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    Winter Makeup | Beauty Tips for Cold Days

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    Do you change your makeup look each season? Each season has different looks that can benefit you during weather changes. For winter makeup, your skin can become dry because of the cold weather. It’s best to make the proper changes to ensure your skin is intact.

    Winter makeup is a series of adjusting your skin care and emphasizing your natural glow. When you prep your skin it can leave a smooth canvas for the makeup to glide on. Continue to read on for more tips on how to feel your best during the winter time. 

    Winter Makeup Dos and Don’ts

    Winter makeup is a great refresher for your makeup looks. You can play with different looks and try out different shades. You should use winter makeup as a fun way to express yourself creatively.

    You shouldn’t use winter makeup to bring back spring trends because it can look too festive. You want to choose a color palette that can match the dark undertones of winter weather. Our team wants to ensure you that you look and feel your very best!

    Do: Wear maroon and burgundy lipstick

    Do: Wear maroon During the Holidays a maroon or burgundy lipstick is a great way for you to stand out. Maroon and burgundy colors are perfect for the winter season. It’s a fun and easy way to spice up your look. A bold lipstick can create a strong statement without you having to put extra eye makeup. 

    A strong lip can also match the black and gray tones of your winter closet. This can help your overall makeup look put together. These colors can strengthen your makeup look without making it look like you’re wearing too much.
    and burgundy lipstick

    Do: Paint your nails gray or nude

    Do you love festive Holiday colors? With all the bright colors of green, red, and gold it can clash if you wear more color. When you paint your nails neutral tones it can match any Holiday festivities. These colors also match silver and gold jewelry, giving off an elegant vibe.

    Choose from a range of gray and nudes so whatever coat you wear it can easily match any outfit. Also when you go to Holiday parties it's nice to wear gray or nudes on your nails because holiday parties have an overload of decorations and colors. 

    Don’t: Paint your nails neon

    Color is a great way to freshen up your look, however sometimes it can clash with winter makeup. You want to choose a neutral pink shade so other parts of your makeup can stand out. For instance, if you’re wearing a bold lip you want your lip to stand out instead of neon nails.

    Neon nails are more suitable for a vacation atmosphere in hot tropical weather. Little pops of colors can give off a bright and beautiful finish during spring and summer seasons. However, it’s better to match your winter makeup cohesively by wearing neutral tones on your nails. 

    Do: Apply rosy, pink blush

    The freezing cold weather can actually benefit your complexion. It can leave you with fresh rosy cheeks. To enhance this look you can recreate it by applying rosy, pink blush. This will give a natural finish and add some warmth to your complexion. 

    Make your cheekbones stand out with a bright blush. A rosy, pink blush can add a punch to the skin during the winter cold. It’s an easy way to add a natural glow without weighing down your natural complexion. 

    Don’t: Continue wearing bronzer

    During the summer a natural tan can look glistening in the sun. However, during the winter time wearing bronzer can look blotchy. It can appear discolored because when your tan fades it may not complement your natural skin tone complexion.

    Instead of packing on the bronzer, replace it with rosy cheeks. Since a bronzer won’t match the rest of your body its best to embrace your winter skin. It can appear more pale than usual, but when you apply a splash of pink or red colors it can help you get ready faster and leave you feeling beautiful!

    Do: Always apply kohl eyeliner

    Whatever eye shape you have, kohl eyeliner has a strong way of enhancing your natural beauty. This is great to emphasize your eye shape by creating a smokey or natural look. It’s a versatile way to strengthen any eyeshadow look. For both fall and winter makeup kohl eyeliner can make your eyes stand out.

    You can create a sharp cat eyeliner for a stunning, dramatic look. It is a winter staple because you can easily change your day makeup to night! With thicker strokes you can enlarge the size of your eyes or keep it in its natural shape. 

    Don’t: Line your eyes in purple or blue

    When you line your eyes in purple or blue it can weigh down your eyelook. As you choose eyeshadow colors you want to make sure your entire eyelook appears cohesive. Applying purple or blue eyeliner can overshadow your eyes. You want your eyes to stand out instead of be masked by purple or blue liner. You can learn more professional ways to apply blue or purple liner at top cosmetology schools.

    Purple and blue liners are considered trendy during hotter seasons, but for winter its best to stick to colors that can bring out your natural beauty. For the winter time it's best to stick with bold, yet neutral tones such as blacks and browns. This can leave room for strong colors such as maroon and burgundy lipsticks. 

    Do: Wear copper and bronze eye shadow

    Do you want your eyes to shine with confidence? Copper and bronze eye shadows are great ways to add shimmer. For a daytime look you can apply it mainly at the center of your eye. These colors are conveniently festive and can easily transition to a night time look.

    For a night time look you can choose a darker bronze shade. Place it on the corners of your eyes to emphasize your crease. This can allow you eyes to have a deeper look. You can also use metallic shades such as deep purple or darker brown to make a smokey effect. 

    Don’t: Give yourself rainbow-colored eyelids

    Rainbow-colored eyelids are perfect for a summer festival. It’s best to avoid this look because it won’t pair well with a burgundy lip. You can reach for darker replacements because it can sharpen your eyelook. Darker eyeshadow shades will also deepen the corners of your eye! 

    When you wear rainbow-colored eyelids it can take away from your bold lips. It’s best to start off with a consistent color palette to match your winter apparel. Winter apparel are full of strong, bold colors you want your makeup to blend easily with what you’re wearing.

    rainbow eyelid makeup

    Do: Cleanse Gently

    During the winter time your skin can easily become flaky. If you aren’t gentle with your skin it can cause irritability or damage it. Use a gentle cleanser when you take off your makeup or prep your skin. Cleansing gently can go a long way in terms of your skin’s elasticity.

    When you tug on your skin too much it can also cause premature aging. It’s best to prevent this by applying soft pressure on your skin. Treat your skin delicately and your skin will be supple and clear. Also when you dry your skin it's important to tap off the excess water instead of tugging on your skin. 

    Don’t: Forget to Moisturize

    lady applying moisturizer on her face

    Moisturizing your skin for the winter time is one of the most important steps.

    Your winter makeup depends on supple skin because the cold weather can make your skin crackly.

    Use a heavy moisturizer at night and a light one before you put on your makeup.

    Prepping your skin can help with the longevity of foundation and concealer. It creates a smooth surface for you to apply layers of foundation. Moisturizing your skin can diminish the appearance of pores and cakey foundation.