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    Vivo Standing Desk Review | Adjustable Height & Amazing Ergonomics For Your Workplace

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    Before you go all out and purchase a new desk, you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible product within your price range. Our team has done extensive research to bring you a comprehensive vivo standing desk review. This review will cover all of the most important aspects of a suitable desk, including height, stability, ease of use, and adjustability. Taking into account the activities you are most often involved in, is this desk the right one for you? Read on to find out for sure.

    Our Vivo standing desk review - what makes this brand stand out (pun intended)?

    VIVO Height Adjustable Standing DeskVIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

    The Vivo Vivo height adjustable standing desk outshines its competitors with almost every feature. It was designed to serve those who spend a lot of time at their desks but are conscious of the need to get up and move around.

    The benefits of working at a standing desk have particularly become more well-documented in recent years. But do you want to completely replace your sit-down work station with a standing desk? Do you have room for two desks?

    The answer to both these questions is probably a no. That’s where a Vivo adjustable desk comes in. You don’t have to choose between a sitting or standing desk. You can have both in one.

    Vivo’s convertible standing desk allows you to easily adjust it from a sitting to standing position. This convenient solution doesn’t come with any drawbacks. The Vivo desk is exceptional in a variety of ways. Along with its adjustable design, it also boasts a spacious work area, simple assembly instructions, and a healthy 3-year warranty.

    With this versatile desk, Vivo offers exceptional quality at an affordable price, just like the Uplift desk we recently reviewed.

    How much weight can this desk take?

    True desk people understand that a desk is only worth as much as you can put on top of it. This Vivo tabletop sit/stand workstation provides plenty of space for your various monitors, laptops and keyboard. More importantly, it is built to hold up beautifully under the weight of all those necessary things. The desk sits on a steel frame that can bear up to 37.5 pounds of weight.

    vivo desk weight

    If you are concerned about the adjustable aspects of the desk, don’t be. 

    Vivo has implemented heavy-duty gas spring power, that combined with the steel framework makes this a reliably sturdy work area. A typical computer monitor may weight anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds.

    Subtract that from the 37. 5 pounds this desk can easily carry and your still free to add at least 21.5 pounds of monitors, speakers, etc. 

    If you need more than 21 pounds of extra paraphernalia in your workspace, you may want to look for another desk—or it may just be time to do some major decluttering.

    The Vivo adjustable desk will stand up reliably under a load of multiple monitors. To state it another way, it won’t let you down—literally.

    Is sitting at Vivo desk equally comfortable as standing?

    One of the reasons your considering this height adjustable standing desk is its versatility. You want in on the standing desk benefits without having to forgo ever sinking back in your comfortable chair. Logically, the question comes up. Is the Vivo desk equally comfortable for sitting as well as standing?

    The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

    Well organized desk

    Once the desk has been lowered easily into one of its sitting desk positions, you should have no problem using it in combination with any table or office chair.

    The desk’s top platform will rest 6.5 inches above your tabletop in its lowest position, which allows you a comfortable neck position while looking at your monitor.

    The keyboard tray is located only an inch or so above your desktop. In the standing position, the keyboard tray is located slightly lower than the main desk area, which may take some getting used to if you are not accustomed to this type of design. However, with generous adjustable range, it is unlikely that you won’t be able to find a comfortable position for either sitting or standing at this desk.

    40” Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount40” Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount

    If you’re still not sure this tabletop design is for you, another option to consider is the 40” Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount. This fully adjustable desk is sturdy and affordable.

    Though the features of this standup desk don’t quite match the quality of Vivo, one of its most convenient traits is the swiveling monitor mount. This mount allows you to adjust your monitor to a comfortable angle while leaving your workspace open.

    Is adjustment range sufficient?

    The Vivo sit stand desk has 8 different height adjustment points. This takes into consideration a wide variance in height among users and allows you to adjust it to a point that is comfortable for you.

    At its lowest point, the desk’s upper platform will sit 6.5 inches above the surface on which you have set it. In its highest position, the desk sits 16 inches above the surface. The 6 adjustment points in between allow you to find the perfect position for yourself, and also contribute to a smooth transition when you are raising or lowering the desk.

    Studies have shown that the best place for your monitor is at or slightly below eye level and about 20 inches away from your eyes horizontally. Your eyes should be looking slightly down at the middle of the screen but should not have to move your head to look up or down at the monitor.

    The Vivo desk’s range of adjustments allow you to find this position for yourself, whether you are sitting or standing. The spacious design and careful placement of the keyboard tray also allow you to stay a comfortable distance from your monitors.

    Is Vivo easy to adjust for different heights?

    Our team members agree that the Vivo desk slides between its 8 height adjustments with surprising ease. Its stable design allows you to adjust it from sitting to standing position—and back again—without having to worry about anything you have on it wobbling of falling off.

    vivo standing desk heights

    The desk can be adjusted from its lowest position to its highest in one smooth motion. The transition is easy to make and is not noisy.

    If you plan to use this desk in a shared office or cubical setting, you don’t have to worry about causing a disturbance or drawing attention whenever you want to shift from a sitting to a standing position, or visa versa.

    We do want to note that because of its quality construction, this tabletop desk is fairly heavy itself. You won’t want to be moving it from one work station to another frequently. However, this does not affect the ease of adjustment.

    You should be able to effortlessly slide it from one setting to the other. Just remember when raising it to lift it directly upwards—don’t try to pull it toward yourself.

    Did we find keyboard tray big enough?

    A standard keyboard is usually around 18 inches long and 6 inches wide. The lower deck of this Vivo desk, which functions as a keyboard tray is 28 inches long by 9 inches wide. This allows plenty of room for most keyboards, plus an extra 10 inches for a mouse.

    We found this keyboard tray to be sufficiently roomy to be used comfortably. If you have an unusually large keyboard, or like to use the space for other items, this is something you’ll want to take into consideration.

    The keyboard tray on this model is also removable. This can come in handy if you don’t care for the extra inch or so it adds to the height of your keyboard when you are working from a sitting position. You can simply remove the tray and place your keyboard on the tabletop.

    Does Vivo standing desk work for gaming?

    With plenty of room for duel monitors, this desk can be used for gaming. If you use a larger keyboard for gaming, you will want to take the dimensions of the lowest deck into consideration. The Vivo keyboard tray measures 28 x 9, which works well for most standard and full-size keyboards. However, you may find it a bit small for a gaming keyboard.

    This is a great way to get up on your feet without having to leave your game. Studies have shown that using a standing desk can have multiple health benefits. Stand to:

    • Burn more calories, reducing the risk of weight gain.

    • Reduce blood sugar spikes after a meal.

    • Increase heart health, lowering the risk of cardiac disease.

    • Reduce both short-term and long-term back and neck pain.

    • Reduce stress and fatigue, improving your overall mood and energy level.

    The Vivo desk may greatly increase your enjoyment of your gaming by increasing your overall well-being. Plus, you’ll be able to stop feeling guilting for sitting around so much. You can improve your health and comfort without cutting back on what you love.

    How about long working hours with multiple monitors?

    If you work long hours with multiple monitors, this is definitely a desk to consider. It is spacious enough for several monitors or monitor/lap-top combinations. Best of all is the fact that you can use it either sitting or standing.

    Sitting at a desk all day has been shown to be incredibly harmful to your health. But work has to be done, right? With the Vivo adjustable standing desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing, increasing both your immediate comfort and long-term health. This desk was created for people like you.

    ApexDesk Elite Series 71ApexDesk Elite Series 71

    Obviously, we love the Vivo tabletop, but another option to consider is the ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This fully adjustable desk can be raised from 29 inches (for sitting) to 48 inches (for standing).

    Even better, the frame contains an electric motor, so you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. When you are ready to move from a sitting to a standing position, all you have to do is push a button.

    The desk’s motor can raise up to 225 pounds of added weight, making it a reliable choice if you keep a full desk with multiple monitors. It also doubles as a lovely piece of furniture with a gracefully sculped tabletop.

    For all its good points, the ApexDesk is less affordable and versatile than the Vivo desk. This leads us to conclude that when compared to similar products, the Vivo still comes in at the top. It excels in areas of both quality and affordability, making it one of the best standing desks we’ve had the pleasure to review.