enough. Despite its lightness, it is somehow very firm and sturdy. The standing desk was able to withstand a lot of wear and tear throughout its vigorous use throughout the office. I remember spilling boiling hot coffee on the bamboo desk. The coffee didn’t as much as cause a single crack in the wood. It remained as fresh and virile as we had first got it after a thorough cleaning with disinfectant wipes. I can’t tell you how many we have had to move this around the office, but it still looks like we just brought it in a week ago.

    How the uplift desk performed

    The Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk performed to our expectations. It looks very modern and almost minimalist in itself. That minimalist aura transformed itself over in how I kept my workspace. My previously cramped, closed up desk was made even worse by the mess that I kept at my desk. Papers and files took up a big amount of space in the numerous tiny drawers that I was afforded in my cubicle. My standing desk was a lot less cluttered here as I got rid of things that didn’t matter to me and kept the things that were relevant to my job or just things like pictures of my two dogs to keep me going if I was having a particularly rough day for some reason. 

    Having ample space for both my desktop and my personal laptop has allowed me to be a lot more efficient in my work, as I’m able to research and plan on my desktop and I’m able to write and communicate through email in the personal laptop with relative ease. The standing desk’s adjustable height allowed me to change positions, whether I wanted to stand up straight or kneel and give my calves some extra exercise. The lock system via the advanced keypad allowed me to monitor and keep the standing desk exactly to my liking however I want it.

    Some concerns about the height-adjustable desk

    Some concerns about the Uplift V2 height-adjustable desk is that its customization options aren’t the best. The bamboo colored desk, as good as it may be, is just one color at the end. Bamboo may not be your style. ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk has so many more options in color and style. It has colors like the classic black, american walnut, red cherry, light oak or a bright moonlight white. These are just some of the few colors that the ApexDesk has, ensuring that any color that they have will match your style and the office space overall, so your standing desk doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of conformity. 

    The ApexDesk has similar strengths and features to the Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk. Furthermore, it has a curved, ergonomic desk design compared to the rectangular shape of the Uplift standing desk. The ergonomic design allows the desk user to sit much closer to the desk, unhindered by the rough harsh edges that come with a rectangular desk. The electric motorized steel frame allows for greater versatility in movement and the electronic whir is easily dismissible as background noise, as it is very quiet. The motorized steel frame allows for quick, automatic movement in the height-adjustable desk and easier cleaning, compared to the 4 preset adjustable desk heights of the Uplift standing desks. The ApexDesk does everything that the Uplift V2 desk does and even goes beyond in its extra features, making it a product to be extremely desired.

    The Fezibo Standing Desk 33" stand up desk converter allows for a healthy balance of sitting and standing up in your work day, as the workstation can be put on top of a traditional desk, giving more freedom in the choice of sitting up and standing down. The Uplift standing desk doesn’t have that exact choice capability and its height-adjustable desk isn’t as robust and flexible as the Fezibo stand up desk converter.

    The uplift desk stands and delivers at a price you can actually afford

    Desk with hardware on it

    The uplift desk stands and delivers at a very reasonable and affordable price for what you’re getting. Whether you’re going for the 48” desk, the 72” one or the grand 80” inch wide desk, you’re not going to be breaking your back or wallet with this purchase. All the features you get with the desk, including the Bamboo Motion-X Board, a beautifully bamboo-laden and molded balance board that sits on a plastic dome and gives your feet some rest from the hard flooring, allowing you to ergonomically move around your desk. You can comfortably tilt, rock and swivel while you stand at your desk, giving your legs a little workout and further burning more calories than you would if you were just sitting in an uncomfortable traditional desk.

    The all-natural bamboo wood with the all-natural finishing free of any fake, harmful chemicals will make you feel like you’re working in a true, genuine workspace devoid of any harmful side effects that can impede your work. The extremely reasonable price is well justified to obtain this feeling. 

    If you want to change up your work and professional environment, are having negative health effects from sitting down all day in your 9-5, and want to get a standing desk to help alleviate these problems, you should consider checking this standing desk out to see if it’s the right fit for you. It was definitely improved my work life and was a hit around the office. 

    With free shipping available from 3rd-party wholesalers like Amazon, the Uplift desk will be delivered to you at no cost from a reliable shipper in just under a week (even less time if you have Amazon Prime).