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    what skin wrinkles are and what causes

    What Causes Wrinkles Under Eyes, On Your Face, or Anywhere Else on Your Skin?

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    Before we go into what you can do to avoid wrinkles, it’s necessary to learn what causes them in the first place. By understanding why and how they form, you can better avoid the very things that will bring them into being.

    So, what causes wrinkles? Here are a few of the most common reasons why you have lines and creases on your skin:

    1. Aging

    It’s no secret that wrinkles are some of the most popular signs of aging so it shouldn’t be a surprise that aging is one of the biggest reasons why you have them. According to experts, your skin loses its elasticity as you age.

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    Scientists say that the moment you hit the age of 20, your body will start to produce less collagen. They’ve discovered that the body will produce 1% less collagen starting from this age and will continue to do so every year as you get older.

    How will this affect your skin? Being the very substance that holds the body together, the loss of collagen results in the decline of the skin’s structural integrity. It slows down the replacement of dead skin cells so your skin will be duller and less elastic.

    With less collagen in your body, your skin will be less capable of bouncing back to its old appearance when damaged. This is why creases and folds will start leaving a mark on your skin as you get older.

    2. Sun exposure

    Have you noticed that only the areas of your body that get the most sun exposure get wrinkles? This is because sun exposure is also to blame for the lines and creases on your skin.

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    How? Sunshine may have its fair share of Vitamin D (at certain times of the day) and it might give you that wonderful sun-kissed glow, but it also comes with harmful UV rays.

    Experts discovered that UV rays can damage the fibers on the skin known as elastin. These help keep your skin elastic, so when they break down, the skin stretches, sags, and loses its ability to return to its original shape.

    When your skin stretches and sags, you can expect the excess skin to show when your facial muscles move. This results in wrinkles and pronounced signs of aging on your skin.

    Aside from sun wrinkles, too much sun exposure can also result in sun spots on your skin. These are the discolorations found on the face which can sometimes look like freckles or even bruises. They’re also very common signs of aging that you might not want to have.

    3. Smoking

    One of the effects of smoking on the body is that it can make you look old. It’s certainly one of the reasons why some people have premature wrinkles if they started smoking at a young age.

    How does smoking affect your skin? For one, tobacco contains chemicals that can damage your skin. Experts say that the longer you smoke, the more changes the habit can do to your skin. They found that by the 10th year of your smoking, you’ll already start to see signs of aging that can be contributed to smoking. As some folks start smoking in their teenage years, they can expect to see some wrinkles before they even turn 30.

    According to experts, the nicotine in the tobacco prevents proper blood flow to your skin. As it causes the blood vessels to become narrow, preventing the blood and the oxygen it contains to reach most areas of your skin. This can then prevent your other body parts from getting the essential nutrients your blood carries, resulting in your skin looking drab and old.

    Aside from this, tobacco also contains thousands of different chemicals that can damage the collagen and elastin in your skin. As a result, your skin sags and stretches without the ability to bounce back to its original shape. This will then create wrinkles and can make you look older.

    4. Genetics

    According to some studies, your genetic makeup is also to blame for the amount and timing of your wrinkles. They say that some people are more likely to display signs of aging early on because it’s how their genes are designed.

    This can explain why some folks have forehead wrinkles at 20. It’s also a determinant whether you’ll have wrinkles later on. So if your parents have wrinkles and have started having them early without being smokers or too much sun exposure, you can expect to experience the same things, too.

    5. Frequently doing the same facial expression

    Some experts also say that doing the same facial expressions can also cause you to get wrinkles. It shouldn’t be surprising since doing the same facial expressions will make you use the same facial muscles and will shape and contort the same skin areas over and over again.

    Over time, it can create some creases and lines where the skin bunches up or folds. And with your skin losing its ability to bounce back to its original shape, making the same facial expressions can really leave a mark on your skin.

    Crow’s feet, laugh lines, squinting wrinkles are just three of the most popular kinds of wrinkles that are from making the same facial expressions. However, if you tend to furrow your brows while you think or when you’re stressed or angry, you can expect to see lines between your brows a well.