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    learn what can i use instead of eyelash glue

    What Can I Use Instead of Eyelash Glue? | We Compiled the Best Alternatives

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    It’s a fact that your eyes are some of the most noticeable features you can have. This is why a lot of people try to keep their eye makeup on point. Unfortunately, there could still be some bumps on the road. This includes sensitivities to commercial lash glues which might just keep you from having the most luscious eyelashes.

    If you find yourself asking, ‘what can I use instead of eyelash glue?’, this guide is for you. We’ve rounded up a few of the most important things you need to know about these beauty tools and their alternatives to help you out.

    Why Would You Need a Lash Glue Alternative?

    There are tons of reasons why you might find yourself in need of a substitute for eyelash glue. A lot of people get in this situation after suffering from an allergic reaction to commercial products.

    best eyelash glue can help you achieve best look

    As most of these cosmetic adhesives contain latex, they can be too irritating to some people.

    Even if you did get the best eyelash glue, if you’re allergic to their main component, you will still need a good eyelash glue substitute if you want to keep wearing falsies.

    Due to its placement near your eyes, you should never just soldier on if you’re having bad reactions from an eyelash glue. It can hurt your vision, for one thing. It will also look bad, anyway, since the glue might also cause your eyelids to look red and swollen.

    Of course, there’s also the fact that you’ve run out and there are no eyelash glues available to you locally. This might be hard to imagine for some folks, but for those who live in small towns, it can really happen. A lash glue alternative could offer a faster way to make sure that you’ll get to add volume to your lashes in a flash, so why not give it a try, right?

    No matter what the case for you is, the fact remains that there’s a need for eyelash glue alternatives, so we’ve listed down a few that you can try.

    Eyelash Glue Alternatives and How to Use Them

    What to use instead of eyelash glue? Here are a few items that you can try right now:

    Self-Adhesive Fake Lashes

    Stick on eyelashes are possibly some of the most popular alternatives to lash glues since they don’t just solve your problem but they can also make the whole process of attaching fake lashes simpler. How? Well, as the name suggests, these items already come with adhesives on them.

    With these items, you don’t need an eyelash glue anymore. You can just peel off these falsies from their container, stick them on your natural lashes, and that’s that. Make sure to press them nicely into your lashes so they’ll stick nicely. They’re relatively fuss-free, as you don’t have to struggle to put on glue on such a flimsy material.

    eyelash glue alternatives and how to use them

    However, it’s very important to only go for the best self-adhesive eyelashes. Some products might not have very reliable adhesives on them that might cause the fake lashes to come off later on. This can put you in a very tight spot especially if you do not have an eyelash glue with you.

    It’s also important to note that these products still use lash glues that are similar to the ones available commercially. So if you’re allergic to lash glues, this might still not give you a good alternative for your needs. Your eyes can still get irritated from its ingredients.

    If you’re just looking for something that will let you wear falsies when you don’t have any lash glue, though, this can be a good alternative. But if you really need to avoid lash adhesives, magnetic falsies are also great options. These are relatively new products so it might be tricky to find them locally, but you can easily find them online.

    DIY Eyelash Glue

    When you’ve run out of fake eyelash glue in the middle of preparing for a big day and you absolutely cannot go without primping your lashes, the next best thing might just be to make some yourself. DIY eyelash glue is actually quite easy to make.

    Here’s a popular recipe for homemade eyelash glue.

    What you need:

    2 tbsp water

    ½ tsp sugar

    1 drop honey

    1 drop non-toxic white glue

    Directions on how to make eyelash glue: Mix all of the ingredients together in a small mixing cup and apply to the fake eyelashes as you would a regular eyelash glue.

    As most of these ingredients are readily available at home, it can be a life-saving recipe for those who tend to forget to replenish their beauty supplies. Such an oversight can happen, especially with a small item like lash glue.

    However, it’s very important to remember to only use the most non-toxic white glue if you’re whipping up a DIY lash glue recipe. You don’t want to hurt your eyes with the harsh chemicals that are often used in liquid adhesives. As your ocular area tends to be very sensitive, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re only using the safest ingredients.

    Volumizing Mascaras and Eyeliners

    If you really can’t work with eyelash glues due to their chemical content, maybe it’s wise to not try to attach fake lashes altogether. You can just use a seriously volumizing mascara and pair it with a reliable eyeliner to get the job done. This eyelash glue alternative won’t even need you to know how to put on eyelashes so it might be a much better option for you.

    The tricky part, however, when it comes to mascaras is that a lot of them promise luscious lashes but not everyone delivers. Some might even be more of a hassle than anything as they might provide volume but can also be clumpy, or worse, crusty. You need to avoid such as they will look gross and can also hurt your eyes.

    As for eyeliners, not all of them are long wearing. So if you want to make your lashes look thick all day long, it might be necessary to touch it up every now and then with a poor quality eyeliner. However, if you happened to find a good product, this might not be an issue for you.

    As mentioned above, some eye cosmetics can also irritate your eyes and the skin surrounding it. You should really be very careful in which eye cosmetics you use as it can pose risks to your eyes as well.

    Lash Tint

    If you don’t want to bother wearing mascara every day, you can also just dye your eyelashes to make them appear fuller. Doing this can be a bit tricky, however, so make sure to do a lot of research before giving it a go. It’s also crucial to be very particular with the product you’ll use to dye your lashes as you don’t want to irritate your skin with the material it used.

    Lash Growth Serums

    Like eye makeup, this is also technically not an eyelash glue alternative but it can keep you from needing fake eyelashes altogether. Lash growth serums, as the name suggests, promises to make your eyelashes look fuller and thicker. So if you do get the results you want from it, you might not need to wear fake eyelashes anymore.

    How does this product work? They are formulated to help stimulate blood flow to the eyelash follicles, so the hairs in the area can grow out faster and stronger. This often results in thicker and longer lashes.

    There are two great things about these products. One is that it’s very easy to use. You just need to apply it on your lashes after washing your face and that’s it.

    Two, you can make your very own lash growth serums at home. All you really need is pure castor oil and you can say goodbye to needing eyelash glue for good. Of course, you can also buy them from various beauty brands, but if you prefer not to, you have a great alternative.

    Just be very careful in applying castor oil near your eyes. This oil can also hurt your eyes when it gets into your eyeball, so be very careful in its application.

    Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash extensions can also be a good eyelash glue replacement since it can eliminate the need for you to keep putting on fake eyelashes. It’s not necessarily an adhesive but because it’s still an effective way to put on fake eyelashes, so it can still be a good option.

    What makes eyelash extensions different from regular fake eyelashes? They are meant to last way longer than the fake lashes you use at home. They use sturdier falsies and permanent lash glue which can be considered as the best glue for fake eyelashes since they really won’t budge.

    So with this procedure, you don’t have to repeatedly attach fake lashes on your natural ones as often as you do now. They may come with a commitment but they’re less fussy than casually wearing fake eyelashes on the regular.

    These are the two ways how you can get eyelash extensions:

    Professional Eyelash Extensions

    As the name suggests, this process requires a professional to help you attach fake eyelashes on your natural lashes. They can last for months with high-quality materials and tools as well as expert application.

    The best salons can guarantee that the results will look natural as well. They also offer a wide range of different designs, so you can definitely choose how you want to look after.

    To get this procedure, you just need to find a good salon that offers such services. Book an appointment and you’re good to go.

    The only downside to this process is that it can get quite pricey. If you’re willing to invest on the look, however, it shouldn’t be a bad financial decision.

    DIY Eyelash Extensions

    If you’re quite skilled in wearing fake eyelashes, you can now also just DIY this process. Apparently, permanent lash glues are now commercially available, so you can just purchase your preferred kind of fake lashes and attach it on your own. It’s a more affordable way to wear falsies, so it’s definitely worth considering.

    Eyelash Glue Safety

    As we’re already on the topic of lash glues, it’s very important to discuss eye safety in connection with these products and its alternatives. You will need to protect your eyes really well as it can be harmed in various ways so it’s crucial to learn how to keep it very safe.

    Your eyes are some of the most sensitive areas in your face. The skin around it proves to be some of the thinnest in your body, so they’re certainly delicate. Your eyes can also be damaged by a lot of different things, so if you don’t want to harm your eyesight, you have to be very careful when dealing with this area.

    with right glue you will achieve best results and get amazing fake eyelashes

    To help ensure that your eyes are safe despite all of the efforts you make for the sake of beauty, you might be interested to learn what you shouldn’t use as an alternative for eyelash glue.

    You might be wearing the best fake eyelashes but if you use it with the wrong glue, you might not achieve the best results and even harm yourself in the process. You should also worry about your designer outfits, which is why you should learn how to get eyelash glue off clothes

    What should you avoid when you’re looking for an eyelash adhesive? The answer is pretty simple, they’re regular adhesives. These items are not meant to be used on the body, so you really shouldn’t use it on one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

    So if you’re thinking of using some super glue on eyelashes, don’t. This type of adhesive is very strong and toxic so you really shouldn’t use it on your skin, much more, your eyelashes. Its fumes can potentially harm your eyes and it will be very hard to take off. If you get frustrated and try to rip the falsies off, there’s a very good chance that your natural lashes will come off, too.

    Hopefully our long list of lash glue alternatives will already give you enough options when you’ve run out of eyelash glue. The items we’ve recommended above are way safer than regular adhesives, so just give them a try.

    They might not be as affordable as super glue but they can be safer for you which can also mean that they can save you from unnecessary medical bills. Give them a shot and you might just end up with better-looking lashes as a result.