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    Vicks Toenail Fungus Myth | Does Vaporub Antifungal Treatment Work?

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    Onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungal infection, is experienced by at least 1 in every 10 persons in the US. It’s not necessarily life-threatening but it’s a pesky, contagious disease. Treatment is certainly highly sought after that lots of folks are now talking about the Vicks toenail fungus myth.

    So if you’re one of those who has heard of the positive effects of Vicks Vaporub on nail fungus, you might want to read on. We’ll help you further understand why and how Vicks for toenail fungus became a popular solution among the general populace.

    What is the Vicks Toenail Fungus Myth?

    if you've heard about using vicks for toe fungus then you've already heard most of what myth is all about

    If you’ve heard about using Vicks for toe fungus, then you’ve already heard most of what the myth is all about. Lots of people share their success stories using this product in treating their nail fungus so it shouldn’t be hard to get wind of this home remedy.

    Even reputable sources are listing it as an off-beat solution to the said condition so it’s going to be hard to miss if you’ve looked up ways to cure nail fungus.

    Despite the many testimonials that the Vicks Vaporub cream treated their nail fungus, it’s still considered as a myth because this use hasn’t been studied extensively just yet. While there are many other proven-effective uses for Vicks Vapor rub (like how it can provide relief for coughs and colds in children and adults), the same kind of scientific research hasn’t been done for onychomycosis yet.

    What Experts Say about the Vicks Toenail Fungus Myth

    If there’s one thing that a lot of experts can’t refute about the use of Vicks Vaporub for toenail fungus, however, is that there’s evidence that it can help with the condition. This is a good thing but doctors and scientists have a few reservations that prevent them from recommending it as a treatment to their patients.

    there are very limited studies about the topic

    For one, there are very limited studies about the topic. The most cited study of on the matter involves a very small sample size and conditions that are varying in severity and types of infection. This means that the 18 subjects that participated in the study, the types of fungi that caused their infections and the severity of their conditions are different. These make their positive result still hard to quantify.

    In this regard, experts can’t directly answer the question, ‘does Vicks vapor rub work on nail fungus?’ definitively just yet. However, they’re also not telling you not to try using Vicks on your feet for fungus. Since this product is formulated to be safe for topical use, chances are, applying it on the affected area won’t hurt you.

    Using Vicks Vaporub to Treat Nail Fungus

    Thinking about it, it shouldn’t be too surprising that lots of people tried Vicks Vapor rub on toenail fungus. There are quite a few things about this product that makes it a viable solution to a seemingly harmless condition. Some of these are the following:

    1. Its soothing effect.

    As nail fungus can get itchy and painful, lots of people also look for quick-relief remedies that can help them manage the condition. With the lengthy treatment period, the effects of this ailment can really be too bothersome to just bear with. But if there’s something that can help minimize the discomfort that it comes with, living day to day with the condition will be a lot easier.

    As Vicks Vaporub has a soothing effect, people easily came up with it as a quick solution to the itching and pain. Its menthol and eucalyptus ingredients help soothe the skin and the affected area so applying Vicks on it can easily be a good way to deal with the condition safely.

    2. It’s a classic all-around solution for many households.
    vicks vaporub has been around for more than a century making it a trusted household name

    Vicks Vaporub has been around for more than a century now, making it a trusted household name. In fact, in some homes, it’s revered as a cure-it-all product, slapped into whatever skin concern one might have. With the many benefits of Vicks Vapor rub, it’s not too far-fetched to think that it has more to offer.  This is why it’s easy to understand that someone decided to try it on their nail fungus.

    What should be surprising is the fact that it worked in lots of nail fungus cases. As this product isn’t formulated for that purpose, this is a pleasant surprise for many.

    3. Its cheap price tag and accessibility.

    Since Vicks Vaporub is very cheap and easy to find, it also provides a quick and easy alternative to other nail fungus treatments. This makes it a convenient option for some. And if it didn’t work, no love is lost for the product since it wasn’t made for the purpose and it’s not that expensive anyway. You can also use it for other uses after, granted that the jar is not contaminated or empty just yet.

    4. The side effects other treatments come with.

    Lots of people also turn to alternative treatments for nail fungus because the ones that are made for the very ailment have serious side effects. Lamisil, the oral drug that is proven to be most effective in treating nail fungus, can cause liver damage. This makes it not worth the risk since there are other options out there. If you want to check them out, you’ll find Healthy Top Tens’ roundup very helpful.

    The possible Vicks Vapor rub toenail fungus side effects, on the other hand, are not as severe. At most, you can have an allergic reaction to its ingredients like thymol oil, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. Some folks might also react to the strong scent of the chest rub. With these, it’s safe to say that Vicks Vaporub can be a safer alternative to the other fungal infection treatment products in the market.

    5. The fact that other treatments take just as long to take full effect.

    Wondering how long does it take for Vicks to work on nail fungus? According to experts, it’s said that 12 weeks of daily application of Vicks on feet can treat the condition effectively. This turnover rate is similar to a lot of commercially available nail fungus treatment products.

    As they also come with heftier price tags, it makes sense that some folks prefer the more affordable Vicks Vaporub over special formulas. If you want to do your own comparison, however, these reviews should help you out.

    How Does Vicks Work on Nail Fungus

    While the points mentioned above already make a good case for Vicks Vaporub, there’s one more thing to this remedy that makes it all the more worth looking into. Its formula is the very thing that compels experts to consider the validity of the users’ claims of its effectiveness.

    most experts attribute its success to the menthol and eucalyptus oil contained

    How does Vicks Vapor rub work on nail fungus, you might be wondering? Most experts attribute its success to the menthol and eucalyptus oil contained in this product.

    These two are primarily known for their cooling and soothing effects, providing relief to the discomfort that comes with coughs, colds, and some cases of skin irritation. 

    They also contain antifungal properties, so it’s easy to see why it can possibly work on nail fungal infections.

    Some experts, on the other hand, say that the thymol oil in Vicks Vaporub makes it a potent product against nail fungus. One study shows that thymol oil is effective in eradicating Candida, a species that is a popular cause of nail fungus. According to the study, thymol oil disrupts the cell membranes and metabolism of the said microorganism which then leads them to death.

    These are the very reasons why experts are giving Vicks a chance when it comes to treating nail fungus. It shows great potential in getting the job done but more research is required to be certain.

    People Also Ask

    Still curious about the Vicks toenail fungus myth? Here are the other questions people ask in relation to the topic:

    What is the best treatment for toenail fungus?

    As mentioned above, there are several treatment options for toenail fungus. Some works better than others, depending on whether the product you’re using is made to eradicate the type of fungus that’s causing your condition. 

    there are several treatment options for toenail fungus

    This is why the best treatment for toenail fungus varies from one case to another.To find the best treatment for your case, it’s best to see a specialist.

    However, if you don’t want to spend money to determine what type of culture is causing your condition, you can also opt to try out different kinds of treatments instead. 

    By trying different products that use various active ingredients, you might be able to hit the spot and find an effective solution to your minor health woe.

    Is nail fungus dangerous to your health?

    The symptoms of toenail fungus might be alarming but it’s not necessarily dangerous to your health. It can, however, cause great discomforts, especially when your nails start to become deformed and misshapen. So even if nail fungus won’t necessarily threaten your well-being, it’s still important to treat it right away.


    With all of the facts discussed above, using Vicks Vaporub really seems like a good option in treating nail fungus. Experts might not necessarily recommend doing this but they’re also not against the idea. The risks are low, so why not give it a try? Who knows, it might just be the very product that can treat your ailment once and for all.